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Jeffrey Sachs: Population Controller?

GRITtv / Video Report
Published: Saturday 17 March 2012
“Rural women speak about the hardships they and others have experienced because of climate change.”

Rural women speak about the hardships they and others have experienced because of climate change. The last ten years or so have been really affected by climate change. Due to the massive amounts of unwanted precipitation, flooding, and droughts agriculture and livestock have been most negatively affected. In many areas that have been drastically affected by climate change, a prosperous agricultural environment has become a place of poverty. These extreme new climate conditions have also contributed to a wide range of diseases and oppression for many throughout the world. 

agree the system, as

the system, as structured, simply cannot react to the facts

Climate change + population

Climate change + population growth in developing countries + ocean acidification + depletion of resources are THE great issues of our times, but totally neglected in the blah-blah of people who want to be President, also harely mentioned in the major news channels. We need a barrage of requests to major TV and new outlets to highlight these most serious issues.
And the so-called "war on women" is not at all that (more like a war on men because of inequities in VAWA)- the real issues are 1) mother AND FATHER deciding about children, and 2) population growth in USA and the world.

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