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Over 80,000 Sign White House Petition Calling for Gun Regulation Bill in Just 24 Hours

Ian Millhiser
Think Progress / News Report
Published: Sunday 16 December 2012
“Although President Obama reacted emotionally to the recent mass shooting, his record on gun regulation gives little comfort to the many Americans demanding real action to prevent similar tragedies in the future.”
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A petition started yesterday afternoon at the White House’s official petition site has over 87,000 signatures as of this writing calling upon President Obama to “produce legislation that limits access to guns.” According to the petition, “[p]owerful lobbying groups allow the ownership of guns to reach beyond the Constitution’s intended purpose of the right to bear arms. Therefore, Congress must act on what is stated law, and face the reality that access to firearms reaches beyond what the Second Amendment intends to achieve.”

Although President Obama reacted emotionally to yesterday’s mass shooting, his record on gun regulation gives little comfort to the many Americans demanding real action to prevent similar tragedies in the future. Indeed, gun owners’ rights have increased under this president; Obama’s most significant guns legislation is a law he signed allowing loaded guns in national parks. You can add your name to the petition calling up President Obama to support gun regulation here.

John Lennon wrote a song:

John Lennon wrote a song: "Imagine". I imagine that if there were NO guns there would be zero gun deaths. As it is 85 people die by guns every day in this country -- and many are in the hands of "law abiding" citizens, children, adults who lose control, you name it. Imagine, a world free of guns and all weapons designed for the purpose of killing living things.
Call me a dreamer...

What if we take the guns away

What if we take the guns away from all law biding citizens and then criminals get them from black market sources and invade your home, kill your kids in front of you and then rob you and leave you with the image of your children murdered because you followed the law and were unable to protect you. Cops when called take about 30 to 45 minutes to show IF YOU ARE LUCKY. By that time everyone got shot and killed and no-one knows who exactly did it. Because people think that guns tell them to pick it up and kill people? You can pick up almost any object in your home and go on a killing spree. Its the sick individuals that act out on their impulses not the gun.

Dumb liberal article. Read

Dumb liberal article.

Read MotherJones expose on the FBI purposely creating terror attacks for bonuses and to create a culture of fear to gain more control and taxpayer funds.

I'm not saying this one of those events, but some mighty suspicious eyewitness testimony and other details: /cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=263192
(remove space after "com")

Regardless, the gun was the tool, not the reason. Countries like Switzerland have nearly zero gun incidents a year despite nearly every adult owning a gun. We need to understand what is causing the reason.

There have been no studies that show owning a gun, or having a parent owning a gun, makes one "crazy", however, there have been numerous studies showing that "side effects" of being drugged up on Big Pharma pills has made people violent, irrational, and not themselves, especially on kids.
So, how about you sign THIS petition instead-Sign petition to launch federal investigation between school shootings & psychiatric drugs:

87000 STUPID people signed a

87000 STUPID people signed a petition to take guns away from responsible gun owners that never commit crimes. LAWS did NOT stop the CT shootings. The man doing the shootings had stolen the guns! HE was NOT able to buy or obtain gun license. Did that stop him from committing a crime. NO of course not. If one or more of the people he had come in contact with in CT shooting had carried a concealed weapon with license to do same, he probably would have been shot and killed before killing all those kids and adults!!!!!!!!! But instead you have people that probably believe this guy had went out and bought a gun. People sign petitions all the time without complete knowledge of ALL the FACTS. Same thing with gossip, sheeple hear something and believe it true without talking to the person being talked abt. Ignorance is bliss

aluhlsr I think it should be


I think it should be pointed out that it will be almost impossible to pass any law cutting back on owning guns. The arguments for arming everyone at any place will be made just as strongly as are these current demands for new controls or abolition. Sadly, killing people is official American policy an it is a policy which could be changed much easier than passing legislation. In the U.S.and in other countries we commonly kill many who we decide have gotten in our way, sometimes through judicial proceedings, sometimes not. It is quite possible that many of these outrageous killing sprees like in Connecticut occur as a result of the angst potential killers feel as citizens of our country as it kills. Killing killers has a poor record and very little chance of success as I see it.
Domestically it would be cheaper and more effective to end all criminal executions and instead imprison for life, and outside the country we should shun assassinations and also inefficient and, at least seemingly cowardly, killing by drone. Just ordinary bombing is also unforgiveable as Picassso pointed out to us with his enraged mural "Guernica" nearly 80 years ago.
The president alone can make this happen by pardoning all now on American death rows to life terms and hope aloud that it would set a precedent; and halting drone and air killing and assassinations by our country overseas.
I think we and other nations have developed a habit of killing and it is spreading. During the last century America was one of five countries which were major killers, probably not the worst in terms of numbers but likely one of the two most efficient at it. And that 'no boots on the ground' efficiency is growing.
When our society even legally kills we all become killers.
So far it does not look like we are doing any better in this century. It is time we all look at ourselves as part of the problem.

Just to point out, CT has

Just to point out, CT has some of the strictest gun laws on the books. It was not legal for this 20 year old guy to be carrying the handguns. How much stronger can we make a law? Would it have mattered if the law had read that it was triple plus illegal for those under 21 to hold a handgun? No, this guy did not care.

If we wish to have meaningful gun control and a meaningful dent in gun murders, we have to make the legal owner of the gun just as liable. If your gun kills someone, you forfeit your life. Sorry, it is your responsibility to secure that gun and it should not have fallen into the wrong hands. You were irresponsible. If you do not want this crushing responsibility, don't own a gun.

There is always the problem that handing out legal licenses that the person getting the license is clean and pure with no hint that they should not have a gun. Then they snap. How can a law deal with this? No guns period, never, not ever. But what if I get them illegally from another country or get machines to make my own?

Criminals will always have guns and laws do not stop bullets.

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