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Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Thursday 15 March 2012
“The evidence that Monsanto’s biopesticide and Roundup alike are disrupting both nature and human safety is clear, yet little is being done about it.”
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Monsanto’s ‘biopesticide’ known as Bt is not only developing mutated insects and requiring excessive pesticide use, but new findings show that it is also killing human kidney cells — even in low doses. Amazingly, Monsanto’s superweed-breeding Roundup also has the same effect. Scientists have demonstrated in new research that the Bt pesticide, in addition to Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup, exhibit direct toxicity to human cells. The findings add to the long list of hazardous effects presented by Monsanto’s genetically modified creations.

These dangerous Bt crops currently engulf 39% of globally cultivated GMO crops, and Monsanto does not seem to be slowing down on their campaign to expand usage. Led by Gilles-Eric Séralini, a French scientist from the University of Caen, Séralini and his team are no strangers to the toxic effects of both Bt and glyphosate — the main component used in Roundup. Previously, Séralini and a group of other scientists found that Roundup is linked to infertility, killing testicular cells in rats. The report stated that within 1 to 48 hours of exposure, testicular cells of the mature rats were either damaged or killed.

At only 100 parts per million (ppm), Monsanto’s biopesticide lead to cell death. Furthermore, they found that Roundup at 57.2ppm  killed half of the cell population – 200 times below agricultural use.  This is concerning as researchers have previously detected Roundup in 41% of the 140 groundwater samples taken from Catalonia Spain that were actually above the limit of quantification. Even in very small doses, the research indicates that Roundup appears to be assaulting your biology.

It has also been divulged that Roundup is damaging other life outside of humans, shown to decrease the population of monarch butterflies by killing the very plants that the butterflies rely on for habitat and food. A 2011 study published in the journal Insect Conservation and Diversity found that increasing usage of genetically modified Roundup Ready corn and soybeans is significantly contributing to the decline in monarch butterfly populations within North America due to the destruction of milkweed.

The evidence that Monsanto’s biopesticide and Roundup alike are disrupting both nature and human safety is clear, yet little is being done about it. Even the EPA is being bombarded with calls to action, with 22 academic corn experts now warning the EPA that GMO crops are devastating the future of agricultural production. When will corporate giant Monsanto be held accountable for the devastation of their creations?

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

Arachne646, then I guess it's

Arachne646, then I guess it's good the article links to just such peer reviewed research.

There's a good rule to follow

There's a good rule to follow when reading scientific information on the internet: check to see if the research (any relevant research) has been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

How did we get here? And

How did we get here? And more important, how do we get out of here? The world has gone mad, or maybe it's part of some program. Who can say? What can we do? Cut off their money supply, but how? Who buys their product and how can we reach them? If no one buys this stuff, Monsanto will not survive. So let's whoop some Roundup of our own on their *sses.

I bought 11 acres of land

I bought 11 acres of land that I thought was good. The day I bought it there were weeds in the bean field and I naively assumed it was poison free. A week later the weeds were dying. There were no worms anywhere in the field. Six years later after me planting worm eggs, worms are still scarce. No frogs, no toads, no snakes so far. Got plenty of bugs lately though and not the good kind. Montsanto refuses to even acknowledge their stuff could be a problem. Just my 2 cents worth.

We will protest in Seattle

We will protest in Seattle Friday, March 16 --

Friday, March 16: A Global Day of Action - Shut Down Monsanto!

In Seattle, 11AM – 1PM: Demand that Gates Foundation Sever all Ties to Monsanto

Friday March 16 is an international day to bring attention to Monsanto’s countless bad deeds. There are over 1800 actions planned all over the world. In Seattle we'll bring attention to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's ties to Monsanto, and their attempt to spread genetically engineered crops all over Africa.

Join us Friday March 16! Bring Signs!

11 AM - 12 Noon: Assembly and teach in at Fisher Pavilion, just South of the Fountain, at Seattle Science Center

12 Noon - 1 PM: We will walk across the street to protest at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (across the street from the EMP)

IF bugs wont/cant eat it IF

IF bugs wont/cant eat it
IF RATS cant/wont eat it...

Walk thru a Home Depot and

Walk thru a Home Depot and notice a slight unpleasant odor which gets stronger as you approach the garden section. Standing next to their huge Roundup display, along with other Monsanto products, you realize where the odor is coming from. One cannot help but wonder if even that level of exposure is killing your cells--so yes, lets apply it all around our homes for the benefit of our pets and our children. And of course it is brought indoors on feet and on clothing.







I just bit into an orange - it tasted EXACTLY like the bug-killer, "RAID," smells!



Monsanto and other

Monsanto and other corporations like it would be more cautious if its directors and officers had life-long, personal, non-dischargeable responsibility for the health effects of their products; so that if they create a calamity it can not be swept away with corporate bankruptcy.

Rich, it's not the directors

Rich, it's not the directors nor the officers that are protected from responsability by corporate bankrupcy, it's the shareholders. They benefit from all the profits but they can't lose all their personal wealth if the loses or the liabilitie of a corporation reach catastrophic proportions, only the value of their shares. And why would they care about ill effects that take decades to be proven scientifically when they bet on shares that give them a return on their investments in five years or less.

Agreed, Rich! "Corporations"

Agreed, Rich!

"Corporations" are clearly just illegal exercises in criminal negligence! (The proof of "mens-rea" or guilty-minded intent, is simply to be found in their initial desire, and the actions they take, to "incorporate" in the first place)!

Imagine if you or I went before a Judge, and said: "Your honor, I want to take some risks which will only affect other people, for some gains which will only accrue to myself - so I want some "protection," in advance, from being responsible to any silly human laws! In fact, I claim my right to be irrresponsible!"

The Judge would either tell us to get lost, or have us jailed for planning to commit criminal negligence.

But, when a group or gang (of equally merely individual human citizens) asks the same, (thus making it into an actual constpiracy to commit criminal negligence) the automatic response is to rubber-stamp approval!

And even little kids wouldn't fall for this sort of lame, childish excuse:

"I didn't do it - ONLY "The GROUP" did it!"

(and 'better' - or worse - yet): "None of us humans IN The Group did it, either - ONLY "The GROUP" did it! Whee!"

... And it's the exact same excuse they all use, for when any other large group (like 'Law Enforcement,' or 'Government,') gets caught being criminal negligents:

"It Was A "Systemic" Problem!" (i.e: "No humans did it - ONLY "The SYSTEM" did it")!

Pathetic, isn't it?


So that's what inspired the

So that's what inspired the name of the product:
"Round-Up" all the people that use it, and kill them,
- in addition to killing their weeds.

<< and I am *NOT* "DEE PRESTT." >>



Imagine what occupational

Imagine what occupational safety and health hazards and disabilities the Monsanto pesticide production workers experience.

The Monsanto chemical plant neighbors probably experience some adverse health affects from pollution emaniating from Monsanto chemical plants.

The health of the population of the planet (plant and animal) will suffer the effects of Monsanto's pesticides and herbicides as well as their genetically modified (Round Up-ready)plants and seeds.

"Better living through chemistry?!"

(Mon$anto -- creating monStro$itie$ for money)

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