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Massive Public Protests Spur France to Ban Plantings of Monsanto’s MON810 GMO Corn

Jonathan Benson
Natural News / News Analysis
Published: Sunday 1 April 2012
Last November, French authorities lifted a longtime ban that prohibited French farmers from planting MON810, a move that spurred nationwide backlash and protest.
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On the heels of ongoing, massive protests against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), French agricultural officials have announced that plantings of Monsanto's MON810 GM corn, which contains built-in Bt toxin, will no longer be permitted within France. Reports explain that the moratorium is only temporary, but since there is no indication that opposition to the "Frankencorn" will cease anytime soon, the ban could last indefinitely.

Last November, French authorities lifted a longtime ban that prohibited French farmers from planting MON810, a move that spurred nationwide backlash and protest. But less than six months later, the voices of the people have spoken so loudly that the ban has now been reinstated as a "precautionary measure" in order to "protect the environment."

"Due to the proximity of the planting season [authorities have] decided to take a precautionary measure to temporarily prohibit the cultivation of maize MON810 on the national territory to protect the environment," said a press release issued by French Agricultural Minister Bruno Le Maire and Minister for Ecology and Sustainable Development Francois Fillon.

Back in 2010, Germany also banned Monsanto's MON810 for the same environmental and health reasons. And Austria, Hungary, and Luxembourg, and of course France have all individually banned MON810 as well, despite the fact that the European Union approved its cultivation within EU borders back in 1998 (

In the United States, however, MON810 is widely planted, even though its effectiveness in resisting the Western rootworm beetle has waned significantly over the years. According to reports, the Western rootworm beetle has already developed complete resistance to MON810 in at least eleven U.S. states, and the problem is only expected to get progressively worse (

Meanwhile, studies continue to roll in showing that MON810, as well as many other GMO varieties, are responsible for causing organ damage, infertility, neurological damage, and gastrointestinal dysfunction, among other problems ( And GMOs with multiple stacked traits, including those with Bt toxin, have also been shown to be exponentially more harmful than those with just one genetic modification (

Environmental and human health concerns; insect and weed resistance; and loss of biodiversity caused by GMO agricultural technologies have all become so severe that a group of 22 corn entomologists who would normally support GM corn recently sent a letter to the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) warning that one solution to this escalating problem is to begin planting non-GMO crops ( 

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Your heart is in the right

Your heart is in the right place, but your grasp of this technology is poor. Campaigning against GMOs as a category because you believe Bt is toxic is like campaigning against ALL paint because some paints are toxic. It's specific things that are being modded into the plants that are bad, NOT the fact that we are modding plants generally.This distinction is important to include because politicians won't research beyond what they hear in the media or from lobbyists, and some GMOs may be completely safe production increases that can help combat hunger and rising food prices.

Bryan Hemming's picture

Your brain obviously isn't in

Your brain obviously isn't in the right place, as your comparison is false. Not all corn seeds are being banned, or even all seeds, just GMO's, so the paint analogy is patently wrong.

As for combating hunger and rising food price, Monsanto couldn't care less about the first and is in the business of increasing the second. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of farmers have already been forced out of business in India and other Third World nations through the hidden costs of planting GM seeds. Many have taken their own lives, as a direct result of Monsanto's false promises and blatant lies.

GMO seeds are not proven to be safe. That is an undeniable fact, and Monsanto has suppressed research showing they are not safe to the extent of slandering and discrediting scientists whose findings show otherwise.

The comapany is a fine example of corporate psychopathy on the rampage.

All GMO seed planting must be stopped and Monsanto must be forced to reveal research that shows the vast environmental and social damage their products have caused and can cause.

Curious about the Corn Nuts

Curious about the Corn Nuts that I have adored for years, I went to the Kraft Foods website to get their stance on on GMO corn. Their company site promotes the use of GMOs (not surprising). The days of Corn Nuts are gone for my family and I unless some savvy food company can make a non-GMO variety. Meantime, it looks like I'll be eating more french fries.

Even the Politicians Monsanto

Even the Politicians Monsanto buys off should realize that their own food supply is at risk, just like everybody elses. Wouldn't it be nice if our environment and humanity took a front seat to greed? Monsanto would have to shape up or be out of business.

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