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Occupy Wall Street, the First Amendment, and the Politics of Free Speech

NationofChange / Video Feature
Published: Thursday 29 December 2011
“This teach-in is the first of three teach-ins that we hope to hold in the coming months here in law school about various aspects legal and policy issue raised by the Occupy Wall Street Movement.”

Kendall Thomas, Nash Professor of Law and Director of the Center for the Study of Law and Culture, Columbia University moderates the first of three teach-ins. Alicia White, an occupier says: “I ended up going to Occupy Wall Street because of a video. Like a lot of people, I saw a video that was posted online of some people who were marching in the street and looking very inspired.” 



Biological political

Biological political behavior, niche oriented by design, is distinctly recursive on all levels, but needs a sense of direction given, not, by an internalization, but by structural coupling vis-a-vis a cultural landscape we are being robbed of, summarily. Again, recursive behavior is the only means available, reliant on conversation applied to education that is a step in time that will regain through something like truth, direction which is missing with the absence of structure, so strange to appear, now, akin to Atlantis, so required, nevertheless, to get past the echo or echos of history (being rewritten). These are circular, recursive behaviors fomenting the need to introduce structure, presently more true to Job. To be blunt, the echos of our responses, if not surpassed, are merely bubbles unaware of the limits, much larger, but far more serious or life threatening when not applied. So, structure, not constructions, structure in lieue of contemporary fields, of hierarchy or symmetrical evolution where, for example, both the thumb and the forefingers may be labeled fingers that form one's hand, but, it would be surprising to see how separate the origins of symmetrically based thumbs (Hegelian) and asymmetrically based forefingers (that only introduce variability) are, to become more than just path toward stability, but of a necessary truth of fundamentals of structural coupling and the formal distribution issues that border on the most significant issues of ecological awareness, an attractiveness unique to intelligent humanity, non-dramatized, performed, ever pressed upon the airborne particularities of consciousness, dual in distributive laws of application, but yet to conform to the music in question, a music that may be disappearing in an instant.

HUH???? Robert, would you

HUH???? Robert, would you please do me a favor and translate that into simple English?

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