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Jim Hightower
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Thursday 22 November 2012
Dear Lord, indeed! Please save us from the pathetic pieties of such messianic political bosses.

Lord Help Us - Bosses Gone Berserk

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The sky is falling! The end times are upon us! It's all over for America! And it's all because of you execrable voters.

This is the wretched wail of a few corporate chieftains who claim to be somewhere between flummoxed and furious that Barack Obama is back in the White House. With his diabolical Obamacare and tax-the-rich attacks on us wealthy job creators, they moan, this president is out to destroy American business. "There's a tsunami coming," cried one, so we must save ourselves.

How do these trembling titans of free enterprise intend to do that? By firing employees, thus sending a message to workers that voting for Democrats is bad for their health.

"Elections have consequences," exclaimed a Las Vegas boss, after offing 22 workers the day after Obama was re-elected. Echoing this self-serving political ethic, a Georgia owner of an aviation outfit told C-SPAN that his fear of Obamacare made him fire enough workers to exempt his business from providing health care. "I tried to make sure that the people I had to lay off voted for Obama," he noted, spewing spite.

Then there's Papa John's, the billion-dollar-a-year fast-food chain. John Schnatter, the present "papa" of Papa John's, had warned this summer that he'd jack up the consumer price of the chain's pizza if Obama won, because he wasn't going to eat the cost of assuring health coverage for employees.

Post-election, however, Schnatter has decided not to slap his customers, but to slap Papa John's workers, instead, by cutting their hours to part-time so he doesn't have to pay for their coverage. "That's what you do," Schnatter snapped. "You pass on costs."

Yeah, and what an exemplary way for the millionaire boss to boost productivity and loyalty (not to mention morale of those who do the actual work that make customers want to buy Papa John's pizza — or not).

Despite all of Schnatter's qualifications to take top prize in the "Political Boss Man of the Year" contest, he really didn't come close to our winner.

Numero Uno for 2012, hands down, is Robert Murray, multimillionaire chief backer of the coal giant Murray Energy.

A die-hard right-winger and Romney backer, this one-percenter required coal miners in his company to be stage props for Romney at an August rally he sponsored, and he also pressured his salaried employees to donate money to the Republican's run for the White House.

Alas, though, Murray's man lost, and the coal baron is not taking it at all well. In fact, he's taking it out on some of those very employees he coerced into Mitt's campaign — and he says it's all your fault, you Great Unwashed who voted for the radical socialist Democrat.

First, the workers. Only hours after the election, Murray announced the firing of more than 160 of them at his various subsidiaries around the country, blaming disastrous policies that he claims Obama will now enact in order to bring about the "total destruction of the coal industry by 2030." Peering into his politically warped crystal ball, the corporate soothsayer said he will be "forced" to fire more employees in coming months.

Why? Bob explained it all in — believe it or not — a post-election prayer that he delivered to staffers at corporate headquarters.

"Dear Lord," he lamented, "the takers outvoted the producers." (Guess which group he puts himself in. But I digress.) "The American people have made their choice ... away from capitalism," he mourned. "We are a country in favor of redistribution, national weakness and reduced standard of living." Thus, pleaded the sanctimonious boss, "Lord, please forgive me ... for the decisions that we are now forced to make."

So, see, it wasn't Bob who fired those people. It was YOU, you Obama supporters — or, and Murray sneeringly calls you, the "receivers" of government giveaways who elected that communistical destroyer of enterprise.

Dear Lord, indeed! Please save us from the pathetic pieties of such messianic political bosses.


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ABOUT Jim Hightower
National radio commentator, writer, public speaker, and author of the book, Swim Against The Current: Even A Dead Fish Can Go With The Flow, Jim Hightower has spent three decades battling the Powers That Be on behalf of the Powers That Ought To Be - consumers, working families, environmentalists, small businesses, and just-plain-folks.

And then there is the Key

And then there is the Key West businessman who committed suicide because Obama was re-elected. What is wrong with this country?????? No politician is going to "save" anything. Why do we keep thinking they will????

One had to figure that a few

One had to figure that a few sadistic corporate psychopaths would do that upon Obama's re-election. But the numbers are very small, and I'm sure, there are those employers that will not agree with this style of Stalinist business behaviour. These folks will be hired into new jobs again quickly, and if I was in such a position to hire (alas I am but an employee myself), I certainly would.

Let us all send Robert Murry

Let us all send Robert Murry of Murry Energy a lump of coal for Christams!!

Dear Lord, thank you for

Dear Lord, thank you for allowing these morons to fire people instead of adapt to their environment. For soon, they will be extinct.

Interestingly enough, what about all those who have made more money than you, not fired employees, and are still making money--- and will continue to make money when Obama Care is implemented?

The way I see it, Atlas' of the 1%, is that you are unfit to compete. So go die.

You act like 5 year olds who never learned how to play with others.

Papa John’s customer's, those

Papa John’s customer's, those oysters you will find on your pizzas in the near future are not an extra ingredient from the sea, they are a different type of oyster straight from the lips of Papa John’s employee's, a comment on their company's employee policies ! You may want to consider calling Dominos in the future. Did this guy think he was the only pizza delivery business in the country ? Talk about cutting your own throat !


BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! Enough of this crap form these LOSERS.

Let the 1% and CEO's lie,

Let the 1% and CEO's lie, cheat, and steal without punishment. Their days are numbered. Revolt is coming and if they do not willingly redistribute some of their wealth, the impoverished will do it for them. History proves this is not a good thing for the rich.

But if this is how the CEOs and the Job Creators want to run things, that's fine. I will not buy their products and I will make sure to tell everyone I can to not buy their products.

So I no longer eat at Applebees, Papa Johns, and several other places. No great loss to me. If I am going to eat out, I will look even harder to find a Mom&Pop. If I shop, I will shop at Mom & Pop's that share my customer service values.

There are costs to doing business. Customers will pay those costs if the product is good, service is good, and there is perceived value. The one thing people are starting to take a negative view on is million dollar plus C-level salaries. There is no consumer value in that. Workers have been taking pay cuts for 30 years now. The C-level have been taking huge pay increases.

Listen up, One Percent. Ever

Listen up, One Percent. Ever since Ronald Reagan, you've created nothing but pink slips. Your goal has been, "All customers. No employees".

Obama's re-election and resurgence of the Democratic party is a wake-call.

Burn all that coal (or oil or

Burn all that coal (or oil or gas) and the Planet is DEAD!

If the Murrays of the world (including China, etc.) are DEAD and BURIED SOON, there may be a chance. But time is running out...

Relocalize and Power Down or your grandchildren will witness the Death of the Planet...

Wow! The "Job Creators" will

Wow! The "Job Creators" will not create jobs? They are bold enough to sate this. We now know there is class warfare and it is the "Job Creators--not" that are stealing this country.

A special consideration goes to the owner of Papa John’s Pizza. This is a guy who made his fortune peddling toxic, junk food. Now he is upset that people need healthcare? He should embrace the ACA which will keep people alive with stains and HTN drugs so they can stay alive and purchase his toxic food.

Lord is already bought by the

Lord is already bought by the bosses. His representatives have more in common with the bosses than with their flocks. Look at their tax free lifestyles and the amount they are making compared to their flocks. So, the force to invoke is organization. We should find a way to organize ,OUTSIDE of the two party system (they are with the bosses as well), the powerless masses deprived of their legitimate livelihood with slave wages (those lucky ones who still have wages) and fewer hours for themselves. We must find a way to help them become their own representatives (occupational representation) in the decision structure. Unless we do that (impossible under current arrangements), the bosses will keep expropriating workers with machines and keep pocketing their share of livelihood. We were told in college that robotization of production would free humans and distribute the ensuing goodies equitably, workers working fewer hours with more benefits. The greedy, bead- eyed bosses think working people are less than human and thus should be discarded as waste product of machines. That cannot continue without social upheaval. We see that upheaval all over the world It will be coming here if bosses keep shoving people to the streets with no place to go to.

Unfortunately, it's not

Unfortunately, it's not better enforcement of safety standards for coal miners, strict new environmental laws that coal-fired power plants must obey, or new payments based on the real costs of cleaning up those coal-ash pits like the one that burst and swamped black poison into that river. Some of those happened slightly, but Murray Energy's real come-uppance is the sunset of American industry, the rise of natural gas, and just the end of coal as an economical fuel. China has much better, cheaper-to-mine deposits, doesn't have to save lives or the environment at all, and all America's easy-to-reach coal has been reached.

It is very pertinent that the

It is very pertinent that the world's foremost expert on psychopathic behavior, the man trusted by law enforcement departments all over the world, the man who wrote the checklist of characteristics on how to identify psychopaths has made this statement: (not an exact quote, but close and to the point) if he couldn't study psychopaths in prison, he'd do so on Wall Street.

These are the people in society who are emulated, glorified, and respected. We blindly (as a nation) treat these people as if they have special credit cards that give them intelligence and wisdom bonuses for their purchases. If they buy your soul, what do they win?

The fact is that we can prove many of these "leaders" to be psychopaths. Look at my greatest enemy: Monsanto. When making Agent Orange in Nitro WV, and making PCBs in Anniston Ala, they literally killed and damaged untold, unknown numbers of Americans with impunity. The Washington Post article states (very close to a quote - read over 17 months ago)

"Managers at Monsanto found that a fish dipped into a nearby creek died within ten seconds. It bled profusely, and it's skin peeled as though it had been dipped in boiling water. Fish in a nearby creek were found to contain over 3,500 times the allowable PCB levels. Internal memos reveal that managers chose not to change their discharge practices, or notify the local communities, stating: "we need every dollar of business we can get."

These people and their investors should literally be tried and imprisoned if not executed for crimes against humanity and the world. (every single fish in the ocean now has PCBs because of their toxic waste dumping)

Remember this absolutely key point. Corporations are legal entities, BUT ALL DECISIONS OF THE CORPORATION ARE MADE BY THE WEALTHY PEOPLE THAT RUN THE CORPORATIONS.

Current corporate law provides NO way to make these people responsible for their psychopathic choices. There is no way to control the corporations as current law exists. Suits will be deflected to officers and the corporation will emplace another suit to make the evil choices in the scapegoat's place.

Oh, they should be executed.

Oh, they should be executed. Both them and their political and media enablers.

Eventually the shit will hit the fan. It's only a matter of time.

I believe the top managers

I believe the top managers and CEO's of the richest corporations in the country are wanting to get out while the getting is good (so to speak). They think that the corporate taxes and their own personal taxes on the hundreds of millions of dollars they have accumulated over the last 3 decades of the rich taking the cream off the top are finally over. They don't give a damn about their country or employees, and that is very obvious. I'm glad that the Obama administration is pushing for more taxes on the rich and the super rich. I only hope that they don't stop at a 4% raise on the top marginal rate. When we were coming out of the Great Depression, we had leaders who weren't afraid to tax the rich, and possibly loosing their support, because they knew that the 99% whom weren't rich would agree with their tax policies. In 1938 we had 33 tax brackets from 4% for income up to $64,000(adjusted for inflation) all the way up through 32 more tax brackets to a top marginal rate of 79% for income over $79Million. The corporate tax rate will most likely go up under this Obama administration, but I am confident it will not rise anywhere near as much as the personal income tax rate hike. We need to let the corporations keep a fairly large portion of profit, so that they may build their companies. I could see a progressive tax rate on the corporations as well. Maybe something like 12% for the first $500K, 15% for the next $5Million, 20% for the next $15Million, and 25% for all corporate income over $20.5Million. I would love to see the Democratic Party get organized behind a change in the personal income Tax Code in the area of "20 Brackets to $20Million," and a top marginal rate of 60% for all income over $20Million.

Earth's final tombstone will

Earth's final tombstone will "not" be an audacious marker made of the finest materials and stand proudly above all others. It will be a small, inconspicuous slab of concrete...a jagged chunk representing, above all else, a civilization destroyed
by avarice. It will not bear the inscription R.I.P. but will be a begrimed testament replete with the stains of our savaged environment. It will read simply C.E.O.

Perhaps it will just be a

Perhaps it will just be a lump of dirty brown coal with the word Murray engraved.

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