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Sunday, July 24, 2016


New Leaked Documents Reveal DNC’s Plot to Destroy Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

From creating talking points for the Clinton campaign, to helping create attack strategies against Sanders' campaign, new emails show the DNC's extreme bias from the very beginning.

What’s on Display in Cleveland? The Republican Id

The triumph of Trump has demonstrated the cost of the devil’s bargain that party elites — and the media — have accepted over the years.

Police Shoot Autistic Man’s Therapist on Ground With Hands Up

Kinsey asked officers “Why did you shoot me?” to which one of them responded “I don’t know.”

GOP Holds Convention In Ground Zero For Voting Rights, As Party...

The controversial voting restrictions could decide this November's election.

The Times they are a Changing: Brexit, Trump and Lots of...

The impulse for change is sweeping through our world and people everywhere are responding; do what they will the politicians and ruling elite will be unable to counter the evolutionary forces.

Applegate Company to Remove GMOs Entirely

Applegate to remove all GMOs from their products!

Cruz Decided To Address The RNC But Not Endorse Trump. It...

Boos rained down at the Republican National Convention yesterday. What was Ted Cruz thinking?

Trump’s New Super PAC Attack Dog

Top donor of 'Rebuilding America Now' is developer Geoffrey Palmer.