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Obama Denies Keystone XL Permit but Allows TransCanada to Apply for a Different Pipeline Route

Brian Walker
NationofChange / News Report
Published: Wednesday 18 January 2012
Environmental activists and grassroots efforts have put up a tremendous effort against the Keystone XL proposal, even going as far as surrounding the White House, are pushing to get the project cancelled outright, and the opening for a consideration of an alternate route will not be well-received.
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The Obama administration will not grant a permit to TransCanada to go through with the Keystone XL pipeline.While this is good news for activists fighting against the construction of the pipeline, it is not a cancellation of the project and TransCanada will be allowed to reapply with a new route following suggestions by the administration. The new route would be directed through Nebraska. The announcement came shortly after a 60 day deadline for a decision was set by the Republican controlled Congress.

Criticizing the deadline, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Tuesday, "It's a fallacy to suggest that the president should sign into law something when there isn't even an alternate route identified in Nebraska and when the review process is" unfinished, and "There was an attempt to short-circuit the review process in a way that does not allow the kind of careful consideration of all the competing criteria here that needs to be done."

Proponents of the Kesystone XL pipeline argue that independence from foreign oil is an essential US interest, and that the jobs created as well as other benefits from working together with Canada economically supercedes environmental concerns.

Environmental activists and grassroots efforts have put up a tremendous effort against the Keystone XL proposal, even going as far as surrounding the White House in protest, are pushing to get the project cancelled outright, and the opening for a consideration of an alternate route will not be well-received. They argue that tar sand oil extraction and refinement is tremendously destructive to the surrounding environment.

ABOUT Brian Walker

Brian Walker is a reporter and assistant editor for NationofChange.

What is everyone thanking

What is everyone thanking this preesident for? He's STILL going to sell us out to Big Oil - he's just prolonging it - probably hoping to stall until after the election. Why will we sell to China? Because THIS oil is too toxic, refined though it may be, to be used in this country, so, we'll sell it to China, where its super toxicity can pollute the Earth, instead of doing it from here.

One of the best decisions yet

One of the best decisions yet indicating the President has or is waking up to what big oil has been doing for the last 90 years. If it weren't for J.P. Morgan and others, we could have had free energy since back during the time of Nicola Tesla. Oil is old news and the oil tycoons know it and have known it for decades. How much longer did they think they could keep the public in the dark (literally) to what they've been doing? Their days of ruling the planet by means of oil are numbered. This will be the year the truth comes out. Free energy has been available for numerous decades. There are patents all over the place that are being supressed by the oil and electric companies, as well as governments. They have held us back by at least 100 years. People need to understand this. We are being suppressed in the same way that the people were suppressed when they were taught the earth was flat and you would fall off into the abyss if you sailed to the edge and heaven was above and hell was below and nothing else. The same way we are told we are the only ones who exist in the universe. Please let this year be the year the people say they are not going to fall for it anymore. We know too much to keep being slaves to big oil, electric and governments who pillage and plunder the earth and earth's resources. Please do your research; the last thing we need is another oil pipeline. Once the suppressed energy patents are released, oil pipe lines and oil tycoons are going to beome extinct.

A new route around the

A new route around the aquifer in question is being laid out even now. I have a friend that is on that job. The proximity to the aquifer that supplies water to such a large amount of people has been the only concern that the environmentalists have been able to make any traction with and the ONLY reason that George W Obama has not signed off before now. The pipeline is a done deal as soon as they re-apply with a route around the sensitive areas. It was a power play by Trans-Canada to send it across that area to begin with but the pipeline is already a reality....just not publicly. The reason it is going to Pt Arthur, TX. is because it is home to one of only a few refineries capable to readily process the gooey junk. Oh, and Paul Revere is right. All of the oil coming out of the ground in the U.S. of A. is put on the world market and written off on corporate sheets as being just as expensive as oil drawn out of fields in the middle east. In the real world does it cost Big Oil as much to deal with domestic oil? No. But it does give them a way to post exorbitant profits while whining about high crude prices. "Domestic production" is for all of the insanely ignorant that cannot grasp a scam when it is eating them alive.

Nice to see that old

Nice to see that old shibboleth, "independence from foreign oil is.... essential US interest," given the axe, at least in these threads. No, how do we get that message out to the "low information" voters out there?

It strikes me that oil companies behave in much the same way that junkies do when they are ginning up their next fix. No lie is too big, there is no upper limit to the level of mendacity they will engage in. There are NO concerns that supersede THEIR concerns about where their next fix.....uh! barrel of oil, is coming from. There are no concerns about the viability of the environment that could displace their concerns about the supply of their junk. There are no moral appeals that resonate because these people have no moral structure to work from. There are no human needs that transcend the needs of the next quarterly earnings statement. This could be a junkie or an oil company executive. There is essentially no difference.

"This announcement is not a

"This announcement is not a judgment on the merits of the pipeline, but the arbitrary nature of a deadline that prevented the State Department from gathering the information necessary to approve the project and protect the American people. I’m disappointed that Republicans in Congress forced this decision, but it does not change my Administration’s commitment to American-made energy that creates jobs and reduces our dependence on oil. Under my Administration, domestic oil and natural gas production is up, while imports of foreign oil are down. In the months ahead, we will continue to look for new ways to partner with the oil and gas industry to increase our energy security –including the potential development of an oil pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico..."

This is not over. Without significant pressure (and maybe despite it) Keystone will become a bargaining chip for Obama's re-election, to be sold out for some other political concession.

This is good news. But what

This is good news. But what is meant by "alternative route"? This action only stopped the current route. It did not stop Sand Tar extraction. I hear an alternative route may be due west across Canada to the coast, south across Washington and Oregon, to the north section of SF Bay or there abouts. The Tar Sand extraction process is what needs to be stopped.

Thank you, Mr. President

Thank you, Mr. President

Give 'em hell Barry!

Give 'em hell Barry!

Thank you, Mr. President.

Thank you, Mr. President. Possible lower gas prices, and the addition of a few jobs means nothing if our water and environment are compromised.

Thank you, President Obama.

Thank you, President Obama. This decision goes a long way toward restoring my faith that you will be the president that I voted for -- a president with enough 'stuff' to stand up to all the big money being thrown around in the guise of 'progress'... Keep your integrity, please, and do whatever it takes to make it easier for the world to access alternative energy.

"Proponents of the Keystone

"Proponents of the Keystone XL pipeline argue that independence from foreign oil is an essential US interest, and that the jobs created as well as other benefits from working together with Canada economically supersedes environmental concerns."

What proponents DO NOT tell us is that the building of this pipeline would create about 2,000 jobs for maybe 2 years and that the refined oil would be sold on the open market to the highest bidder. In other words, the oil is not destined for US consumption.

The statement that boils down to corporate profits supersede making our planet uninhabitable is simply insane.

The damage caused by the liquefaction process is simply ignored.

Chances are they will find another route and the fight will continue.

I received a response from my

I received a response from my DEMOCRAT Senator, Mark Pryor, that he SUPPORTS
the pipeline, because it is supposed to 'reduce dependence on foreign oil.'
I've read over and over that the pipeline is to go to Port Arthur Texas, a
DUTY FREE PORT, for export around the world, WITH NONE TO COME TO THE U.S. So
why does a US senator think it's going to reduce our dependence on foreign
oil? That means that we not only WON'T GET ONE DROP of oil from a pipeline,
but WE WON'T COLLECT ANY DUTY FEES. Basically, the US will be a whore for big
oil once again, by exposing a huge land mass to possible spillage and
pollution. Even if they find another way to go around Nebraska and the
Ogallala aquifer - which, I might add - ALMOST COMPLETELY UNDERLIES NEBRASKA
-  why should the citizens of the US expose ourselves to the inherent
dangers? 20,000 jobs? BULLSHIT! The only large number of jobs will be the
construction jobs initially - as in: TEMPORARY. Then they'll drop way down to
just a few thousand. So like, who's going to be out there, watching a
pipeline carrying the most corrosive oil there is? Couple thousand folks? I'm
thinking that wouldn't remotely be enough. Oh, and while we're at it - just
exactly WHY should we trust that Shell and TransCanada's pipeline safety will
be good? The track record isn't there. Period. Then there's the fact that
Shell is being sued by an Canadian Native Indian tribe - FOR FAILURE TO
COMPLY WITH THE CONTRACT THEY SIGNED. Shell agreed to provide monies to
mitigate damages to the lands owned by the tribe; they haven't. In fact,
they're now pursuing doing a HUGE AMOUNT MORE of drilling - so they're not
just satisfied with the rape they've accomplished so far - they're going to
make it complete. Then there are the Shell/TransCanada folks who are going to
AND CONGRESS SUPPORTS THIS? Let's see, that's rape, robbery, and threats by
big oil against US and Canadian citizens. And congress keeps saying they
support it for the jobs? Bull! They support it for the donations to their
reelections funds. Plain and simple.

If we need oil so much why

If we need oil so much why are we selling it to China?

Pronoun differences - first

Pronoun differences - first "we" as in us - with needs, second "we" as in them - those doing the selling, profit-taking, etc.
If the common good meant anything more than a campaign slogan, both "we's" would not be so much different. "We" have environmental review because "we"are so far from any kind of action based on "common good."
"We" have Federal car fleet mpg targets because "common good" doesn't work very well in this country; yet that's one way "we" as a country will reduce the need for this stuff.

Thank you Mr. President.

Thank you Mr. President.

Proponents argue that

Proponents argue that independence from foreign oil is an essential US interest,"

In case you didn't know, CANADA is a forein country, we are to other country to the north of you.

"Proponents of the Kesystone

"Proponents of the Kesystone XL pipeline argue that independence from foreign oil is an essential US interest,"
This is one of the most humongus ruseiis tossed on the table...folks ALL OIL IS SOLD ON THE WORLD MARKET. US production has NO, I repeat NO consequence on US prices...!! Red Herrings abound...

NOTHING "supercedes

NOTHING "supercedes environmental concerns" until humans no longer need to eat, drink, or breathe. But, that's conservatives for ya: no ethics whatsoever when profit is involved.

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