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Over 650,000 Meals in Hospitals Will Now be Served Without Antibiotic-Infested Meat Due to Super-Bugs

Christina Sarich
Natural Society / News Analysis
Published: Sunday 9 June 2013
It is no surprise that hospitals are interested in changing their meat procurement practices.
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Due to a precedent-setting move by the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center and a recent almost-unanimous vote by the Academic Senate of the university, over 650,000 meals served to hospital patients each year will now be free of meat that has been treated with antibiotics.

“There is overwhelming scientific consensus that overuse of antibiotics in livestock is a health hazard to people,” remarked Dr. Thomas Newman, a member of the Senate.

Livestock are often fed everything from penicillin to macrolide to ensure their health, but often to the detriment of the people who consume their meat. Ranchers and farmers discovered several decades ago that feeding their livestock just small doses of these antibiotics could fatten them up for market, and bring in larger profits. This practice isn’t often publicized, so many people are unaware of the practice. A doctor who has studied this subject Stuart B. Levy, M.D., estimates that there are 15-17 million pounds of antibiotics used sub-therapeutically in the United States each year.

What happens when humans eat antibiotic-infused meat, is that certain bacteria in the animal becomes resistant to the antibiotic and grows stronger. We consume those unsavory bacteria and can become very ill, and then trying to treat us with antibiotics becomes impossible. This situation is much like the super-weeds that are growing due to the over-use of Monsanto’s GMO poison, Roundup, the good bacteria cannot over-run the bad. We then create super-bugs that are resistant to any type of treatment.

Opposing this argument is Dr. Margaret Mellon, with the Union of Concerned Scientists, ”There is no evidence that antibiotic resistance is not a problem, but there is insufficient evidence as to how big a problem it is.” If this were true, why did methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) get a foothold in the 1960s ? The overuse of antibiotics in general has already caused several cases of superbugs.

It is no surprise that hospitals are interested in changing their meat procurement practices, since the primary means of treating an ill person in the hospital is either through surgery or pharmaceutical drugs, but what does this issue of Super Bugs have in common with Super Weeds? It seems quite obvious that messing with Mother Nature results in some pretty fantastic tragedy for the human race.

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ABOUT Christina Sarich

Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. She also writes exclusive articles for NationofChange. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

While this is a great step in

While this is a great step in the right direction re: these issues. Why are hospitals still using sugar substitute products in their facilities, when it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Aspartame aka Phenylalanine a carcinogenic unnatural sugar sweetener is given to patients with diabetes and other illnesses in their daily consumption of foods and drinks? When are hospital and care facilities that are supposed to help patients get well decide to stop ordering, buying or otherwise imposing these poisonous sugar sweeteners on and to their patients?

Not to mention schools and other businesses. Aspartame needs to be outlawed in our country.

if we can not inject it in

if we can not inject it in the cattle here we ban it (ha ha ha ha ) we export it for use overseas and buy back the cattle

Antibiotic resistance is not

Antibiotic resistance is not a new and unproven thing. It occurs in humans as well as Animals. Yes, MRSA has been around for a while, and some bacteria are naturally resistant to antibiotic; this is not the problem. When antibiotics are overused they kill off all the weaker bacteria including the good bacteria that keeps our digestive tract healthy and the bacteria on our skin. This leave ample room for the few bacteria which were resistant to the antibiotics to multiply, thus increasing the risk of developing an infection that cannot be treated. The more antibiotics used, the more space that is cleared out for the bacteria to grow.
Antibiotics are not just given to animals when they are sick; it's given as a preventative measure in their food supply, every day, for their entire life.
This is necessary to keep the animals alive because of the deplorable conditions in which they are raised; if raised outside on food they were supposed to eat, antibiotics would only be an occasional necessity.
Furthermore- those who have mentioned that use of antibiotics are necessary to produce enough food for everyone obviously haven't looked into the punt of food wasted in this country. In 2010 we threw away 34 MILLION TONS of food, according to the EPA ( ) and still had 50 million people without adequate access to food. We don't need to produce more food, we need to produce healthier food.

Doctors and hospitals

Doctors and hospitals actually caring about the health of their patients. That's just flat out Un-American. What's this country coming to? The next thing you know we'll have a right to vote or something else commie/socialist like that. Heil Goldman !

"Since the primary means of

"Since the primary means of treating an ill person in the hospital is either through surgery or pharmaceutical drugs", I'm surprised that hospitals are worried at all about nutrition. Many in the medical profession think that nutrition is of secondary importance in healing disease and, truth be told, traditionally most have believed it is almost inconsequential.

That is fantastic news. THE

That is fantastic news. THE MEAT INDUSTRY is a cruel, disgusting hell for animals and should be eliminated period.

Organic, vegetarian, raw foods are the farmacy for life, happiness and great health.

Ms. Sarich is becoming

Ms. Sarich is becoming synonymous with fear-mongering crazy articles with no basis in reality. I would really like a pub-med citation for the following: "What happens when humans eat antibiotic-infused meat, is that certain bacteria in the animal becomes (sic) resistant to the antibiotic and grows stronger."

What meat is "antibiotic infused"? How much is there? Is there anything there? How does it get from an oral dose in the animal to levels in muscle that can have physiological relevance in humans? What evidence is there for enhanced resistance from this? What antibiotics are in meat?

I'm not an expert in this area for sure, but it does sound like complete fear-mongering and junk science. I've looked for real evidence of this and I can't find anything. Please direct me to any sources- I'd love to read them, but give me peer-reviewed work, not some website or book.

Your concerns very much

Your concerns very much parallel those of the holocaust. Other than millions of dead and decaying corpses and hundreds of thousands of witnesses, there's really no evidence that it actually happened. It's just junk science.

Actually Kevin 90% of

Actually Kevin 90% of antibiotics are used on cattle.

RIFBEACH... it only will take

RIFBEACH... it only will take one real, reproducible report to demonstrate that GMO food is dangerous. Just one. Unfortunately there are no such data. The data are funded by the gov't and there are many independent studies. Check the GENERA database. Labeling is not necessary, it is a fear-based motivation. We don't put warning labels on food because of fear. We put them on if there is science to warrant them. In this case, at this time, there is no such evidence.

It's called common sense

It's called common sense Kevin. Try it sometime. It could save your life.

Please do not buy GMO's from the company that brought you agent orange, aspartame, round up and is now trying to control the food supply by patenting seed. Anyone that thinks this is OK is truly delusional. This is demonic and MonSatan is without a doubt the most evil corporation on Earth.

People who feel that GMO and

People who feel that GMO and antibiotic-infested meats are not problem can eat them. No one is saying they cannot. But serving them in hospitals where people essentially have no choice--most won't allow relatives to bring in food--just makes no sense, especially when you consider the cost of dealing with super bugs.

You have to consider, too, that these additives, including GMO, are designed to make food grow bigger, faster. How does that not contribute to the obesity epidemic in this country? Other countries are more careful about what they allow in. I say good for them. I wish America weren't so much about profit.

My solution is to buy organic, seek out organic restaurants (there are more all the time), and otherwise limit meat consumption altogether, partly because I worry about other diseases. I have not cosumed red meat for over 30 years, for example. But that's me. If you believe differently, that's okay. I won't force my views on anyone and would ask the same favor in return.

Editor, fix this article.

Editor, fix this article. Great topic, deserves good treatment. You should not be publishing articles with this many errors and misstatements (regarding Margaret Mellon, for example). It does the topic and your information source a disservice.

In terms of the point I think the article is trying to make: I am firmly in your camp.

You goofy liberals are going

You goofy liberals are going to be responsible for millions of humans dying from diseased meat and from the lack of low cost foods. You prefer that animals are slaughtered with disease and infections and without antibiotics animals will die and be more difficult to raise resulting in higher prices eventually leaving low cost meat- protein for God sake- at low enough cost that most Americans afford to provide meat to their families. And when it comes to this foolishness alarm about genetically altered grain and corn plants all they have done is speed up the process of generational breeding of plants so that they quickly and efficiently created plants that are immune to round up to kill weeds. This allows much lower amounts of round up spraying which ought to make you happy- and it allows the farmers to use their available water to grow food crops at much lower cost and use less water and less fertilizers as the weeds are not sucking up these necessary crop ingredients.

And again - cheap abundant food helps who the most? Yes your lower income families but you don't really care about them at all - you really want everyone to go down to the sunday sidewalk market and buy those expensive hand grown organic foods grown by sandal wearing dreadlock hippy 1 acre farmers which is great for you high income san francisco delusionists - but for a family of five living on labor wages of the father they can't afford these prices. And of course what you really want to do is ban meat from hospitals completely -- because in your minds all meat is cruel and unhealthy -- so how about when you are in the hospital you refuse to eat meat and leave the rest of us to make that decision for ourselves. So now hospital costs will soar even higher leaving less money for actual treatment and increasing insurance costs again for lower income families.
The 1% will have gourmet meals brought into the hospital by the way--

You have also given Japan, s korea, european countries justification from banning
Our food products so they can protect their domestic farmers -- under the baloney that they are protecting their citizens.

You care very little for anyone - just your arrogant warped view of the world where you ignore economic reality and where you look back at feudal villages as the model for the future of mankind.....
Your foolishness will kill millions and millions long before nuclear power, or genetically raised foods ever will or global warming. In fact a slightly higher world temperature will make water less scarce, increase the length of the growing season and increase seafood stocks as well as grow more food and reduce starvation around the world.

nice rant. do it often?

nice rant. do it often?

Thank you for your post. You

Thank you for your post. You have delightfully exposed all of the lies, ignorance and arrogance of those who have brainwashed you so well...

Every sentence you've typed is myth and lie...I'll leave it up to you to do some actual research to find out the truth...

I will respond that GMO means GENETICALLY MUTATED ORGANISMS. They don't and COULDN'T occur in Nature. They pollute the natural environment and force out proven, natural species in the process. you can leave me (and most of the rest of the world) OUT of your insane experiment of putting all of your eggs into one group of chemical corporation's basket for their short-term profits.

The word about GMO problems

The word about GMO problems is finally getting out in the USA. But, how long will it take for sufficient research to prove or disapprove the effects of GMO consumption in the human body. Will the government fund the research and ban GMOs in products until research results are conclusive? If not, what do we do about it? One thing is possible, we don't consume anything containing GMO which means labeling is essential. An essential first step. (For FIRST STEPS on 26 other issues, go to

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