Monsanto Greed

Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide as a Predator

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According to a study Monsanto’s flagship weedkiller Roundup changes shape in ways that mimic tadpole’s reaction to predators. This weedkiller is by far the most-used herbicide on the planet. University of Pittsburgh ecologist Relyea stresses that what's likely causing the problem isn't Roundup's active ingredient, glyphosate. But actually, the surfactant Monsanto uses to penetrate plant tissues so that glyphosate can effectively kill weeds. ​Relyea found that in the tanks without predators, Roundup decimated the tadpole populations at concentrations of 3 milligrams per liter.

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Monsanto should be placed at

Monsanto should be placed at the top of the Global Terrorist list! I still can't understand how they can still be around--after all the horrific damage they have caused humans, animals, sea life and the entire environment!
Monsanto architects, its CEO and their families should be made to bathe daily in their own poisons!

Everyone should boycott

Everyone should boycott buying RoundUp - maybe it could be a start!