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Researchers Hid, Ignored Bad Results in Massive Drug Trial Corruption

Patrick Gallagher
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Tuesday 17 April 2012
“The study reveals the varied corruption deeply rooted within the FDA, vying for approval of drugs that serve no medical purpose, sometimes with more harmful effects than good.”
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Pharmaceutical medication has always been very highly regarded in society, and its continued use shows that many individuals seem to use it without knowing — or more likely, even thinking — about the content of the drugs that they so hastily consume. Recently there has been yet another study that shows the Food and Drug Administration, trusted by millions and yet funded with trillions to overlook some of the most detrimental health risks, cares even less about drug trial regulation than previously thought.

The study reveals the varied corruption deeply rooted within the FDA, vying for approval of drugs that serve no medical purpose, sometimes with more harmful effects than good. Specifically, the drug Tamiflu (oseltamivir) — the drug praised as the be all end all cure for the ‘deadly swine flu epidemic‘.

The entire article debunks the use and distribution of the effectively worthless drug, as well as the FDA’s reasons for approval:

“If sales can be considered a proxy for utility, the controversies surrounding even the most successful drugs (such as blockbuster drugs) seem all the more paradoxical, and have revealed the extent to which the success of many drugs has been driven by sophisticated marketing rather than verifiable evidence… Prior to the global outbreak of H1N1 influenza in 2009, the United States alone had stockpiled nearly US$1.5 billion dollars worth of the [drug].”

The researchers continue:

“This analysis, conducted by Kaiser and colleagues, proposed that oseltamivir treatment of influenza reduced both secondary complications and hospital admission. In contrast, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which approved Tamiflu in 1999 and was aware of these same clinical trials, concluded that Tamiflu had not been shown to reduce complications, and required an explicit statement in the drug’s label to that effect.”

This study only covers one single drug that has only been approved solely for profiteering; the FDA is known to have approved thousands upon thousands of commercial drugs from the big pharmaceutical corporations over the decades, with many questioning their serious side effects. Such is the case with highly-popular cancer drugs, which have been shown to make cancer worse and actually kill the patient more quickly. It has become abundantly clear that citizens cannot and should not place any sort of trust in many of these corporate-pushed these medications and their supposed ‘benefits’.

I've been ill. So I have had

I've been ill. So I have had the opportunity to see this abuse up close. One drug was making me sick but I did not know it. I kept returning to a specialist hoping to diagnose my problem. He never could find the source of my problem. I began to associate my symptoms with taking a specific medication. I quit that drug -problem solved.

Drugs are marketed for

Drugs are marketed for profitability. Therapeutic efficacy is becoming increasingly problematic, even rare. The capture of the FDA didn't just happen, it is the product of decades of intensive effort of pharmaceutical companies to systematically "capture" the agency. The process starts with the campaign to denigrate the government, it moves to the agency then to employees who started out trying to do a good job. Good people trying to make the system work as intended are intimidated and demoralized. Soon the politcal hacks are running the agency. The public ends up losing with less effective (or ineffective) drugs which are fraudulently promoted and of questionable safety. Of course costs rise and we get less for our money.

Norman Allen's picture

If you knew the politics of

If you knew the politics of drugs involving sex, money, rigged trials, slanted protocols, and the obscene profits, you will probably not take anything less than 10 years on the market. The selection process is almost as bad as Russian Roulette.

So, what do you expect from

So, what do you expect from Bush era appointees? Ethelyn Glycol in toothpaste? Oh, yeah. That actually happened.

The use of ethylene glycol in

The use of ethylene glycol in a pharmaceutical resulted in deaths in the 1930's and was the impetus for the Food and Drug law of 1938. Corruption of the FDA started in earnest during the Nixon administration and has been on steroids ever since, reaching new highs in the anti science Bush years.

Remember the Donald Rumsfeld-

Remember the Donald Rumsfeld- Tamiflu,Equal connections! The man is a multidisciplinary serial killer Capitalist.

Indeed I do and I agree.

Indeed I do and I agree.

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