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Need Jobs? US Solar Industry Provides Employment for More People than Coal and Oil Combined

Christina Sarich
NationofChange / News Report
Published: Friday 7 February 2014
In the past four years, 50,000 well paying jobs were added—many of them building and installing solar panels and this employment rate is expected to continue growing at a steady pace.
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Welcome to the future, its already here. Solar employs and nuclear destroys; we have ample evidence of that now, and with the annual U.S. solar jobs census we now have proof that solar power isn’t just providing energy, without destroying our oceans and contaminating the earth and air with strontium, caesium and barium, among other chemicals, it is providing more than 143,000 Americans a paycheck.

Since 2012, that’s nearly a 20 percent increase, says The Solar Foundation, which conducts the census. An additional 23,682 jobs have been added—10 times the rate of employment growth as the national average of just 1.9 percent. In the past four years, 50,000 well paying jobs were added—many of them building and installing solar panels and this employment rate is expected to continue growing at a steady pace. 

Solar installers also make an average of $20 to $23.60 an hour compared to the wages of a coal miner; that isn’t bad especially considering the payout to workers with black lung disease amount to billions and the detrimental affects to a worker’s health are almost irreversible.

Comparatively, during the last two years, fossil fuel jobs declined by 8.7 percent leaving 8,500 positions void, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you add up the figures, the solar industry now employs more folks than our coal and natural gas industries combined. 

The high cost of solar, which was one factor slowing the industry’s growth is also now quickly changing. More than 51 percent of people are now installing solar not just to protect the environment and avoid another Fukushima disaster, but because it is cheaper

According to Philip Jordan, vice president at BW Research Partnership, and a partner in the research:


“The study shows both aggressive hiring and clear optimism among U.S. solar companies. Of particular interest are the continued high wages among solar installers; we also found higher than average employment of veterans in the solar industry, a sign that their high-tech skills are valued in this sector.”

SolarCity created more than 2000 jobs just last year. Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity reminds us that, “when we install solar panels, we create local jobs that can't be outsourced...We’ve barely begun this transformation, but as it advances, the American solar industry has the potential to be one of the greatest job creators this country has ever seen.”

In the words of George Harrison, “Here Comes the Sun.”

All types of solar and energy

All types of solar and energy efficiency are far more labor intensive per unit of energy yielded than are fossil fuels, so yes, RE and EE make more jobs than the fossil fuel industries do. But the wealthy powers that be still prefer the fossil fuels because that is where they can make the most profit - they don't give a dam* about whether the rest of us have a job or even an income. So good luck convincing those who have sufficient wealth or power to start making the shift - they will continue to follow the money.

So address the truth ?.?.?

So address the truth ?.?.? Blocking the roofs from access - gee, a fire and whose going to climb up on the roof to fight it
Very well thought out- - - can I say by the IDIOTS of Washington?

Firefighters have no problems

Firefighters have no problems busting anything that gets in their road when fighting a fire, so even if an installer were so stupid as to completely cover a roof surface with PV instead of following good practice of leaving access aisles, the firefighters wouldn't be much hindered by PV on the roof. Its not like roofs have been pristinely empty before the advent of PV - poorly insulated buildings have huge HVAC infrastructure scattered all over the roof. Personally, I'd rather drag a firehose across flat PV than have to drag it around the corners of some of those HVAC monsters and have it get caught and have to go back to free it.

Congratulations on the

Congratulations on the dumbest reason not to have solar EVER!
Wow are you a oil man or what, or is it just a oily man?

Take your very well thought out BS and do a oil enema with it.

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