Day 513: Live Stream of the Occupy Movement

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Published: Sunday 25 September 2011
Day 513 of the Occupy Movement: Live Video Stream And Twitter Feed

Thousands of activists have descended on Wall Street since past weekend as part of the #OccupyWallStreet protest organized by several action groups. What follows is a live video stream of this event as well as a live twitter stream of the #OccupyWallStreet Hash Tag.

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214 comments on "Day 513: Live Stream of the Occupy Movement"


March 09, 2014 4:39pm

Się na pożyczki dla zadłużonych bez bik pierwsza zasada podarunek. Osiągnięciem pożyczki własnej komuś pragnęłoby się tedy aż do tys.


May 31, 2013 9:07am

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November 28, 2012 9:43pm

Occupy has pretty much been redefined as a movement of "middle class workers," the bourgeoisie alone. Might have missed it, but has anyone answered this yet: Reality is, not everyone can work, and there are not jobs for all who need one. What should we do about the poor? It's nice to demand job creation as the answer to poverty, and indeed, we've been demanding job creation for decades now. But what should we do about US poverty until those jobs come along? Is there such a thing as a progressive response (by this generation) to the deep poverty we have right now?


November 14, 2012 7:48pm

Thank you to the OM! In the 1960's, I marched in Chicago; marched and donated for Civil Rights, and then marched for the end of the Vieltnam War. I marched to stop the Iraq War -- I did only what I could --a white woman who worked with what was there for me to use. Now. I can only help the OM where it's possible -- thanks for trying and continuing -- at least, we know you're there, even though the media is owned by corporate America. Some of it gets through......really, it does.........

Dave Kilby

October 31, 2012 10:51am

Give me a break! The "Occupy Movement" is dead.

The reason for it isn't, but it's time for serious, influential people to take up the cause and point it toward success.

Otherwise, it's just Don Quxote time.


November 28, 2012 9:47pm

"Occupy" began as a people's movement with the same powerful potential to change the course of America that we saw from progressives in the 1910s, 1930s and 1960s. But it was quickly redefined as being strictly a movement of "middle class workers," so the rest of us dropped out.

Grandma in WA

October 25, 2012 8:38pm

All involved in the Occupy Movement please understand that you do not hold the key that unlocks the door to our US Congress. Only our big corporations have the key. You can easily, and with a minimum of effort, take the key away from the corporations and cause all members of Congress to respond to you instead of the corporations. All of you please click on or copy into your browser this link: and sign the petition. If all or at least most of our courageous Occupiers sign the petition it will force our US Congress to pay serious attention to it. At that point, that is when the petition is before Congress, it is the time to assemble a massive peaceful march in D.C. with one single demand. Voices and banners demanding something like “DEMOCRACY IN – MONEY OUT”. What is crucial here is for a great mass of people all simultaneously pursuing one single change. A single change that when implemented by the Amendment to our Constitution immediately and completely removes corporations’ power to influence and control our elected representatives in Congress and returns our government of the people by the people and for the people. Again, to sign the petition click on or copy and paste into your browser:


October 03, 2012 9:59am

Without campaign reform there will be no jobs and no peace. The wealthy are using our police forces to control our grievances over their theft of our treasury. Privatization is the wealthy's guaranteed social security as they steal everyone else's. Wake up Amercia you are being robbed by your wealthy who pay off your politicians for favorable laws. Wake up and stand up. It is time for Gulliver to stand up and face the Lilliputians directly. Stand up Gulliver before all is lost. I am a recovering republican. Note the small "r".

Trish House's picture
Trish House

October 25, 2012 11:55am

By demanding jobs you are demanding a continuation of the status quo. As long as we depend on jobs for our survival we must also give our support to corporations that provide them. This means the corporations can determine how we live and if we live.

What we really need is land reform and control of resources as the commonwealth of the people. We must insist that it is the birthright of each one of us to a share of the land and resources we need to be self sustaining. When each one of us is secure in our shelter and our food supply we will not be bullied into supporting the military industrial complex, or corporations that destroy the environment for profits. By acquiescing to jobs as our only means of acquiring our survival we put power over our lives directly into the hands of those we oppose.

We must collectively agree to share land and resources and to make ourselves self sustaining if we are to avoid the exploitation and then desperation of populations like those in Greece, Spain, England, and the Middle East.


November 28, 2012 9:52pm

Land? And the masses that don't have the knowledge or means to be able to survive off of that land?


September 20, 2012 8:50pm

Please all involved in the Occupy Movement understand that you do not hold the key that unlocks the door to our US Congress. Only our big corporations have the key. You can easily, and with a minimum of effort, take the key away from the corporations and cause all members of Congress to respond to you instead of the corporations. All of you, please click on or copy into your browser this link:


September 12, 2012 10:27am

What have we learned from the Occupy Movement? But, more importantly, what have our nation's police learned? In my new book I reveal what has worked in Madison and the high responsibility of the police to respond to public protest without violence and with plenty of dialogue. For insight and direction on this and other important police improvement issues, read “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police” ( in US and EU). And the blog at where other current police improvement issues are discussed. Good luck and may we all experience not just good but great policing! Great policing is accomplished by police who are well-trained and led, restrained in their use of force, honest, and courteous to every person.


August 22, 2012 12:46pm

Please focus your energy on occupying Congress. Please.


September 08, 2012 2:01pm

I am 78 years old and from when I was only four years old I remember my father saying "Money talks"! However, now that I am a mature and well educated and much experienced adult, I know the difference between speech and money. Our current Supreme Court Justice Scalia has ruled that "money is speech". This gross distortion coupled with another of his gross distortions; i.e., "Corporations are people" has encouraged and made legal an infinite amount of money (that could total billions of dollars or more) that U.S. Corporations can contribute to U.S. elected members of our U.S. Congress to assure adoption of their preferred policies and legislation. Our Supreme Court voted that their action is protected by our Constitutional freedom of speech proviso. As a result, the Corporations' massive amount of money funneled through an inordinately large number of lobbyists to our members of Congress "speaks" so loudly that the voices of ordinary U.S. citizens are not heard or ignored by our elected Representatives and Senators. This is not Democracy (government by the people). It is a form of Plutocracy (government by the wealthy). This is the insidious compelling and all powerful force that is the real problem causing the gridlock we have been experiencing in our U.S. Congress. I respectfully submit that nothing is going to improve in Washington D.C. until this crippling situation is changed. And, the ONLY way it can be changed is to take the money out of American politics. To make this change, because our Supreme Court approved what Justice Scalia maintains, we must amend our U.S. Constitution. The basic Amendment is set forth in - so click on this link or paste it into your browser and see if you would like to sign the petition. Enough signatures are needed to get a two thirds vote in both our House of Representatives and Senate. Again -

Arminius Aurelius

August 15, 2012 10:31am

I have heard next to nothing about the OWS movement via the media . How can the movement be successful unless it is promoted but it is almost a deep dark secret . It should be promoted non stop over the internet on a daily basis telling the public when and where demonstrations will be held. I live in the Palm Beach , Florida area and would gladly join in if I knew when there would be demonstrations within a 1 hour distance from my home . Where is the leadership ? Obviously we can't depend on the mass media.


November 28, 2012 10:02pm

I think a lot of people are in denial, unfortunately. I do understand why the media largely ignores it: Media coverage of the movements of the 1960s was blamed for giving those movements strength. By the mid-1970s, there appeared to be widespread media agreement to ignore protest, etc., as much as possible. Beyond that, what could have been a tremendously progressive movement allowed itself to be redefined exclusively as a movement of "middle class workers," so yes, the rest of us walked away.

Trish House's picture
Trish House

October 25, 2012 12:02pm

Arminius, You said "Where is the leadership?"

I ask "What's stopping you from leading?"

Arminius Aurelius

August 15, 2012 10:28am

I have heard next to nothing about the OWS movement via the media . How can the movement be successful unless it is promoted but it is almost a deep dark secret . It should be promoted non stop over the internet on a daily basis telling the public when and where demonstrations will be held. I live in the Palm Beach , Florida area and would gladly join in if I knew when there would be demonstrations within a 1 hour distance from my home . Where is the leadership ? Obviously we can't depend on the mass media.

owen walls

July 29, 2012 10:08am

@fairandbalanced...stop watching msm...Occupy will not been seen there...and if seen, are placed in a 'harsh light'....really, You're still getting your Info from msm?? Toxic!!!


July 25, 2012 11:15am

The Occupy Wall Street group got a lot of media attention late last year ,
but has got very little attention this year. It must be smaller & not as active.

mike morell

July 07, 2012 9:45am

Bless all of you. You really love your country.


August 05, 2012 1:57pm

And the message to Wall Street and our Congress should be "PLUTOCRACY NO - DEMOCRACY YES"! See (Please copy and paste the link into your browser.)

mike morell

July 06, 2012 10:59am

Thank you OM; the nation owes you much.


July 05, 2012 8:42pm

I just wish the 98% and the Occupy persons would sign at so that we could maintain our Democracy and rid ourselves of the current Plutocracy (government by the wealthy).


August 04, 2012 1:26pm

This is supposed to be a Republic...NOT a Democracy!

mike morell

June 28, 2012 1:29pm

OM, the nation needs you now more than ever. The propaganda: corporate taxes in the US are the highest in the industrial world. The Center for Tax Justice crunched the most recent data from the OECD (Organization or Economic Cooperation and Development) and the Office of Management and Budget and found that "the U.S. is already one of the least taxed countries for corporations in the developed world." Completely contradicts what Republicans tell us.
Other OECD countries might have lowered their corporate tax rates but they closed corporate tax loopholes while the U.S. expanded them so that the U.S. is actually a very low tax country for corporations. Yet Republicans want to reduce corporate tax rates and who can forget their recent refusal to end tax subsidies for Big Oil? The US has almost the lowest taxation in the world based on public revenue from taxes as a percentage of gross domestic product. Denmark's is the highest with 48.2 percent, Mexico's, lowest with 17.5, US, 24 percent.

DUANE ALFORD's picture
June 27, 2012 12:34pm

OWS, Start participating in the two party system,teabaggers have taken over the right,now it's time to enter the political process

Will M

June 24, 2012 7:43am

The 99% movement, tea party movement, and every American who can see how broken the system is needs to boycottt BOTH duopoly parties and vote only for electoral reform in 2012!

Occupy the election, control the government! Vote against the two-party duopoly!
Facebook page:
twitter: @electoralreform

The purpose of Occupy to mobilize citizens and create dialogue and awareness if fantastic. But where is it going politically, and where should it go?

With so many problems, it is important to focus on the root cause, where concentrated efforts can give rise to tangible, door-opening results. I contend that the first step for everyone, whether liberal, conservative, concerned about civil rights, war, abortion, immigration, gun control or any issue, lies in our electoral system.

I present the root cause, the inhibitor to advancement, the thumb under which the mighty oppress the many: our cherade of democratic elections using winner-take-all, solidifying the two party duopoly. Neither party has shown that they can be worthy of your trust, that they will stand for your basic rights, that they will stand against the thieves of wall street.

Use your vote this November to end the two-party duopoly!

Patricia Dixon

August 29, 2012 6:17pm

I think you are right on target.
It all has to start with CAMPAIGN REFORM. Let's get these idiots out of Washington and have a third party, even a fourth one. Capitalism as practiced in America has failed, it is time to create a new social order where we vote as a nation when politicians want to go to war, or enter into trade agreements that leave us training workers abroad only to be replaced by them and left with nothing.


June 13, 2012 2:56pm

Sorry kids, but Woodstock and Haight-Ashbury are gone forever. It's time for Democrats to purge the bug-eye zealots who have stolen control of The Party, and pursue policies that reflect the wishes of the average American.


August 04, 2012 1:28pm

Ah! You realize the Marxists have taken over the Democrat party!

Good for you !

Now! What are you going to DO about it?

mike morell

April 29, 2012 12:03pm

The Occupy Movement is vital to the nation: United States is endowed with a lot of immensely rich congressmen who were elected to serve the people. Yet, many of them are all for servicing the rich 1% and corporations and shafting the 99%. We should be welcome at their homes this season to refresh their minds about who elected them. First, to find out where they live; then, to camp outside their homes trusting that, out of the goodness of their hearts, they shower us with food, donations and jobs. Corporations have been declared "people" by the Supreme Court. They need to be reminded too that earning a ten million dollars in one night manipulating stocks, not creating any jobs, and paying only 14% tax (like Romney does) is obscene, not free enterprise.


July 14, 2012 9:12pm

Alan Remington

The heaviest tax should not be on the earnings by one's labor, but on investment earnings. Money earned by working 40 or more hours each week, for at least 50 weeks each year should be taxed less, not more than earnings from phoning in a sell order. Also, I'd like to see a congressional net worth printed out showing when they entered congress and after they've been there two or more terms.


April 28, 2012 5:58pm

I was so surprised to see this and is stated accurately. I grew up in Athens, TN and had old newspapers and knew many of the folks that were involved in that situation. I guess there was a small movie about it but don't know if it ever aired.. I also agree it's a good example of what can happen in short order when the people decide to change it. Didn't know Wikipedia censored, that's unfortunate.


April 23, 2012 6:16pm

It is not tax reform, but spending reform that must be first resolved. We cannot coninue to police the planet. It is ridiculous and expensive. Look at spending and solve the problem. Even at 15 %, a person making millions is paying way more than someone paying 22% at 25,000. Think about it. Individual contribution is not insignifcant.


June 22, 2012 1:30pm

Policing the planet????????????, we don't police the planet!!, we are in all the countries because there is something in it for us. We are not in the Mid-East because of the goodness of our heart we are there because of the oil we need, pipelines that are to be built from Iraq thru Afgahnistan. We put the dictators in power because they did our bidding for us and we gave them Billions and still are, Egypt, Israel etc.

Clarence Swinney

April 22, 2012 12:25pm

2012 DEJA VU 1995
In 1995, Newt got 73 new Barbarians in the house.
All Anti -government. 1500 floor votes. Passed 88 bills lowest since 1933 “do nothing” congress.
Congressional Quarterly ranked it worst since 1933. It was a battle between the 73 Barbarians and Moderate Republicans. Many were defeated in next election. Then. Good things occurred with Newt-Clinton in charge. Except repeal Glass Steagall and Modernization Commodity Markets. Senator Phil Gramn bills.

Why do we continue to allow Wall Street to be a one on one Gambling House?
No stake in a commodity yet bet for/against it.
Brazil and Argentina blamed Glass Steagall for high food prices few years ago.
They accused GS of buying tons of Grain and holding to sell when price went up.
Same with Oil today. Buy huge quantities hold to sell at hi price.
Verified by testimony of Exxon CEO in Congress hearings this week.
He said that under free market supply/demand price today of oil would be between $50 and $70 a barrel not current $98. That would be $2.00 to $2.80 gas. Speculators cheer. We leer.
Greece officials said part of their demise was Casino Derivative Of America.
Their wealthy people invested in Housing Derivatives and other gambling such as interest rate

This is so dumb of us. Farmers/airlines/others insure against future hikes in commodities that could bankrupt them.


We must stop this total stupidity. WSA owns us. 10% own 73% net wealth and 83% FINANCIAL Wealth plus take 50% of individual income.

Will we learn? We have been bought.
Fed fund election-6 months-3 primary 3 general debate a week =adequate exposure to evaluate candidates-----no $$$$--O=none=less than 1

Since members of Congress no longer need to raise campaign funds keep them on the job not on the road. Ban them receiving anything with a financial value.

Progress Flat Tax by group
Stop hundreds of millions spent loading our tax book with preferences
This closes K Street Bribery of our government
Burn Tax Book and start anew.
This will balance our budget and start paying down Republican Debt
clarence swinney-political historian-lifeaholics of america—burlington nc


April 22, 2012 11:05am

Keep it on Occupy Movement! The nation needs you more than ever. If the Righties win the WH, they'll throw us the 99% under the bus.


August 04, 2012 1:30pm

Bull Excrement! Neither party is any good!

Gabriel Hllel

April 21, 2012 2:21pm

While everyone seems to be focused on the national/international levels, local governments everywhere are corrupting politics, as each partisan group has its own ideas about how to repair their communities. Especially difficult is the fact that many local communities are built on histories of housing, education, even employment and health discrimination. Then they seek to start as if everyone is at the same place on the starting line.

Gabriel Hllel

April 21, 2012 2:21pm

While everyone seems to be focused on the national/international levels, local governments everywhere are corrupting politics, as each partisan group has its own ideas about how to repair their communities. Especially difficult is the fact that many local communities are built on histories of housing, education, even employment and health discrimination. Then they seek to start as if everyone is at the same place on the starting line.


April 20, 2012 8:21pm

As the Nov elections approach the Occupy Movement becomes more necessary. If the Righties take the WH, they'll throw the 99% under the bus.


April 17, 2012 4:16pm

Important for the Occupy Movement to keep alive and well till next election. If the Righties win the WH, they'll throw all of us the 99% under the bus.

Battle of Athens, Tennessee (August 1-2, 1946) - landmark event in Human Rights and constitutional history of the United States - censored on Wikipedia
The Battle of Athens, where WWII veterans successfully conducted an armed rebellion against corrupt coutny government, is relevant to conditions across the United States today for numerous reasons. Wikipedia's censorship of the entry is not a unique case at all...


August 04, 2012 1:33pm

You STILL have corrupt county governments in Tennessee and Kentucky...All you citizens there should take them on!

There is one man taking them on..and they jailed him.

He needs backup!


April 12, 2012 12:49pm

Too many OWS nut jobs thing they can make a dent into changing our government. I don't think so.
too many of us like our jobs, homes cars and pensions to side with these folks who think they deserve my money for doing nothing. I don't think they make sense. Wall street is not the problem, Lazy people are the problem on the dole.

Patricia Dixon

July 22, 2012 12:15pm

How do you know those "others" are lazy people?
How do you know those "others" don't like their jobs, homes or cars?
How do you know those "others" deserve more money for doing nothing?
Have you taken the time to talk to those "others"?
Have you gotten off your couch to enter into their lives and see what is happening there?


April 02, 2012 5:47pm

TROLL ALERT. "Cibercore cyber..." is a spammer who needs a swift kick out the door. Go post on your Newt Gingrich fan club page, you have no friends here.

ON government hand outs... there are ways to prevent individual fraud involved and make it a more efficient system WHILE making sure we cover all those who are indeed in need. There is no cut and dry solution, but an absolution of the programs all together (as the top income earners want) is downright idiotic for the country as a whole. You don't really understand how these people think of the rest of the world. We are all worthless to them. Our slow economy cars get in the way of their Maseratis on the road, we ask for "handouts" like f*cking peasants and THEY don't think we "deserve" them... OR education, OR healthcare, OR anything... ANYTHING. They would rather us just go away so they can have more of this world to themselves. Sure, there's an overpopulation problem in the world. And yes, some folks need to tone it down on your baby-making (not kidding here, it's outrageous, because most of the time you can't even afford those kids). And yes, a lot of folks need to shape up and lose that heart-attack fat body. And yes, a lot of folks need to focus more on what's important and valuable in their lives, rather than on big screen tvs and idolizing what they watch on it. BUT - you know what is proven to help all those? Proper EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, and GOOD PAYING JOBS. So my conclusion? Nearly everyone is to blame for what is going on in this world, but some have sooo much more power than others, and do nothing but exacerbate the problem. We are going in reverse, if you haven't noticed. Are you going to just stand there and let it all disintigrate? Are you going to go a step further and speak out for those who could care less about you? All of you who make a normal living but choose to believe the billionaire-fueled rhetoric about how rich people (notice, they never talk about YOU) need more tax breaks? You denounce 'big government' but you believe it should have powers to govern our sex lives? May I ask, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? We want to SOLVE problems, and you just want to help the richest and most powerful regress us to FEUDALISM. By the way, this is all ME, I didn't go to some video to get this information. This is me, and a lifetime of observation and research. I don't watch main-stream news. I don't vote democrat or republican. Infact, I am pretty much apathetic because politicians on the whole do not solve a single thing. But I swear I am voting for Obama this year because I cannot stand the likes of YOU, cibercore troll, and the threat you pose to this nation. You proved that threat over more than a decade of republican control. In that time, yall f*cked up big time. You did...BIG time. So give the other side a chance, and think for yourselves. Check this out: Bush+Cheney's response to the antiwar movement was "they are a small, fringe radical group" -- in other words, peace was rejected as a radical idea. Obama's response to the occupy movement? Well, besides actually addressing it (which bush would not have, except with the national guard), he reasoned with some of the issues while defending himself (as any politician will do, but he did it in a mature way). Finally, a president who has a brain and can address multiple issues. The republicans have their way ALL the time - they are pushy, arrogant, and the TRUE elitists here in America. They spin the elitist rhetoric and therefore partially avoid it.. But that time is over. Go suck it, cibercore troll. WE WILL WIN.


Trish House's picture
Trish House

October 25, 2012 12:28pm

Love your passion Walkeroo, but consider this; while we depend on jobs for our survival we are putting power directly into the hands of the corporations that control our government. While we beg for the right to work for them they create the laws that restrict our rights as individuals. Consider that if we have the RIGHT to a natural share of the land & resources we need for our survival that the corporations would come to US begging for our help and offering things to make it attractive to us to give up our lives of freedom & security so they can make their profits. The military would beg us to fight their wars & we would be in a position to say, NO thanks, I'm good.

If we thought about what life would be like if we all owned a share of the land & resources and we worked cooperatively, like we do in corporate life, to make things efficient, to conserve resources, to share the work load to make our work hours shorter while figuring out how to live sustainably and improve OUR quality of life, not the riches of our corporations, would we be happier, more secure, better educated and better fed?

Think of a country full of shared eco villages with modest but comfortable housing, self grown organic food supplies, shared kitchens & dining halls, open source & free education and health care. An economy based on cooperative ownership, fierce local government in which we all participate because we have the time and knowledge to do so. That is what a free America can look like if we all care to make it so...


March 31, 2012 7:46pm

When are Occupiers going to realize that the real enemy is in Washington DC?