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Protesters Occupy Durban

Think Progress / Video Report
Published: Saturday 10 December 2011
A large crowd of activists took over the COP17 international climate negotiations taking place in Durban, South Africa.

With the cry “mic check!” a large crowd of activists took over the COP17 international climate negotiations taking place in Durban, South Africa. “Listen to the people, not the polluters,” they cried, before repeating a plea from the delegation of the small island nation of the Maldives: “Please save us.” The occupiers were also addressed by Greenpeace International president Kumi Naidoo. After sitting down and refusing to move, the occupiers were escorted out by security. 

Originally published on ThinkProgress

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As far as I know, nnoihtg in the C standard promises that a and b are on a sizeof(int) address boundary. So even without optimizations, you could still have rounding errors ;-) depending on the ABI obviously.

They are probably tired of

They are probably tired of being taxed to bring their wares to market, their services to the people being taxed and regulated, and the fact that if we don't rid ourselves of overproduction of carbon dioxide we are all going to die with our planet and BMW of this will matter anyway. And for them the added slavery for production of diamonds and the only people benefiting without harm are the already rich.

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