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Monsanto Protection Act May Soon be Repealed Thanks to Activism

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / News Analysis
Published: Monday 20 May 2013
Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland actually went and released a statement apologizing for allowing the Monsanto Protection Act through and vowing to fight against GMOs and Monsanto.
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The so-called Monsanto Protection Act signed into law earlier this year caused such an outrage that people around the world are planning to protest the biotech company later this month. Now a United States Senator is expected to try and repeal that law after mounting pressure.

The notorious ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ rider stuffed into the non-related Senate spending bill may soon be repealed thanks to the massive amounts of activism and outrage that have now amounted into a legislative charge towards action. Action that has turned into legislation progress through Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, who has announced an amendment that would remove Section 735 (the Monsanto Protection Act as its known) from the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2013 Senate spending bill.

The rider, which almost managed to slip incognito and pass by the alarm system of the alternative media, grants GMO juggernaut Monsanto full immunity from federal courts in the event that one of its genetically modified creations is found to be causing damage to health or the environment. Essentially, it grants Monsanto power over the United States federal government. Thankfully, I was able to get on the subject through news tips and covered the Monsanto Protection Act all the way up until the bill containing it was signed into law by Obama.

Ultimately, as the Monsanto Protection Act became more a hot issue, we had an increasing amount of publicity — but the Senate vote came just too quickly for the attention to put a halt on the rider. But even after its passing, sources like Russia TodayNaturalNewsInfowars, and myself here at NaturalSociety were sounding the alarm big time. Enough so that it even led to an apology from the top Senator who actually ended up approving the bill containing the rider.

Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland actually went and released a statement apologizing for allowing the Monsanto Protection Act through and vowing to fight against GMOs and Monsanto. Ultimately, multiple Senators had entered damage control after the jig was up. That is besides Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri, who actually worked with Monsanto (as in he let them write it while he received funding) on the Monsanto Protection Act rider. A rider he says is perfectly reasonable. After all, why not give Monsanto full immunity from the legal system the rest of us are subject to?

Even Obama was getting blasted on his Facebook page following the approval of the Monsanto Protection Act, with the majority of comments coming into his page criticizing his signature on the bill that contained the rider.

Thanks to this activism, it looks like the Monsanto Protection Act may soon be repealed after this new bill hits Washington. This time, we will have plenty of time to let the Senators know that they are voting against the public if they choose to side with Monsanto. And with such a specific agenda for this bill, I see it doing well in the Senate.

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

Have any of you read Section

Have any of you read Section 735. There is no mention of any protection for seed companies from lawsuits. The only protection mentioned is for farmers who have planted a crop that then becomes regulated. It gives them the opportunity to harvest the crop. Why spread a bunch of misinformation? The Section is very short - maybe you should read it.

What about drift that is not

What about drift that is not the fault of a neighbour farmer? Monsanto can still confiscate their crops if contaminated, and if it's an organic farm, it is ruined. 93% of unborn babies in a UK study have GM toxins in their systems. The BT genes replicate in stomachs of mammals causing inflammation of the GI tract and tumors. What happens when you breathe the pollen of these plants. Lungs are a direct link to your bloodstream. Monsanto should be made to quarantine their pollen as I would have to contain my sewage if my system had a leak. they have bought our gov't and there is nothing safe about GMO'. Monsanto used to advertise how good DDT was for you and me usiing singing farm animals. Disgusting.

keep signing those petitions

keep signing those petitions and emailing your representatives/senators. it seems it does work.

The MonSatan Protection Act

The MonSatan Protection Act won't be repealed! All the other senators are crying the blues because the realized how much money they lost out on because it went thru so quickly. There'll be a bill to repeal it, a bunch of pontificating hoopla from the senators and president, MonSatan will make all the necessary 'contributions', the senators and president will be happy they got their cut, then the repeal bill will float away into nothingness like all the other hot air.

I know how you feel, but I've

I know how you feel, but I've heard a quote where Monsanto wants you to do exactly that. Don't give up, never give up. Expose those that take the money instead. Shows how corrupt the American Government really is.

Anono, " you can have what

Anono, " you can have what you say," " we are what we think," Write your very good ideas so they create what you want.

Time to repeal Monsanto,

Time to repeal Monsanto, repeal its charter, tear down its offices, appropriate all its bank accounts in the US and abroad, to recompense the people and families whose lives it willfully destroyed, and imprison its executives for the duration of their filthy lives.

Wait a minute ! wait a minute

Wait a minute ! wait a minute ! wait a minute! If you can change the Monsanto bill why not the bill for ndaa its the most agregious bill we now have. If dhs can take peoples mopney from them that use bitcoin then they will start arresting
us citizens for whatever. I would suggest doing the same with that bill.
Why cant you have a bill on a one page document why does it have to be 10,000
mother f ing pages it just to slip more mother f ing bullshit into the laws. Once law it will have a mile wide and ten lawyers high to defend it. The most honorable thing to do for them is shut down law schools and institute indian laws like burn em at stake thatl work just fine for me. Child molester burn em at stake inside trading burn em at stake money laundering burn em at stake, mortgage foreclosures no refi burn em at stake then televise it make heep big wampum.

Whatever happened to "...

Whatever happened to "... government of the people, by the people, for the people"? This glaringly obvious pandering to (or perhaps servicing of is a better way to put it) special interests is sickening.

And how in the heck can our "law-makers" still claim ignorance when someone slips their own little items into big law packages. Hello!!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know when a document has been modified!!! What a load of baloney!

If they remove it, it will

If they remove it, it will still exist in law. Section 411 of the Protection Act of 2000 says basically the same thing.

Responding to CoachRed--

Responding to CoachRed--

"It all falls together, and is SO very obvious." Really? I mean, REALLY!? You believe that about the government? I'm not naive and understand that government actions are sometimes based on less than pure motives. But this kind of thinking leads to illogical and desperate actions. I'd suggest a course in logic to understand why such conspiracy theories are a farce. And maybe take a walk in nature somewhere to reconnect to reality.

That our nations Congress can

That our nations Congress can pass a special interest act is bad enough. That it passes a destructive one is frightening. That it passes a destructive bill "hidden" in some massive piece of legislation or added to a "must pass" bill is not only frightening it means the Congress is NOT reading the Bill they are voting on.

There is NO reason that an elected official can give me that excuses such an action. If they let their colleagues do their work and tell them the bill is OK that's just an excuse. If they tell m that the bill was 10000 pages whose fault is that?

Congress either needs to hire more staff, increase their work week, make a rule that says a bill must have a consideration period, OR just do the work they were elected to do and stop putting politics before the nation.

Any politician that says "My first priority is getting the President out of office." should be impeached or recalled. Its bad enough that politics come before the nation's business, but when a politician publicly announces his primary job is to remove a duly elected official he has obviously missed why he was elected.

Congress should make an example out of the Monsanto special interest bill repeal by not only repealing it but by resolving not to do such actions in the future, AND passing rules against adding amendments to bills that are not related to the main Bill

I like that. Polyp. I want to

I like that. Polyp.
I want to thank the writer for staying on this huge, disastrous, egregious misuse of public trust. We must not only get this stupid bill repealed; we need to go after the jerks behind it. I voted for Obama twice and if he has a trick up his sleeve that will please me down the road, it's time he revealed it. Otherwise, he goes in the pile with all the rest of them, along with my LAST presidential vote EVER.

I was so disgusted that I

I was so disgusted that I voted for Obama after he once again went against his promises and signed this horrible horrible bill!!! I still am.

now now, let's not be so

now now, let's not be so hasty as to point the finger at Obama, i'm not trying to defend him but the real bad guy here is the people who so slickly ammended the act to the bill which may have contained other 'must pass' stuff
let's just say that situations like this can be a damned if you do damned if you don't situation for the president
say for instance a bill that could solve our energy needs for the next 100+ years, but breaks our dependence on oil companies, so some shyster politician adds an 'amendment' that legalizes child slavery

hmm... energy independence + child slavery = bad president for signing it, but failing to sign the energy independence bill? bad president, pandering to oil companies

yes yes that is a ridiculous extreme, but one that either way comes out making the president look bad, regardless of which way he acts.

got it? got it? goood.

like i said i'm not defending obama, i am neither for nor against him, just pointing out that there is often more to a story than any of us are privy to, and it isn't always fair to pass judgement based on such incomplete knowledge.

"Senator Roy Blunt from

"Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri, who actually worked with Monsanto (as in he let them write it while he received funding) on the Monsanto Protection Act rider."

Why isn't this polyp being arrested and charged with bribery, and recklessly endangering the public's health?

Because endangering US is

Because endangering US is fine, and in fact seems to be what the admin wants more than anything. Attrition will solve so many of our problems, right? Kill the young men in war and there will be far fewer babies, kill those that are still here with poisonous food and drugs and make sure the FDA is approving anything that is BAD for the masses, make sure the people do not have medical care to keep them alive. It all falls together, and is SO very obvious.

I laughed last year when a

I laughed last year when a checker at the grocery store told me that the government has a plan to kill people (read poor, powerless, even middle class) people. I am not laughing anymore.

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