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Mexico Officials: Allowing GM Corn Will Devastate Crops

Lisa Garber
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Friday 23 November 2012
The gathering was a media briefing organized by Aruna Rodrigues, “the lead petitioner in a public interest litigation” seeking the ban.
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Despite growing worldwide concern over the health and environmental risks inherent in genetically modified crops, the government of Mexico is toying with the idea of growing GM corn. This is the opposite of what other nations such as India are doing, where scientists gathered in New Delhi to discuss the need for the Indian government to ban GMO trials in their country. The gathering was a media briefing  organized by Aruna Rodrigues, “the lead petitioner in a public interest litigation” seeking the ban.

“Every indication shows that a decision could be taken in the coming weeks,” says Silvia Ribero, spokeswoman for Canada-based ETC Group (an ecological impact monitor). Ribero adds that although legal paperwork remains to be prepared in full, President Felipe Calderon could authorize the motion before leaving office in December to reduce Mexico’s food imports.

Destruction of History and Humanity

All the big players—Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow—are waiting for the go-ahead from the agriculture ministry to plant their poison in natural corn’s indigenous soil in an area roughly the size of El Salvador (2.4 million hectares).

“We are talking about damaging more than 7,000 years of indigenous and peasant work that’s created maize,” says Veronica Villa from the Mexico branch of ETC, “one of the world’s three most widely eaten crops.”

It is because of this crop’s versatility and prevalence in the contemporary human diet that so-called philanthropists like Bill Gates have invested so much into GM technology. In 2010, he purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto, claiming that GMO crops were the answer to starvation.

Why GMOs Don’t Fully Address Starvation

None of us here likely know who Bill Gates truly is at the end of the day. But let’s be frank: at best, he’s yet another one of the billions funding biotech and Big Ag propaganda. Does he truly believe that genetic modification comes without consequences.

At worst, however, Gates, Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow simply do not care that farmers across the world commit suicide in the thousands after going bankrupt thanks to overpriced, ineffective GM seeds.

They do not care that Monsanto’s insecticides are creating resistant weeds and insects, forcing farmers to spray more insecticides that pollute soil and therefore ground- and still therefore drinking water.

They do not care that our GM food has pesticide residue contributing to countless diseases in both animals and humans (and humans who consume animals), and have the gall to hide their dirty hands deep in their cash-lined pockets.

But what do we know?

I've read some of the terms

I've read some of the terms of the contracts they make the farmers sign I hope they ban it........Ah ?? I'll have to stop calling them stupid wet-backs .....

Anyone half intelligent can

Anyone half intelligent can by now see that the criminal GM menace is destroying our natural world! FOR PROFIT ONLY! Never mind the crap about 'feeding the hungry'. If you do care, please, stop conversing about this criminal enterprise, and instead STOP by all possible means the further planting of ANY acreage of GM poisons: physically, violently if need be...but STOP it - because we, the human, animal and plant populations of this planet, are truly threatend by this insanity !!!!!!!!!!!!

> At worst, however, Gates,

> At worst, however, Gates, Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow simply do not care
> that farmers across the world commit suicide in the thousands after
> going bankrupt thanks to overpriced, ineffective GM seeds.

Who knew? All the time we thought that farmers were committing suicide because of "global warming". Now, the story shifts to GM seeds/food. Wonder what the story will be next week?

You will not be told the

You will not be told the truth in corporate media sponsored by Monsanto, Dupont, etc. Read, watch:

Dear Friends.. You have

Dear Friends.. You have little time left to stop this GMO invasion your already late in the game . Monsanto who's product called Round-up was fast tracked directly into our foods with FDA approval but your FDA approved it based on there 90 day test results that it was 100% safe to people and that NO OTHER tests were needed, but what they didn't tell you was that the effects took place outside the 90 day test range and that there was evidence of far reaching cell damage but the real horror is this is the exact same chemical used in South east Asia during the Vietnam War called Agent Orange among others and we all know what that did. These CEOs are criminals at Monsanto and responsible for so much human suffering , there Chemtrail chemicals pollute our soils and they answer with a Patent pending Aluminum resistant seed for food crops that they will control . the CEO's of Monsanto move between the Corporate offices and the Revolving doors at Our FDA so it's not hard to understand how there products are fast tracked onto your dinner plate .. Yes people we have some serious problems to overcome and I suggest we get going before the damage to our stomach and everything south of it make doing anything about anything almost impossible, go have your kids checked out like I did and see what they say about GMOs the UK just finished up a 2 yr study that will bring you to tears and make you want to scream . I PROMISE YOU ... Now it's clear who took over after our beloved Government got rid of Organized crime MONSANTO.

Your last sentence is "Well

Your last sentence is "Well what do we know?"

The answer is, only what you have been told by non-scientists that want to scare you into opposing a reasonable technology that can help people.

Your last three paragraphs illuminate this conclusion perfectly. For one, Indian farmers are finding a net benefit from these technologies as identified in PNAS . . Suicides were due to drought. Yes, farmers owed money on the seeds, but GM or not, they would not have survived the drought.

"Monsanto's insecticides creating..." Yes, glyphosate (not just MON, off patent for a long time and made by many) has led to slightly higher applications and some resistance. But that's not a GMO issue, that's true with all herbicides and production systems that use them. Plus, insecticides do not produce resistant weeds.

Insect resistance is not as much of a problem, but is potentially there. So far the effects of Bt corn and cotton are do reduce pesticide use-- which is HUGE for consumers, farmers and the environment. Source is NAS/NRC 2010 book where figures 2-7 and 2-8 show the 60-80% reductions. Download PDF for free.

There is no evidence that supports the conclusion of your last paragraph. There is no link between Bt and any human disease established. You are either misinformed or lying and trying to scare readers.

Gates is investing in helping people worldwide and I think it is commendable. You may have enough calories that you can choose the food you eat and the technologies that made it. However, most people on this planet can't. How can we provide safe, effective technology to provide nutrition and health? That's the real question, and transgenic technologies are part of that conversation.

@kevinfolta If you want to


If you want to help people be having more food, support population decreases. No GMOs needed fool.

Also, we're burning through our resource for artificial fertilizers. 20-40 years are left, and phosphates nor potassium can be synthesized—phosphates and potassium are only found in significant quantities in a few large deposits in the world.

"These two elements cannot be made, cannot be substituted, are necessary to grow all life forms, and are mined and depleted. It’s a scary set of statements. Former Soviet states and Canada have more than 70% of the potash. Morocco has 85% of all high-grade phosphates. It is the most important quasi-monopoly in economic history. What happens when these fertilizers run out is a question I can’t get satisfactorily answered and, believe me, I have tried. There seems to be only one conclusion: their use must be drastically reduced in the next 20-40 years or we will begin to starve. " (Nature, November 14th, Jeremy Grantham)

Another reason we must reduce population levels.

Also, you now have not only the ignorant general public to fool, but the "largest managed healthcare provider in the United States is now publicly speaking out against GMOs"--Kaiser Permanente :

So I guess Kaiser Permanente is also confused and they should go to your hack website for the "real" truth, right Kevin?

Looks like you have bigger problems than the ignorant general public now, doesn't it?

You're Goose is proverbially cooked, boy. Try your dis-analogies and invalid reasoning with the corporate powers of Kaiser Permanente and see how far you get. Fool.

OMG ..Some one should drag

OMG ..Some one should drag you out back and put one thru your rotten skull cap ... HOW DARE YOU PERPETRATE such a disgraceful fraud. I'm a Farmer .. the facts you dare toss out there are all 100% BS .. I know first hand what Round-up does ... I know exactly how it was fast tracked onto the market and so do you ... the 90 day tests are 100% total BS had any other longer term tests been conducted the exact opposit would have been discovered as it was just discovered in Europe .. why not be an HONEST person and exlain how Monsanto kept any other tests from ever being conducted ? Go ahead big mouth tell the nice people. I can only pray bastards like you have your well water contaminated with Round-up and your kids with serious stomach & Amun systems issues ..Where do bottom feeding scumbags Liars like you people come from.. Can you imagine this person wants all of you to believe Corporations only want to HELP these countrys ...They would never EXPLOIT them ... yea pal I guess that how Monsanto got it's name... from it's wonderful great Humanitarian efforts . My God you pry on our intelligence with great disrespect ...

The government of Mexico,

The government of Mexico, like that of Canada and the USA, work for the rich. Industrial agriculture and GMO's go together. Irrigation, chemicals and lots of fuel for big machinery on huge monoculture plots make GMO's worth the money in the short run, which is the time frame of the corporation (shorter and shorter with modern CEO's).

Countries should be thinking about the health and nutrition of their people, and the ecology of their land, and about global warming. Not just about corporate profits. Soil, groundwater, and farmers' ability to make a living and feed their families are destroyed by GMO's and by the "Green Revolution" technologies--producing the kind of suicides Lisa talks about. The seed-saving, subsistence agriculture, that is disappearing as farmers are shoved off the land into cities and poverty by Monsanto and other corporate Agriculture companies, feed the world, and stop famines.

Indeed. As we've

Indeed. As we've subsequently discovered the "green" in "Green Revolution" refers to the color of the money accrued to the point 1 of 1% (like the execrable Gates) -- the short-term profits from destroying our Planet...

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