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The Pacific Ocean Is Dying

Cosmic Convergence / News Analysis
Published: Friday 18 May 2012
A Special Report On the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe
Article image
Radioactive Seawater Impact Map (March 2012), US Dept of State Geographer Image

Just prior to the Supermoon of March 18th, 2011, the world witnessed a natural and manmade disaster of epic proportions. What transpired off the coast of Honshu Island, Japan on March 11 has forever altered the planet and irremediably affected the global environment. Whereas the earthquake and tsunami proved to be truly apocalyptic events for the people of Japan, the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima is proving to be cataclysmic for the entire world.

Most of the world community is still unaware of the extremely profound and far-reaching effects that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has had. If the nations of the world really understood the implications of the actual ‘fallout’ – past, current and future – the current nuclear energy paradigm would be systematically shut down. For those of us who are in the know, it is incumbent upon each of us to disseminate the relevant information/data necessary to forever close down the nuclear power industry around the globe.

There is now general agreement that the state of the art of nuclear power generation is such that it was deeply flawed and fundamentally dangerous from the very beginning. This fact was completely understood to be the case by the industry insiders and original financiers of every nuclear power plant ever built. Nuclear engineers had a very good understanding of just how vulnerable the design, engineering and architecture was at the startup of this industry. Nevertheless, they proceeded with this ill-fated enterprise at the behest of who?  

Therefore, this begs the question, “Why would such an inherently unsafe technology and unstable design be implemented worldwide in the first place?”

More importantly, “Who ought to be responsible for mitigating this ongoing planetary nuclear disaster?” And, is there any practical way this predicament can be fixed? Is there technology available which can address this situation in any meaningful way?

With the increasing energy needs of the global economy pushing energy-poor nations like Japan into nuclear power, the economic incentive has always overridden good judgment. Especially in Japan do we see a nation that was literally set up to be a poster child for the nuclear power industry. This, in a place that is known to be the most seismically active region in the world!

“Does anyone in their right mind believe that nuclear power plants can ever be designed, engineered or constructed to withstand 9.0 earthquakes followed by 15 meter high tsunamis? Sorry if we offend, but such a display of so deadly a combination of ignorance and arrogance must represent the very height of hubris. Particularly in view of the inevitable consequences which have manifested at Fukushima, how is it that so few saw this pre-ordained and disastrous outcome, except by willful blindness?”Japan: A Nation Consigned To Nuclear Armageddon

Numerous headlines over the past few weeks have been relentless in trumpeting Japan’s begrudging response to this global wakeup call. For the first time since nuclear power has been used in the land of Nippon, all 55 nuclear power plants now sit idle. This is of course very good news for the people of Japan. The question now remains how to go about remediating all of these vulnerable and unsafe nuclear reactors. Particularly because of those nuclear plants that are located anywhere along the Japanese coastline is this remediation imperative an existential necessity.

Japan nuclear power-free as last reactor shuts

Japan switches off last nuclear power plant; will it cope?

International Forces Are Responsible For Fukushima;An Immediate Global Response Needs To Be Formulated

Since the very first news about the Fukushima nuclear disaster came to light, many industry researchers and various investigations have unveiled the multi-decade plot to foist nuclear power onto the islands of Japan. The many forces arrayed against the Japanese people were so formidable that this ill-fated enterprise could only come to such an unfortunate outcome. Just as humankind learned from the folly of dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Fukushima has served as an example of how not to implement nuclear power generation.

“Quite purposefully, no one ever stopped to consider the obvious and far-reaching ramifications of constructing 55 nuclear reactors on the most seismically active piece of property on planet Earth! And, that doesn’t count another 12 reactors in various stages of planning or development.”An Open Letter to the People of Japan

If Japan is to remain habitable for future generations, there are certain (nuclear) matters confronting every corner of this island nation which must be addressed post haste. We know the people of Japan are up to it. The real question is whether the powers who have controlled their destiny are willing to back off for once since WWII.

Can the USA, the UK, Israel and France completely let go of their control of the Japanese economy, energy infrastructure and political process? Not only does the very existence of Japan rely on this relinquishment of control, the futures of the USA, UK and France do as well.

“Tokyo has the largest greater metro population in the world at about 34.3 million. Tokyo has the largest GDP of all major cities in the world – larger than both New York City and London. Tokyo is the economic/financial capital of the world’s 3rd largest national economy, as well as the primary economic engine of East Asia.”As Fukushima Goes, So Goes Japan

Most are not aware, even at the very highest levels of the Global Control Matrix, but as Fukushima goes, so goes Japan. Taken to its logical conclusion we can say with absolute certainty that as Japan goes, so goes the entire planet. In reality, Japan is not only a super-charged trigger point in the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is also a lynchpin for the world economy as the previous article well explains. Therefore, we would highly advise the Anglo-American power structure to take proper responsibility for this unprecedented global catastrophe and show up in great force on the Honshu coastline to remediate and de-activate wherever still possible.

Global “Manhattan Project” Required

It is quite quizzical that those who run the Global Control Matrix have not yet seized the day. What is clearly at stake is the Pacific Ocean, its shorelines, numerous national economies, as well as myriad ecosystems and aquatic environments.If they persist in this display of passivity and willful neglect, the planet may never recover. Surely, we can offer the observation that as the Pacific becomes exposed to massive volumes of radioactive water being dumped from the Fukushima site, eventually this radiation will find its way to the four corners of that ocean and beyond.

There has been a steady barrage of headlines lately aimed at those who can respond to this global catastrophe with some degree of cogency. A uniquely cohesive international response is urgently required if there is to be any hope of a successful remediation. Only a fully represented international think tank and implementation team has any chance of formulating a strategy that might be successful at fixing Fukushima.

We’re thinking of a Manhattan Project type of gravity. After all, if such a serious project was established in the interest of creating an atomic bomb, surely a similar endeavor can be initiated in the interest of saving the same country, that was ravaged by nuclear war, from Fukushima-generated radiation.

Japan has clearly shown that this disaster is way beyond their ability to manage and capacity to address in any meaningful way. Their entire culture seems to ensure that the real problems will be constantly swept under the rug. The problem this time around is that there may be no rug soon to sweep it under.

As Fukushima Goes, So Goes Japan

The preceding article clearly sets forth the thesis that if Tokyo requires evacuation in the future, the Japanese economy will immediately collapse. This eventuality would merely be the first domino to fall toward the collapse of the entire global economy. The prospect at this point is so real that those decision-makers at the top of the Global Control Matrix can’t afford not to inaugurate a worldwide effort to remediate Fukushima.

The Pacific Ocean Is Dying

How about the rest of the Pacific Ocean? What does the future hold in store for the largest body of water on Earth. One that circulates more water than any other ocean and possesses more coastline than all the others put together. The following headlines portend the future health of the Pacific, so all are encouraged to take serious notice.

Fukushima Daiichi Worker: Nothing can be done except to leak radioactive water! — Honestly feel that we are dumping massive amounts into ocean — Will spread all over world, reaching Hawaii and US soon

Nuclear Professor: 5,000 Hiroshima bombs worth of cesium-137 in spent fuel pool No. 4 — “Low estimate”

Doomsday scenarios spread about No. 4 reactor at Fukushima plant

Former Ambassador: No. 4 reactor a top national security issue for entire world — Could start “the ultimate catastrophe”

Japan Nuclear Expert: Humanity as a whole has literally never experienced something like Fukushima — “We will be fighting this radiation on the order of tens or hundreds of years”

The upshot of each of these articles is that the Pacific Ocean is extremely vulnerable to the radioactive waste being dumped into her waters at Fukushima. Should another catastrophic earthquake occur, it could create a new and more complicated nuclear disaster scenario that is truly irreparable. Even without any seismic activity affecting the nuclear sites, the current state of affairs has taken for granted that the Pacific Ocean will become a nuclear dumping ground for decades to come. It has not been lost on us that such an inevitability appears to be the only practical expedient available.

We are truly saddened by the great loss of marine life and harm to myriad aquatic and shoreline ecosystems. As the nuclear radiation is exported around the Asian Ring of Fire, genetic mutation will begin to affect every form of life — from phytoplankton to whales, from seabirds to mangroves, from dolphins to krill. Everything that lives near the Pacific will be at risk to some degree. Anyone who lives, works or plays in or around the Pacific will be compelled to evaluate their relationship to this great ocean.

What have we done to Mother Earth by siting nuclear power plants in the most seismically active region of the world?!

What in God’s Creation can possibly be done to fix it?

Never in the history of humankind has the planet been confronted with such a grave set of circumstances. Fukushima represents all that can go wrong when scientific applications and technological advancement within a crude industrial context have gone awry. Unfortunately, given the many trajectories that numerous fields of technological innovation are currently on, Fukushima and the BP Gulf oil spill of 2012 may only be the beginning of a period of  accelerating technospheric breakdown which will sweep across the planet.

Author’s has provided an invaluable service to the worldwide internet community by giving away their ebook currently linked here: first chapter entitled “Hazards of Low Level Radioactivity” ought to be a must read for anyone impacted by Fukushima.Also of critical significance, there is a phenomenon known as the Photoelectric Effect which weighs heavily throughout the entire contamination zone associated with the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The following article gives an important overview for those who want to know what we are really dealing with as a planetary civilization.

Photoelectron Induction in Uranium Particles by Chris Busby, PhD

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This is quite misleading.

This is quite misleading. Starting right out by mislabeling the map of the ocean "Radioactive Seawater Impact Map (March 2012), US Dept of State Geographer Image" It is NOT. It comes from here and is a computer simulation of what might have moved on the surface by using another method. It is NOT a map of radioactive water, as we might reasonably believe by the caption.

This is the most

This is the most comprehensive article to date on this epoch global crisis. To the same purpose we created a video "Japanese Sacrifice" in 7 languages, viewable on You Tube and at

In 1972 I was at a dinner

In 1972 I was at a dinner party with a man who was a nuclear physicist. He was on a rant about the new power plants being built. I still remember how passionately he shared how they weren't ready. He said if there was an accident they didn't have the technology yet to fix it. He kept using the word, "premature".
Well, 40 years later he was right.

There IS a way to protect

There IS a way to protect against the very forces that obliterated Fukushima. It is VERY expensive, though, and in any case would not make a dent in any operational or technical faults that might give the same result.

The ONLY way to be sure that a reactor will not be shaken apart by the ground it sits on, is to completely ISOLATE the building from the ground.

Build the entire building as a "ship," to FLOAT in a lagoon, that would 1) protect it from ground shock, and 2) let it float high (moored, of course), in the case of a tsunami sweeping through.

That VERY EXPENSIVE measure would have canceled out the forces that did destroy Fukushima. But as I said, it would in no way insulate from human or tech errors, which are what destroyed 3-Mile Island #3, and Chernobyl.

WELL, what the hell are we

WELL, what the hell are we waiting for??? However expensive it is to create reactors using thorium, let's get at it!!!!!!!!!

A new record, I think: 17

A new record, I think: 17 paragraphs (depending on how you count them) to get to the subject of your article. Well done.




“We use a Lagrangian particles dispersal method to track where free floating material (fish larvae, algae, phytoplankton, zooplankton…) present in the sea water near the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station plant could have gone since the earthquake on March 11th. THIS IS NOT A REPRESENTATION OF THE RADIOACTIVE PLUME CONCENTRATION. Since we do not know exactly how much contaminated water and at what concentration was released into the ocean, it is impossible to estimate the extent and dilution of the plume.”

“Assuming that a part of the passive biomass could have been contaminated in the area, we are trying to track where the radionuclides are spreading as it will eventually climb up the food chain. The computer simulation presented here is obtained by continuously releasing particles at the site during the 2 months folllowing the earthquake and then by tracing the path of these particles.”

From ASR, a global coastal and marine consulting firm, which made the presentation: Remembering Fukushima: The Radioactive Seawater Impact Map

The same article appears many

The same article appears many times on the web using the same photo from the US Department of State Geographer USDSG) , a very respected organization. Through the disciplines of geography, photography, environmental sciences, GIS computer technologies, and with global offices of scientists, experts, diplomats, and volunteers, their detailed analysis and accompanying photos encompass cultural exchange and hope for making positive planetary change among all humanity with perspectives and challenges documenting communities of response. The USDSG is so detail oriented, that I have to question why there is not a link to the original photograph and photographer, a timeline story line, research footnotes, etc. to accompany this much posted photo. And the articles all assume a title that is out of context with the data presented. As in this copy the only paragraph that relates to the title of the article is this: “Surely, we can offer the observation that as the Pacific becomes exposed to massive volumes of radioactive water being dumped from the Fukushima site, eventually this radiation will find its way to the four corners of that ocean and beyond.” And it is a future projection of conjecture.

While it is a very good article in every other sense, it offers no factual documented (sourced) information regarding the contamination of the Pacific Ocean, the photo, the initial leak into the ocean waters, the pumping and dumping of radioactive seawater, jet-stream data cross referenced over a timeline and layered effects of multiple complex ocean currents. I would like to put forth the proposition that the tsunami plastic debris field will never wash ashore on the North Coast of California, Oregon or Washington. Why are there garbage patch gyres? Why are there Gyres at all? It is apparently because of the Coriolis effect. Not a force of nature, but an effect of the rotation of the planet. Basically, the Coriolis effect causes ocean currents (the upper layers of the ocean considered to be around 400 meters) to move at a right angle to the wind direction. The higher the wind speeds, the shaper the angle - up to 90 degrees and to the right of the wind direction in the northern hemisphere, to the left in the southern hemisphere.

I would like to see an article that presents data that supports and defines this image.
Tomas DiFiore

jackwenayscott's picture

Blaming the UK, white

Blaming the UK, white America, France, and Isreal is getting close to the Los Angeles-television conspiracy that rules the world. L.A. control of America is merely the latest instrument of the white-European (and white-American) rulers of the world. The white people have handed over power to Los Angeles and relax in relative comfort, watching their wealth and power being protected in the constant, show by show propaganda thereby cranked out. Is it interesting to add Isreal to the world control bunch? Yes, in light of the fact that the top kicks at all three major networks, ABC (Robert Iger), NBC (Brian Roberts), and CBS (Sumner Redstone), are all Jewish! And, white America backs up show-business all the way, the American caucasion populace "has their back" as they like to say. Having left Los Angeles show-business in charge, it's easy to conclude why Japan unwisely went for Nuclear, L.A. liked it! Simple, and Big Television does not like the solution either........Solar! The new Manhattan Project SHOULD be to install Solar Panels everywhere, but TV won't show 'em, not even once, not even a little bit! Break free of the planet killing, mind numbing authorities..... TURN OFF THE TV!

Evertything is dying. Being

Evertything is dying. Being made to die from human overloads,consuming and waste and polution.
For millions of years the planet has been evolving and renewing, but as of Religeous Beliefs initiated 2000 years ago the thought these days is that this God's Creation is 7000 years old?
And now it's being destroyed.

For this the Religous Believe God loves them?
God wasted 6 good days, now He is going spend an Eternity loving the destroyers?

Care should be taken lest our

Care should be taken lest our own halo be carefully examined and seen as a greedy cloud.

Global warming which the US is so self destructibly and greedily ignoring to the detriment of the whole world is in the same league as the nuclear Pacific problem. Unfortunately it is not as dramatic nor as visible (yet) as Fukushima.

GMO (Genetically modification) to our food is a created monster in the name of food production which in reality is profit. GMOs once loose in the world will spread like smoke from a fire contaminating healthy crops. And, the corporations propagating such plagues on the world do so with the aid and protection of governmental laws.

Financial speculations and risky greedy financial policies still allowed and still not prevented by governments will continue to create financial havoc with the major impact landing on the shoulders of the middle class. The same middle class who are both despised and oppressed by the rich and government, but who are expected to pay in bailouts to save the "too big to fail". Does it take a genius to not know that "too big to fail" is a prime indicator and justifiable reason to be "too big to not be controlled"? Modern democracy is an astounding exercise in public deception while at the same time the largest pay to play system the world has ever seen.

Politicians and corporations are the two most unfit groups, (after the military), to control the actions of governments, financial systems, and their people or resources. Yet we have allowed and enabled them both by legislation and judicial actions to exercise their unlimited greed. And, both have proven repeatedly their unconcern for the lesser rich is exceeded only by their concern for their freedom to exploit the resources and labor of the world, and to play power games that kill their citizens.

Capitalism is the least controlable most amoral financial/political system man has devised. But, unfortunately is is so effective in creating material wealth that we allow ourselves to be blinded by its lack of humanity.

Modern civilization is so bound up in the playing with power and wealth that no one even talks about the cost in lives, health, the environment or the quality of life.

Indeed those that understand the future consequences of any of these world killing problems can hardly get the world to listen.

And, governments whose job it is to help their people, to create healthy, safe, and free environments for their people, ALL their people, have lost their road map in the seductive and too expensive maze of international power.

Production and distribution

Production and distribution are philosophic issues, to which we face these large dilemmas about distribution, mainly back tracked into some productive domain. The domains are, in reality, ripe for change, but totalitarianism affects education (Norman Dodd). Ignoring the scientists of the Lindisfarne, the life sciences, why is there no real education, i.e. debate, on the text found for free with all the Nobel laureates stealing bits and parcels from, of The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics? The reason is that this system is corrupt, and if distribution is the issue, to which the text begins at the start addressing (par excellence I might add), Mills is looking for a patent on the entire distribution grid for pollution free energy on the planet. These are paradigm changing moments in history, and not just from this, essentially, inorganic perspective, I repeat. The fact is (James Lovelock), if we stopped polluting the planet instantly, we would be hurdled into a 100K years plus episode of mass extinction like never before because the particles in the atmosphere are, seriously, cooling. The fever not too visible now, became all-too-hopeless from the time of the chads in Florida, or 9/11, the Cheney years, (google Indira Singh), and with B Obama mistaken "In the beginning all was mush and without form" from, "In the beginning was the word" which propaganda manipulates with the intent of the Old Guard using SWAT to protect the cells rather than go after them (e.g. William Binney). We have been thrust into what convergent math (chaos math, see Ralph Abraham) labels as a separatrix, a ripple, always followed by another if it is, truly, chaotic. So, damage control, a true physician of planets is called for. Pollution free energy is only the broth, not the chicken in the soup of life in the 21st century. Lovelock's lecture in May of 2011 gives some perspective needed, otherwise.

Then, there is now,

There is a little-known and

There is a little-known and yet well understood chemistry that safely and effectively encapsulates and renders moot, all nuclear fuels and even the nastiest of radioactive species of this planet. As "Whattheflux" pointed out, a 10 molar sodium hydroxide solution, is part of the equation.

A scientist who worked on this chemistry for +25 years, for the past 10 years has been locked in a huge legal battle against a dirty, greedy venture capitalist, who effectively stole the patents and gave the scientist the "bums rush out the back door."

So who knows when this technology will become available to assist humans in cleaning up the radioactive toxins on this planet. By the way, this chemistry has numerous and amazing additional practical applications and secondary offerings, as well.

On a final note, what difference does anyone's faith-based affiliations, have to do with science? If Israel or any country helped finance the building of nuclear reactors in Japan, what difference does religious or dogmatic beliefs have to do with this nuclear disaster?

Israel being a part of a "the

Israel being a part of a "the global control matrix" sounds like something produced by the Nazi propaganda ministry, and read by "Lord Haw-haw". The author is an embarrassment to the anti-nuclear power cause. Still, any sensible non-racist person does not need this writer, but some real science to know nuclear power is largely a disaster. Among the most prominent people to articulate effectively from a scientific standpoint was a Jewish American scientist and former Manhattan project researcher John W. Gofman. He argued more than 40 years ago to shut down these reactors, or simply not build them. Unfortunately, after his well researched warnings were published Japan opted for this reckless technology, and with it many other nations in the world. Yet, his well researched writings continue to influence intellectually honest people to move against this "poison power" industry, and may have slowed its growth.

How can there ever be a

How can there ever be a discussion about whether to continue to use of build new nuclear plants when we can't even get it together to figure out how to dispose of the stuff? And, given that those who own these current plants are apparently interested in mostly profit, how could they ever be trusted to unfold anything nuclear. I don't pretend to know the solution but more and/or continuing down a nuclear plant is indeed insanity or maybe a good indication that we are not the top species. We still don't know how not to soil our nest (or shit where we eat if you must).

And the use of Planet Earth

And the use of Planet Earth as a alpha and beta particle test site...and we are the lab rats and ginuea pigs...

If your so smart make a

If your so smart make a nuclear floride anti tooth decay reactor why dont yah or someone else. Is the amswer so simple why hasnt anyone brought this new tech to the table. It seems to me that we really need to find a way to deactivate the waste we already have render it harmless from our ocean, our deserts and our South Pacific expieriments. No one has money for anything anymore so they might as well barge the debris and set its course back to Asia where it came from. Just let it float back on the current. The best solution for polution is dilution. SO get your smart ass to work and no tea and crumpits or coffee breaks.

Re: the

Re: the ebook link: A careful read will find that the claims they make (after a string of alarming quotes) are hedged by "may" "could" and "Dr. X believes..."

For some needed perspective on the dangers of nuclear radiation, please see:

It is long past the time for

It is long past the time for having the discussion about using less energy. Jimmy Carter was almost burned at the stake for heresy when he suggested that you turn down the thermostat on your heaters and put a solar panel on your roof and for using that nasty word Conserve.

Our resources are finite. Available energy is finite. We must use less and we must find more efficient ways to "power" our lifestyles. Green energy (solar, wind, hydro) are NOT the answers. They are just as dangerous and destructive to the planet as carbon based fuels. Solar and wind farms are raising average temperatures much fast than CO2 does. Wind farms it has been measured to be 7C over 10 years. Solar farms, 10C in 10 years. These new heat islands are changing regional climate that will then change continental climates, and will keep spreading outwards. Then you have to consider the land use damage for this farms along with the environmental pollution/destruction from making these things. Not that coal, gas, nuclear are good either, their not.

It is time to step back from the global stage and be local again. Anything else is unsustainable. We do not need a Manhattan Project for energy, we need it to make everything more efficient and learn to live in a much smaller foot print.

Fukushima's heavy particle emissions and subsequent atmospheric transports are the basis of my PhD thesis. My Master's thesis is similar, but using the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Both disasters still are impacting more of the planet than what we were led to believe.

Yes and no. Our carbon-based

Yes and no. Our carbon-based fuels are finite, and major sources of pollution, but the amount of Thorium readily available for fuel is virtually limitless, and if used in a molten salt reactor, would be very safe indeed.

We literally have tons of thorium already mined, and just laying around. When we mine rare earths to fabricate our high-tech world, the mining waste contains thorium. America already has enough thorium in the tailings of our abandoned rare earth mines to power the country for 400 years. The sands of Miami Beach are 4% Thorium (and no one's dropping like flies from walking on it, either.)

In an overabundance of caution, the EPA (an organization I otherwise strongly support) classified thorium as nuclear waste. This is akin to declaring cannabis (the safest analgesic known to man) a Schedule One narcotic.

If we can re-regulate Thorium for what it actually is - an industrial material similar to chromium, ammonia, or lead - it could be exploited as a carbon-free fuel.

Amen to "WhazTheFlux". The

Amen to "WhazTheFlux". The problem with nuclear power lies largely in the fact that at best 1960s technology is being used to build reactors. Reactor technology has evolved several generations since that used at Fukushima (and Chernobyl was a design dating back to the 1940s), but is not being used.

In large part, new, safe reactors are not being built because no one has yet figured out how to decommission and dispose of the highly toxic contents of old reactors. Indeed, no one has come up with a safe disposal solution for the enormous amount of highly toxic radioactive waste currently sitting in "temporary" storage, essentially creating a large number of potential disasters all over the globe. I note that every nuclear reactor is in Japan is now shut down. Which means only that there is less electricity available to the Japanese. The fuel is still present in each reactor, and even a reactor that is "shut down" continues to generate waste products.

If we are to have nuclear power--and I believe we can safely--we must first find a way a clean up the mess left by current and former nuclear facilities. It may well require the equivalent of a "Manhattan project", though it's also worth noting that the original paid little attention to safety issues and hardly seems to have considered the problem of waste disposal.

Will the Tokyo Electric Power

Will the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) survive?

GREEDmongering shareholders want to know?

And Obama authorized the funding for 2 new nuclear reactors to be constructed in Georgia. Maybe he never heard of Three Mile Island or Chernobyl.

You are talking about three

You are talking about three different things. Old US technology, Soviet technology and new technology.

TMI was not even the worst "accident" that the US has had. You may also wish to study up on Japanese companies and their responsibility to the community/people.

You mean like detonating live

You mean like detonating live nuclear munitions in mid air over Nevada? lol Yeah, no shit. That would be viewed to be pretty catastrophic today.

This author claims, and adds

This author claims, and adds Israel of nations thatcontrol the economy of Japan, but doesn't explain. Why must he go out of his why vilify tiny Israel, a miniscule nation of Holocaust survivors and victims of two millennia of persecution and genocide? Israel is at its wits end trying to survive under siege by nearly a billion Muslims and neighboring Arab and Persian nations that want to exterminate it. It doesn't need snide comments like this that only destroy the author's credibility. He doesn't once mention the nuclear fallout that drifted over the Pacific Ocean and landed on California, or what it may be doing to sea life in the Pacific Ocean. What's up with that?? We all know nuclear is risky but this whole article adds nothing but stoke hysteria and provides no new knowledge.

While I don't agree with your

While I don't agree with your portrayal of Israel at all, I agree that it is inappropriate to lump Israel in among the countries "controlling" Japan economically AND politically.

Nuclear power isn’t the

Nuclear power isn’t the problem.

The problem is with the reactors the world has been using to make it. If the reactors at Fukushima had been Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs) they wouldn’t have a mess on their hands.

Liquid-fuel reactor technology was developed at Oak Ridge National Labs in the 1960s. Although the test reactor worked flawlessly for over 20,000 hours, the project was shelved, a victim of political shenanigans during the Nixon Administration.

A LFTR is a completely different kind of reactor, as different as an electric motor from a gasoline engine. It can’t melt down, and it automatically adjusts its heat generation to meet changing workload demands. It requires no active cooling system and can be installed anywhere on earth, even an underground vault. A tsunami or a tornado would roll right over it, like a truck over a manhole cover.

LFTRs use liquid fuel ⎯- nuclear material dissolved in molten fluoride salt. Solid-fuel reactors are atomic pressure cookers, with the constant danger of high-pressure ruptures, meltdowns, and the forceful ejection of radioactive material into the environment. LFTRs don’t use any water or steam, and they always operate at ambient pressure.

If disaster strikes and a LFTR springs a leak, the spill cools to an inert lump of rock, chemically locking all the nuclear material inside. The fuel can all be recovered and used again. The spill would be measured in square meters, not square kilometers.

LFTRs can deliver 750ºC heat for industrial processes, or spin a high-temperature gas turbine to generate power. They run on Thorium, a mildly radioactive material more common than tin and found all over the world. America has already mined enough Thorium to power the entire country for 400 years. It’s found by the ton in the tailings of our abandoned Rare Earth Element mines.

LFTRs are highly resistant to proliferation. Thorium is bred into 233Uranium inside the reactor, but only enough is made to keep the LFTR running, so no stockpiling occurs. While 233U is an excellent fuel, its harsh radiation makes it nearly impossible to steal, and extremely difficult to use in a weapon.

Liquid fuel can be continuously cleaned of the contaminants that spoil solid fuel. This unique feature enables LFTRs to consume their fuel so thoroughly that they can even use the spent fuel from other reactors, cleaning up our legacy of nuclear waste while producing a minuscule amount of waste themselves.

A 1-gigawatt LFTR, big enough to power a city of one million, will run on one ton of Thorium per year, or about 2 teaspoons per hour. The LFTR’s yearly long-term waste will be the size of a basketball. Compared to the long-term waste of a solid-fuel reactor, a LFTR’s waste would be substantially harmless in just 300 years. Not 300 centuries -- 300 years.

Google: LFTR, liquid fluoride thorium reactor, MSR, molten salt reactor, Thorium energy

See the Wired.Com article “Uranium Is So Last Century"

You cannot reason with

You cannot reason with religion or greed, basically the same sickness. Self imposed blind ignorance.

And this all could have been

And this all could have been avoided if the regulators and power company had been competent and done their jobs.

I don't think it could have

I don't think it could have been avoided, the damage could only have been minimized. The cost of making a nuclear plant safe from 9.0 earthquakes and tsunamis, when plants by design are often put by the ocean (because they need cooling water), is prohibitive. The regulators and power company have a strong incentive to ignore or downplay the dangers because they don't want to incur liability and they want to attract business.

Norman Allen's picture

How could any human resort to

How could any human resort to money making knowing the consequences of their profit can lead to extinction of life on the planet? Why are the puppeteers of the world not engaging the decision machinery to start immediate remedial action and find alternatives to nuclear and fossil fuels? Do they value their own lives? I wonder!

Couldn't help but notice your

Couldn't help but notice your photo, 3/4's convertible.

As individuals we must consider our part in having brought "the puppeteers" to power. Who of us are not "money making knowing the consequences of our profit can lead to extinction of life on the planet"?

How about walking, bicycling, or mass transit, car pooling, growing a garden or taking the initiative to use/find alternative sources of energy? We can make a difference from the grassroots up. There's little chance of affecting change in someone else, let alone from the top down.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

Because we're human. That's

Because we're human. That's what it is to be and live as a human. Pretty disillusioning, isn't it?

I would agree if you revised

I would agree if you revised the statement to "find an alternative to solid nuclear fuel."

As solid fuel rods are used in a conventional reactor, they produce long-lived materials inside of them (such as Plutonium isotopes) that spoil the rods before the materials can be consumed as fuel or exploited as medical isotopes. That's why and now rods become long-term waste. And that's why a conventional solid fueled reactor only consumes about 1% of its fuel. The rest is waste.

These same materials can be filtered out of the liquid fuel in a molten salt reactor, and can be exploited as medical isotopes and reactor fuel. That's how a liquid fuel reactor can consume 99% of its fuel - including the wasted fuel from other reactors.

Check out the continued use

Check out the continued use of Depleated Uranium (DU) that has been made into military arms from 35mm to bunker buster bombs and have be produces by both the UK and USA and have been used in the middle east since 1990. How can we as a country sit by and watch our world be destroyed by the military industrialists and the mega money controllers and polute the world as the end results?????????

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