Obama Disregards Question of a Drone Strike Against Americans on US ‘Soil’

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When President Obama was asked about his authoritization over drone stikes against American citizens on U.S. “soil” during a Google+ Thursday Hangout, he dodged the question. Instead, he offered an answer that no such attacks have happened to Americans in the U.S. But this question isn’t just on the minds of Americans, many members of Congress want an answer too.

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unless there is an out right

unless there is an out right denial, and even then, all bets are off. With the Continuity of Government orders given by Cheney shortly after 9/11 and their subsequent renewals, perhaps to date by the current president, the public is unaware if this condition is still in effect. The effect being the suspension of the constitution. Even Congress can't get an answer if the C.o.G. provisions are in effect. If this is the case, then this may be the reason for the passage and legitimization of secret laws by the executive branch and the Department of Justice/ Attorney General. As to the actual use of a drone missile take out in America and possible collateral damage as drone controllers put it, I think the old tried and true method of hiring the Mafia would be a better bet as to modus operandi by the secretive forces of the state in citizen removal. But after 9/11 who knows what Big Brother and the Holding Co. are capable of ?