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Obama Signature on Monsanto Protection Act Ignites Massive Activism

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Friday 29 March 2013
The decision to go with such a major act of corruption has jump started a massive movement to hold politicians and corporations accountable for their betrayal of the U.S. public.
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While Monsanto executives may be rejoicing behind the closed doors of their corporate offices, they have also just stabbed themselves in the heart with the blatant and cocky decision to go through with the Monsanto Protection Act. Obama’s social media profiles are being blown up with thousands of enraged activists and concerned citizens who are demanding answers.

Thanks to the alternative news covering every angle of the Protection Act and the absurd fact that Monsanto actually wrote the rider itself, people have now come to fully understand just how deep the corruption goes when it comes to Monsanto’s Big Food monopoly. And it doesn’t exempt the President.

It’s a well known fact that the Obama family actually eats from the White House organic garden which was planted in 2009 and has full time staffers who maintain and harvest organic produce that comes from the garden. Many high level politicians actually refuse to eat anything but organic, as they are fully aware of what’s in ‘conventional’, GMO-loaded items. Yet, despite this knowledge, they are quite eager to push Monsanto’s GMOs and ruthless business model on the citizens of the United States.

And the people are fully aware of the betrayal.


Scanning just a few comments amid the thousands calling out Obama for his signature on the spending bill that contained the Monsanto Protection Act, we find seriously frustrated activists and voters who can’t believe what they are seeing. Even many Obama campaigners who came to the realization that Obama didn’t represent what they thought he did. One specifically mentions how Obama promised to label GMOs in 2007 upon taking the seat of the President. A promise that never came to fruition. In fact, no real attempts were made at all.

Here are a few comments among the thousands that I found interesting on Obama’s wall:

  • Darlene Taylor: Barack Obama – 2007: “We’ll let folks know if their food is genetically modified because Americans should know.” 2013: He signed the Monsanto Protection Act making GMO giants immune to the law.
  • Erica Ecker: Apparently part of protecting our children no longer includes what goes in them. Thanks for signing the Monsanto Protection Act.
  • Keri Kline: I am an activist for President Obama, and I am outraged he has failed to listen to the ‘American people he represents’… President Obama knowingly signed the Monsanto Protection Act over the insistence of more than 250,000 Americans who signed an urgent letter asking that he use his executive authority to veto H.R. 933 and send it back to Congress to remove the Monsanto Protection Act from the bill. Regretfully, President Obama failed to live up to his oath to protect the American people and our constitution.

Overall, the decision to go with such a major act of corruption has jump started a massive movement to hold politicians and corporations accountable for their betrayal of the U.S. public. It’s a move that has blown up in the face of those who thought they could slip it through into law.

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

I am in Canada and this is

I am in Canada and this is sad news. I thought Obama was the real deal and was impressed by his apparent grass roots integrity. Reading this I find myself fooled once again and I am disgusted. At least our Prime Minister Harper is not so sneaky about his manipulation.
Very sad indeed.

I am in Canada and this is

I am in Canada and this is sad news. I thought Obama was the real deal and was impressed by his apparent grass roots integrity. Reading this I find myself fooled once again and I am disgusted. At least our Prime Minister Harper is not so sneaky about his manipulation.
Very sad indeed.

I like the idea of having

I like the idea of having Obama's family eat only GMO modified "food" since he knows it is safe enough for the rest of us.
I have little doubt that Obama will approve the Keystone Pipeline while spouting some "jobs and energy independence" bu** sh**.

Our president "Uncle Tom" is

Our president "Uncle Tom" is following in Bill Clinton's footsteps as being the president most eager to suck the corporate member whenever the corporate elite demand. At least Clinton feigned disgust, Uncle Tom seems eager to do this, maybe because he still fancies that when he leaves office, he'll be accepted by the 1% elite as one of their own. Fat chance. What's so disgusting about Uncle Tom is that he appears to be the only one unable to understand that no matter how much he showers the 1% with wealth, income, and protections from liability, they'll still hate him because of his race, and will never accept him as one of America's elite. And for that, millions of Americans will see their lives harmed because the man they voted for sold them out, and continues to sell them out time and time again. Impeachment?? Fine with me.

The system consists of

The system consists of opposing values, democracy and profit. This does not work, it cannot work. Naturally, the ones who profit the most buy the representative seats and then their self interest within increasing their profits. Would not you do the same?
We complain when our representatives do not act in the interests of the commonwealth of earth, but we are all to blame, we voted them in. Whining about self interested acts will not change this. The system must change.
Direct vote? Basic Income allowance? Equal Money.
Stop complaining and use your common sense to change the system to one that does what is best for all. Obviously, this one is not practicing what is best for life on this planet.
A system of equality would remove the profit, from the democracy, and then this world would begin to clean up the mess of pollution, starvation, poverty which this system has had plenty of time to do, especially with modern technology, and it has not. TIme is out, our home, the earth, can no longer accept the abuse and neither can you.

I moved to France 6 years

I moved to France 6 years ago. The EU is strongly opposed to GMO's but I have become so cynical that I imagine Monsanto will figure a way to slip them into Europe. Actually they already have...If farmers here buy animal feed from the US, you can bet it's got GM soy and corn it it. I come back to the states twice a year for about 3 months each time. Each time I worry about how I will eat to avoid this crap.
I voted twice for Obama but if he doesn't reveal himself soon as the man I thought he was, I can clearly say that I will NEVER vote again. My hopes were on him as a man who would lift us out of the quagmire we've put ourselves in (YES, we did it to ourselves with our complacency and our greed). He is showing himself to be either deceitful or ineffectual because it looks to me like things are pretty much unchanged from when I fled the Bush Cheney "evildoers".

You can have reasons, or

You can have reasons, or results. Obama only has reasons why he "couldn't" do what he said he would do. The doublespeak is truly amazing. He literally says one thing, while signing the complete opposite into law. Drones, GMOs, NDAA, using depleted uranium bullets in Iraq?!!?

The money powers prey upon

The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. They denounce as public enemies all who question their methods or throw light upon their crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe. Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed.
Abraham Lincoln

It should be obvious to all

It should be obvious to all by now that Obama is only concerned about the welfare of the wealthy connected.

He was the perfect Trojan horse.

It's the bankers and other

It's the bankers and other big corporations (like Monsanto) behind the curtain that control Obama and his buddies. He, and much of our government is OWNED.

What we need to do is focus on who is REALLY in power, and solve that problem. THAT is what our discussion needs to be about.. It's not about the tired old Democrats vs. Republicans crap, because they are one in the same. We need to get to the core of it all - the people behind the curtain. We already know who they are, for the most part.

What we need is a "Rand Paul

What we need is a "Rand Paul Senator" that is willing to stand up and filibuster on GMOs.

Or the public to demand that the Congressional Cafeteria and the White House are required to serve GMO food every day.

"Or the public to demand that

"Or the public to demand that the Congressional Cafeteria and the White House are required to serve GMO food every day."

--- and force them to eat this crap,all of it, clean their plates. No ordering out or brownbagging allowed and make 'em take off their shoes and belts and go through a scanner before entering their offices to prevent cheating.

As I told our county

As I told our county committee just last night, this action by the President pushes me towards starting IMPEACHMENT PETITIONS.
C. R. Touby Disappointed Democrat

How many more actions of our

How many more actions of our White House and Congress do we need before we finally realize how corrupt they are with a few exceptions such as Bernie Sanders. Lets get rid of all Democrats and Republicans and start over with Independents and Third Party people!

Odumba the puppet clown, the

Odumba the puppet clown, the empty headed "Bush with a Tan" drooling muppet of the rich psychopaths running everything.

Blow up that damn organic

Blow up that damn organic garden at the White House. Force the Obamas - the entire family - to eat the same crap we are now forced to eat.

Dollars to donuts, he'll approve the Keystone Pipeline.

He's a bald-faced liar, plain and simple. And to think, he was our best choice in the last 2 presidential elections.

Pity, WE, the PEOPLE - WE just don't count any more. Our votes are worth nothing.

True, Obama was forced into

True, Obama was forced into signing this legislation or I wouldn't get my food stamps (SNAP) in April. But, he could have refused and gone on national TV to blame the Republicans in the House of Representatives for sticking this into the continuing resolution. He just will not stand up to the special interests, and he is afraid of the powerful GOP/Tea Party. The guy has no strength of character. How can he possibly marshal the masses against the monied interests without stirring up some anger?

He is not afraid of the

He is not afraid of the 'powerful GOP'; he IS the GOP.

How would you, James Richard Bailey, talk to an Obamapologist? It is like talking to a meth head.

By the way, using food stamps as a bargaining chip to pass the Monsanto Protection Rider is classic Barack. What a poker player!

Definitely. Wha else coul' he


Wha else coul' he do?

It worked to fool Dembamabots on many an issue. How accustomed to excuses they are, to empty rhetoric, fools errands, sophistry and deception that barely 11 comments and mostly by the unsurprised.

Where are Dem Obamabots to show off their ultimate wisdom on such clear contempt for everything left of ... well, anything.

It's the true strength of the hard right Democrat, to stand starkly against the left.

And some dopes are finally "ignite[d] to massive action"? If this is true, it's only a matter of time before they get 100% back to their sense for stupidity. ... Just sayin'.

They just don't have their DLC marching orders yet. The right person hasn't been called in to quell the "divisiveness, silliness, negativity, etc." ... to explain the "political realities" -- the most despicable and insulting excuse of all.

DemOpologists need to be told, "don't worry, be happy."

And it is likely one of the bad ol' Republicans who done slipped it in, ... all 11th hour and all. Why, I bet not all those diligent, do-gooder Democrats didn't even read the whole bill. ... Wasn't any time.

The same naive lemmings that have been swallowing excuses and parroting sophistry and drivel, avoiding relevant actions, are fighting more with trying to make sense of their delusion than to acknowledge reality; which they do, yet with the kind of pathetically easy pass to personal forgiveness reserved for the weak and intellectually dishonest.

God. I could go on all day about the fool apologists. Dumbest of the dumb, in that they are the problem, not the solution.

Except now, if it's true. But experience tells me that this is less than something. The apologist mind is too little with too little principle to effect anything beyond what establishment operatives and surrogates dictate.

And then it's a quick trip to back-in-line. All feared up -- against the reliable foe, the bad ol' obstructionist Republican.

Anyway, got to go.

Monsanto Protection Act 2013

Monsanto Protection Act 2013 =
300 million guinea pigs and counting.
Wake up America before it is too late.

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