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New Study Proves Bt Toxins in GMOs Toxic to Mammalian Blood

Fritz Kreiss
Occupy Monsanto / News Analysis
Published: Tuesday 7 May 2013
According to a new study, the ‘Cry’ toxins that Monsanto’s GMO crops have been genetically modified to produce are a lot more toxic to mammals than previously thought, primarily to the blood.
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Dr. Mezzomo and his team from the Department of Genetics and Morphology at the Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Brasilia recently performed and published a study done involving testing Bacillus thuringensis toxin (Bt toxin) on swiss albino mice.  This toxin is the same one built into  Monsanto’s GMO Bt crops such as corn and soy as a pesticide.  While Bt toxin has been used quite safely in conventional and organic farming as an occasional spray used when dealing with a pest problem, now it has been engineered to be produced by and present throughout the inside of every cell and intercellular space of the plants themselves, which is why they chose to undertake the study.  It should also be noted that as bacteria use lateral transference of genetic material, making it a possibility for this genetic material to become part of the human body’s bacterial bouquet that we depend on for our health (our bodies contain more bacteria cells than human ones by number).

“…advances in genetic engineering promise the expression of multiple Cry toxins in Bt-plants, known as gene pyramidingTherefore, studies on non-target species are requirements of international protocols to verify the adverse effects of these toxins, ensuring human and environmental biosafety.

Due to its growing use in agricultural activities, Bt presence hasalready been detected in different environmental compartments such as soil and water. Consequently, the bioavailability of Cry proteins has increased, and for biosafety reasons their adverse effects might be studied, mainly for non-target organisms. Studies are therefore needed to evaluate Bt toxicity to non-target organisms;  the persistence of Bt toxin and its stability in aquatic environments; and the risks to humans and animals exposed to potentially toxic levels of Bt through their diet.

Thus, we aimed to evaluate, in Swiss albino mice, the hematotoxicity and genotoxicity of four Bt spore-crystals…”

The scientists already knew that Bt toxin was very toxic and potentially deadly at levels above 270 milligrams per kilogram (basically ppm), so they instead tested levels ranging from 27mg/kg, 136mg/kg, and 270mg/kg for one to seven days (each of the Cry toxins were separated out and tested individually to maximize accuracy and total info).  It was quite clear right off the bat that these Cry toxins were quite hemotoxic even at the lowest level of 27mg/kg administered only one time and one day as they clearly had damaged the blood, particularly in reference to red blood cells.  The quantity and size of the erythrocytes (RBCs) were both significantly reduced, as was the overall levels of hemoglobin for which oxygen to attach to.  All major factors regarding RBCs demonstrated some level of damage present for all levels of toxin administered and across all Cry proteins, although there were some clear variances present between different proteins and levels for certain factors.  The white blood cell count was also quite noticeably raised, and as expected it dramatically increased depending on the duration the subject was tested for.    The tests clearly demonstrated that Cry proteins were cytotoxic to bone marrow cells, accounting for a portion of the measured effects. It should also be noted that a previous study found that these proteins caused hemolysis (they killed blood cells) in vitro, particularly seeming to target the cell membranes of red blood cells.

Cry1Ab (the protein produced in common Bt corn and soy) induced microcytic hypochromic anemia in mice, even at the lowest tested dose of 27 mg/Kg, and this toxin has been detected in blood of non-pregnant women, pregnant women and their fetuses in Canada, supposedly exposed through diet [34]. These data, as well as increased bioavailability of  these MCA in the environment, reinforce the need for more research, especially given that little is known about spore crystals’ adverse effects on non-target species.”

While Bt toxin is not known to bioaccumulate in fat cells and internal organs, it is of note that the study demonstrated clearly that there was a significant increase in measurable negative effects of the toxin as time progressed especially concerning the higher doses.  Also of note was the increased inflammatory response, while it was quite minor, the scientists consider it to be statistically significant due to the intricacies of their chosen test subjects’ biology.  No measurable genotoxicity was found.

The full results of the study and a more detailed explanation can be found at, along with full citations for this article here.

ABOUT Fritz Kreiss

Fritz Kreiss is the founding head of Occupy Monsanto. He has a history in natural health, nutrition, herbal medicine, Eastern Medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology, physiology, and many years of practice as a professional massage therapist and teacher.

Complications why ? The Earth

Complications why ?
The Earth is a Perfect Place to Live
The problem with the USA and the world is it's filled with Stupid People.
There is a technology 6 thousand years old that will fix this problem it is called
Give Until it Bleeds !

study everything on these sites - watch all the videos
cough up the money to learn TM properly & sit twice a day in silence for 20 minutes
nature will come to save us

Eat only organic food. Preferably food you have grown yourself.

Protect yourselves and let the dumb ones die off eating Stupid Food

If you live in the USA travel to Fairfield Iowa - see their plans
for the future of our dear world ... the light glows bright there.
Good luck !

Let's let the Smart, the Wise and Kind Rule the World for a change !

There are many reasons to

There are many reasons to oppose GMOs: crops that don't re-seed and require annual purchases from Monsanto or the like, the proprietary upsurping of farm fields where GMOS sees blow into neighboring fields and the manuafacturer demands payment. As a public health professional used to critiquing science and health reporting in the media, I get very wary when a mouse study is touted as "evidence." Such a study should be noted and followed up on. But it is preliminary and should not gloss over that fact. The GMO cause needs solid evidence, not specutative science to build its case. Truly, we need this for credibility. The "it sounds bad" and "it might be dangerous" are not my idea of how to sell this cause--except to those who already fully oppose GMO food based on their own beliefs. Go back to the documentary "Food Inc." There's plenty to be justifiably mad about.

Oh come on people--just look

Oh come on people--just look around you. Our population, unlike our grandparents, are obese and literally dying all around us. I am 66 but because I am more careful about my diet regarding organics and grass-fed, I remain slim and healthy--but literally all of my relatives are at various stages of diabetes or cancer. My grandparents ate fried foods and big meals yet worked into their nineties, and this is not a unique story. To debate, ad nausea, this issue is like someone still denying our weather changes are anything but normal.

Come on yourself. Some of the

Come on yourself. Some of the crap that corporations put in our food are linked to obesity. If you don't care about your own body when it comes to toxins, carcinogens, and GMO foods, you might at least spare a thought for children who are suffering from record levels of childhood cancers, autoimmune disorders and other induced illnesses.

March against Monsanto

March against Monsanto

That may be true, Temblor,

That may be true, Temblor, but how do you explain the entire European Union has banned GMO foods???

No, Small Family, he's quick

No, Small Family, he's quick to note that a respected journal WITHDREW the paper then it gets published again in a Journal that is not nearly as careful about what they publish. Remember the recent French study that purported to show that rats fed GM corn developed enormous tumors? That too was published in a peer reviewed journal. Turns out peer reviewing doesn't mean as much a we think it should, as, once criticism of the paper and the methods used in the "experiment" mounted, the paper was withdrawn and the entire European scientific community denounced the paper and pointed out it's author was prone to "design" "experiments" to support his preconceived notions, not to test a hypothesis.

You might be interested in the following:

From: University of California, San Diego:

Animal Safety

Bt products are found to be safe for use in the environment and with mammals. The EPA (environmental protection agency) has not found any human health hazards related to

Maybe humans wouldn't eat

Maybe humans wouldn't eat enough GMO crops to see the effect immediately, but cows eat a lot of grain... maybe that's why it's making them sick. I've heard of whole herds in Texas getting sick and/or dying after the farmer switched to GMO crops.

Hmmm. This is the same paper

Hmmm. This is the same paper that was withdrawn from Food and Chemical Toxicology. Now it is in an online open access journal. Curious. We'd expect such earth shattering results to be published in Science or Nature. That is, if they were of good quality and reproducible. I'll have to read the paper. My guess is same old, same old. It does say that I'd have to consume 2.7 grams of purified Bt protein to get the effect, which is a pretty amazing load.

Hmmmmm. You're quick enough

Hmmmmm. You're quick enough to seem to denigrate the Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases because it's online and open access but not so quick to mention that it too is a peer reviewed journal. So the question then becomes whose payroll might you be on. You might want to brush up on the difference between the effects and loads necessary in chronic, long term exposures to xenobiotics as opposed to acute, short term exposures.

I would guess he's an

I would guess he's an employee of Monsanto. They are posing as regular posters all over the internet.

I have asked KevinFolta on

I have asked KevinFolta on numerous occasions whether or not he's compensated by the industry and he has yet to answer. An obvious industry shill. I hope for his sake he's getting compensated, otherwise he's just a sucker.

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