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NRA Blames Everything Except Guns: Outdated Video Games, Hurricanes, and Corporate Media Led to Newtown

Igor Volsky
Think Progress / News Report
Published: Sunday 23 December 2012
Only gun owners and gun lobbyists — who have spent years easing gun regulations across the country — were spared any responsibility.
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The National Rifle Association, the nation’s largest gun advocates lobby, attributed the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, to “school free zones,” arguing that “genuine monsters” are attracted to schools because its administrators and teachers are not armed. “Politicians pass laws for gun free school zones, they issue press releases bragging about them,” NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said. “And, in doing so, they tell every insane killer in America that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk.”

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre declared and urged Congress to “act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation.” The lobby will create a “National School Shield Program” that will help schools respond to attacks, led by former Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR).

In a news conference repeatedly interrupted by protesters blaming the NRA for “killing our kids,” LaPierre shoveled out blame far and wide, going after reporters for glorifying killers like Adam Lanza, violent movies, video games, and music videos. He tore into gun safety advocates for exploiting the tragedy for “political gain,” targeted President Obama for underfunding police initiatives in schools, and said that the media demonized “local gun owners” and spread “misinformation and dishonest thinking that only delay meaningful action and all but guarantee that the next violence is a new cycle away.” “Add another hurricane, terrorist attack, or some other natural of man-made disaster, and you’ve got a recipe for a national nightmare of violence and victimization,” he said.

Only gun owners and gun lobbyists — who have spent years easing gun regulations across the country — were spared any responsibility.

Armed guards in every school

Armed guards in every school in the US at $85,000 each times how many schools? Would there be one stationed at every door? What about a sniper shooting through the windows? Seal off the windows? Sounds like a a new market will open up for the arms manufacturers whom the NRA works for. And while we're at it, what about shopping malls? Are not shoppers worthy of protection? What about movie theaters, or grocery store parking lots where other mass shootings have occurred? Should volunteer firefighters now be accompanied by SWAT? If the NRA's answer is to have government funded armed guards patrolling anywhere a mass shooting may occur, what would our country look like? Martial law? And isn't that precisely what NRA's rants about the 2nd Amendment warns against? Let's talk common sense here. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is not giving him a gun in the first place, at least not an assault weapon with a 100 round magazine. More affordable mental health care wouldn't hurt, either.

Let's forget that about 5

Let's forget that about 5 kids/day get killed in America because of parental violence and abuse/neglect.

And ten more kids get shot.

And ten more kids get shot.

i wondalotto - you are so

i wondalotto - you are so right. We have a society that is run by the rich through influencing and in some cases making educational policy. They run the media. They damage our lives.

This society is very angry and upset. Things are NOT going well for many people and most people that go out and shoot mass quantities of people ARE taking psychotropic drugs.

Dr Rima Laibow - a rare psychiatrist that does NOT use drugs as alleged therapy at all, put a Youtube video on called "I am Adam Lanza's doctor" where she described the induced psychoses CAUSED BY THE DRUGS - which not so incidentally have NO scientific proof as to effectiveness, safety, (read the warnings! Shitt!) and no valid biochemical tests.

These drugs and a society that pretends they are a valid solution to frustrations engendered in the same society are the blame. Guns don't convince people to go out and kill a bunch of innocents anymore than cars convince drunks to kill other people. We may as well take away all those evil cars. Or since doctors kill between 100,000 and 200,000 people per year with mostly drugs, but other iatrogenic causes (medical/doctor caused) then we need to get rid of Drugs.

But wait, that is what i am arguing for, because at least in the case of psychotropic drugs (of which most are prescribed by MDs of whom 80% are doing so because of illegal and unethical kickbacks from drug companies - proven, check out the recent Glaxo debacle) these drugs DO convince people to do things while having psychotic episodes, which are known to sometimes result in violence or suicide (by cop?) by screwing up the brain.

Dr Rima's Youtube was yanked. Her websites are all hacked and now down, and GoDaddy pulled some of them for her hitting the hot button of drugs = psychosis.

Let's process, and keep it safe out there.


Now we get some of the old

Now we get some of the old gun-lovers' arguments repeated over and over. "It's not the guns, it's the people, blah-blah-blah." Well, of course it's the people killing people, but you see, guns make it easy to kill people, with little effort and little risk. And rapid-fire weapons make it ridiculously easy to kill a whole swath of people. And you can't get away from these facts by constantly saying it's the nutjobs and sickos doing the killing.

There's no ethical reason why private citizens should have private arsenals in their homes. Weapons that can kill quickly and in great numbers, if used at all in civilian life, should be handled only by professional personnel, like SWAT members. Having all of these weapons of mass destruction (for that's what they are) in the homes of millions of "gun hobbyists" is a prescription for disaster after disaster, because these collectors (like Mama Lanza) are repeatedly robbed by bad guys or psychos, sometimes friends and relatives, who go out and spray bullets on the world that they see as unfriendly or uncaring about them. Then they can commit suicide, knowing their names will be tossed around and repeated by the media.

No gun control advocate I know believes that tighter gun controls are going to make our society peaceful, loving and non-violent. But they can help prevent numerous homicides that are now so tempting to those who long for the godlike powers of life-and-death over other people (and that's what guns can give them, like it or not). The point is, we have to start somewhere. I invite all of our gun-lovers to consider the very restricted gun rights of Israeli citizens: very few people can own handguns, and to do so involves a lot of red tape and waiting, and NO ONE can own assault-type weapons. And, hey, Israel sits smack in the middle of a region swarming with martyrdom-seeking jihadists, so I think they have more experience with terrorists than we do.

The point is, the widespread proliferation of automatic or semi-automatic firearms, by whatever name you choose to call them, is a significant part of the problem of our runaway homicides in America. It's not the only problem, but to deny that it's a large part of it is to suffer from delusions like the ranting Wayne does.

Leave my guns alone, keep

Leave my guns alone, keep America Land of the Free, and (hopefully) home of the brave...
Always fallow the money... NOTE above: (send yoour generous tax-deductible* contribution)

I wonder if it's just a

I wonder if it's just a coincidence that Hurricane Sandy is very similar in name to Sandy Hook Elementary school. Maybe the hurricane naming people should change to naming them by numbers or letters of the alphabet. Maybe this change would do more good than banning weapons. There are a lot of Nut Jobs out there; and maybe they wouldn't think of killing people if the name wasn't similar to a previous Disaster. I'm just saying.

It's noteworthy that the

It's noteworthy that the powerful NRA makes no mention of the psychotropic drugs and prescription "antidepressants" consumed by those mass killers. It seems the majority of them are taking mind altering substances that strips them of whatever pathos they might otherwise have prior to their falling "under doctors care". It's time this nation tabled a in depth discussion of the pharmaceutical industry, particularly it's dark sided profit at any cost callousness.

NRA wants a guard in every

NRA wants a guard in every school, public places, arming the teachers... This is typical of a lot of major businesses in the US. They create a problem but the rest of us have to pay for it. It is like the 1% flushing their toilets on the 99%. It is high time businesses are forced by the GOVERNMENT to pay for their negative externality. Make NRA pay for the medicine it prescribes and imposes on the 99%. Oh, faulty reasoning: corporations own the government and buy/sells it like a commodity. Which mouse has the courage to hang the bill on the cat's neck.

Originally Posted by National

Originally Posted by National Institute of Justice
Firearms Topical Working Group Meeting Summary 2011

November 30 and December 1, 2011 "... While the debate continues on the impact of right-to-carry laws on crime, almost no information is available on when and where individuals who have been granted the right to carry a weapon actually use the weapon to deter crime. Nor have there been detailed cost/benefit analyses of the actual use of guns for defensive purposes. Getting into the "black box" of defensive gun use will allow us to move beyond debates about the extent of defensive gun use to an understanding of when and how it happens. This has become even more important with the expansion of "stand your ground laws" which are intended to further establish the legal foundation for defensive gun use. .."

Video games don't kill

Video games don't kill people, (some) video game players do (or TV watchers, etc). A ban on either video games or TV or guns wouldn't disrupt my life at all, since I use none of the above, but I'm not trying for legislation that would ban any of them, since I'm not suffering from the paranoia those cultures tend to induce. I do find it laughable that this is the positive contribution the NRA promised to the situation - a totally unfunded pet solution of stationing more gunmen in schools. If they are convinced that this is such a wonderful idea, then they should put their $ and manpower behind making it happen (for they have lots of both) rather than blaming impoverished schools and government. Personally, I'm glad I don't have kids in school, if this is the trend - having a bunch of NRA enthusiasts clutching their guns and eyeing you in the hallways would not make a child feel safe, but would give them the deep-seated paranoia that comes from viewing the world as a place where someone may attack you at any moment.

EDG's picture

I agree with everyone that's

I agree with everyone that's not pushing for gun regulation. It's not the guns, it's not the 30+ bullet clips. If you look back to all the mass killings recently, it all young teens and early 20 year olds. The same group of kids that have been playing the violent video games for years. They set and play for hours upon hours killing the opposition. The game manufacturers do their best in making the killing look as real as possible, heads exploding, limbs being detached, blood squirting everywhere. I personally believe that the video games is where we start the bans.

I believe there is some merit

I believe there is some merit to the NRA's position. We have a culture of violence regardless of the tool. We see no cries against Hollywood and the glorified violence in films, no calls for "reasonable restrictions" on what they produce and depict. Where are the calls to restrict reporting by the news agencies. We know there is a right to Freedom of the Press, but certianly the 24/7 non-stop reporting of all the most recent shootings has spawned copy cat behavior. We put these killers faces on every news paper, every tv screen giving them the notoriety they crave. Why give it to them..A "reasonable restriction" on the rights of free press would be to prevent showing the names and images of these killers. Surely the need to protect future victims outweighs the public's right to these details. We go after the tool and not the root causes of the violence. There are many countries with wide access to firearms that do not have this sort of violence, and lack of access to firearms does not prevent the violence, only the tool changes. If this damaged deranged young man had stolen and driven a pickup through a waiting crowd of parents and school children would we be insisting that every one drive Toyota Priuses to limit the potential for mayhem of Large Vehicles, or would we be investigating what drove this young man to commit such an attrocity, looking to find how we missed the warning signs that let him get to this point.

You make a valid argument.

You make a valid argument. But I do question why the NRA has so much power in the first place.

I would say this is fairly

I would say this is fairly spot on. Look at all the violence around us and no one has a word to say about that because it is either on tv or in a video game somewhere. Much of the music videos out there have violent lyrics and or violence themselves. Much of them have gang related BS that is essentially glorified. WTF do you expect when you have all that useless BS force-fed into every child's mind? You want to blame someone, blame yourselves for letting all this BS happen in front of your eyes! GUN's are not really the issue and all you people ready to denounce gun advocacy better take a hard look at what is really the issue. Don't blame the gun -blame the person behind the gun. If its not a gun its going to be something else, so wake up and figure out the real problem before you make another asinine decision.

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