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Revealed: Koch Brothers Caught Trading with Iran and Bribing Officials

Brian Walker
NationofChange / News Report
Published: Monday 3 October 2011
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A new investigative report by Bloomberg canvasses decades of criminality and bad business ethos from Koch Industries. The report reveals that the Koch brothers schemed to sell petrochemical products to Iran’s nationalized oil program, and that the company has bribed foreign officials in Africa, India, and the Middle East in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, among other legally and morally questionable acts.

The report also shows how the Koch brothers have a history of pressuring whistleblowers into quitting by removing them from their normal work environment and stripping them of their normal responsibilities. Koch Industries bribed foreign officials to secure business relationships, and have continually ignored regulations even despite a history of fatal accidents. Koch Industries paid $35 million to settle lawsuits covering more than 300 oil spills across six states in 2000.

Claims that corruption within Koch Industries extend all the way to the top of the chain have been supported by eyewitness testimony from prominent employees who alleged under oath that they were trained in a scheme to cheat oil producers out of money. According to data compiled by the Senate, Koch records show that from 1986 to 1988 alone, Koch took at least 1.95 million barrels of oil that it never paid for. These reports show the Koch rise to power has been riddled with discrepency, corruption, and questionable dealings.

ABOUT Brian Walker

Brian Walker is a reporter and assistant editor for NationofChange.

just shut up an make money

just shut up an make money from oil or go to horse and buggy days. They have beeen cheating small oil producers by stealing oil in all states since 1985 that I know of. Their trucks come in and gauge tanks 2 to 5 barrels short, then on the run tickets, they short calculate barrels of oil picked up and then they pay less by overstating BSW and temperature. Both Brothers faught in Court in Tulsa as the refinery could not account for excess oil they stole. But look at Bush, Cheny and most Republicans stealing from public any way.

This situation will remain

This situation will remain the same as long as there are Lobbyists backed by big bucks. First off BAN LOBBYING AT ALL LEVELS.The Tea Party was a farce right from the beginning where the likes of the bitch from Alaska jumped right onto the bandwagon only as more of her self back patting continued under that guise. The surprising thing is how many Americans fell for that nonsense. It's not just Washington that needs to be repaired, it's the Voter's mindframe that needs a big slap on the side of their heads with a healthy dose of reality.

Dick Cheney bribed foreign

Dick Cheney bribed foreign government officials when he was the Haliburton CEO and he got rewarded by being promoted (oh, sorry "voted") to VP of the US. I can see it now: The Koch brothers for president and vice president - not! They would see it as a step down in their vision of power.

Will anything be done about

Will anything be done about this? Not.

Glad to see these two finally

Glad to see these two finally caught! They have managed to capture the non-thinking republicans into thinking they are doing great things for the country, when in fact, they are destroying our nation with their greed. Their hatred of the President, and the working class is obvious. The Kochs have used every under-handed method to buy this nation and the republican party. Now is the
time for them to be exposed and punished.

that THE koch-SUCKING koch

that THE koch-SUCKING koch brothers ARE CRIMINAL FUCKS


(^vv^)V ya'll GET yers, koch brothers!!!!!

With sound irrefutable

With sound irrefutable evidence that the Brothers K are guilty of the crimes of which they are accuse and they are tried fairly, the Supreme Court should have no say in the matter short of rewriting the laws of which they are charged. Senator Bernie Sanders is the Senator to initiate the investigation in the Senate as he is not one of those who are depending on the Koch Bros. and their ilk for re election financing.. Every American in the Other 98% has to get on board requesting Senator Sanders' involvement. But it can't end there. A ground swell of support must come from every walk of life. No one ever has stopped us from overcoming crime no matter how rich the perpetrators are they will be brought to justice as any criminal should be. We are a nation that lives by the rule of law.

Those investigations are not going to get started on their own. If all of us who support “Nation of Change” will write a letter to Senator Bernie Sanders, asking for his effort to begin and investigation, we might end up with some prosecutions. Just like we fought in WWII, Korea, Nam, the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan, we need to get off our collective butts and join in a movement to get some justice for the Other 98%.

Okay, then. Let's role! Let's make some history!

Thanks to PAPA MO and

Thanks to PAPA MO and CINCERELY above. I am with you. “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?” Who is the oversight for this Act? And “data compiled by the Senate?” Is this subject buried somewhere along with the hundreds of bills the Senate has not reviewed? Is this a story that will simply get buried in yesterday’s news? I would like to know why there is no oversight, or is that just a desire for “Big Government (our Government [of the people, by the people, and for the people…])?” As a nation we need a lot more unity if these things really matter, and we need OUR government.

we could probably find 1000

we could probably find 1000 such claims--the problem with the koch brothers is not that we can not find fault--we can find plenty of is that we can not find anyone BIG enough to take them on and they continue to be on the side of those who have resources to protect them....of course the lie and cheat and sell what ever to whom ever they darn well please--that is why we started occupywall street, because no one will do anything about any of these too big to fail companies

Actually most of the giant

Actually most of the giant Corporations do not condone bribes and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We are a smaller corporation, while many of our clients are the giants. They consistently insist on proof of our company's compliance.

Now lets watch the Obama

Now lets watch the Obama administration squirm out of this.

??? For what? What I fear,

??? For what? What I fear, and have seen most times is the lack of action by Obama to use conservative "slips" for our advantage.

Thank God all of the Koch

Thank God all of the Koch brothers' activities are going public!

I love reading these

I love reading these comments! Now lets unite into a movement to peacefully replace the system thats causing all this grief, mayhem

sorry! continue!....and

sorry! continue!....and devestation. Its not JUST the Koch's or Bush...its in the DNA of Capitalism. Lets build a united movement (ALL abhorrent problems are linked to the economic system, its despotic political arm, both Dems & Republicans and the values it lives off) to build the society we know we want & need. Use the peaceful political process to vote in our own new candidates that represent OUR interests, not the 1%! BE A CANDIDATE! We have the means to abolish Capitalis just as we abolished SLAVERY! Its Article 5! Lets USE IT!
Join us on October 6 at DC on Freedom Plaza for our Teach-In "New Society:
Vision,Goal,Strategy and Tactics" and discuss our Greenprint model. Be There!
Visit for info and for 'Democracy, Where We Live and Where We Work", a model for our future!

President Bush Junior's

President Bush Junior's Grandfather continued to do banking business with the Germans during that war. The Federal government eventually stepped in and sold off the assests of the bank. Grampa Bush received over a million dollars after the sale. Somewhat the start of back door deals from the Bush family.

We need

We need

Their father moved the

Their father moved the company to the Soviet Union to avoid unfair labor practises legislation during the reign of Joseph Stalin. After some years he decided he didn't like Stalin and communism is a bad thing. Maybe they expected him to follow some regulation and that stirred his anger at Stalin. It certainly was not his repressive rule of the Soviet peoples.

These guys are after money, pure and simple. They will get it anyway they can. Dealing with repressive states means nothing to them next to putting dollars in their pockets. To them a free market means a business climate where they can do anything they want.

These two criminal brothers

These two criminal brothers are bribing in the U.S.A. and making deals with the devils overseas. They are not the only ones: all of the giant Corporations are doing the same. It is time for the American People to do something about this situation. I think that it will start with the Wall Street protests than it will spread to expose the acriminal politicians, judges, CEO's and all these characters, who are causing this current conditions in this country. The movement have started; IT WILL SPREAD....

Steven Ingham's picture

right on!

right on!

We should not have to vote in

We should not have to vote in order to get the President to back us; to get an Attorney General off his butt and start some effective prosecutions. Our Constitution says that nobody is above the law no matter how rich they are. Warren Buffet is richer than any of those narrow minded, bigoted, cowardly thieves like the Koch Brothers and their ilk. Can't get Senators or Congressman to initiate investigations because these thieves are paying for their next election. Senator, Bernie Sanders is the guy to initiate the investigation. Those investigations are not going to get started on their own. If all of us who support Truthout will write a letter to Senator Bernie Sanders, asking for his effort to begin and investigation, we might end up with some prosecutions. Just like we fought in WWII, Korea, Nam, the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan, we need to get off our collective butts and join in a movement to get some justice for the 98%.

Better question is 'who' is

Better question is 'who' is trustworthy enough not to be 'bought off' by Koch in order to prosecute them ? So many regular citizens have 'fallen' for the lies spread by the Tea Party and joined their movement (how do you think we ended up with so many of them elected)...just because they are looking for changes in government, like sheep being lead to slaughter. Those TP Elected Officials need to publicly disengage themselves from any Tea Party affiliation to let people know just what kind of backers (Koch Bros) are behind it.

they don't report because

they don't report because they are in Big Money's back pocket and report what they are instructed to report. The media's job lately seems to be that of keeping us scared and 'wagging the dog'.

Behold your typical "family

Behold your typical "family values" republicans. The law does not apply to them.

Thanks for you uplifting

Thanks for you uplifting words...

I don't know who will

I don't know who will prosecute them? They have way too much power already. They should have been brought down 30 years ago. Now they and their large corporatocracy are running the country and our government, all of it, and they are afraid to challenge them because they will lose all their large political donations. If I were the violent type I would say the only way to prosecute them is to burn the bastards down!

It would be great to see the

It would be great to see the Koch brothers prosecuted but I won't hold my breath. In the meantime you can hit them in their pocketbooks by boycotting all of their products. Every time you purchase Brawny, Sparkle or Mardi Gras paper towels, Angel Soft or Quilted Northern TP, or Dixie cups you're further enriching the Koch brothers.

That is a start, But there

That is a start, But there are those who have nothing to lose , now aren't there ?

What's new! So they got to

What's new! So they got to be multi billionaires on moral grounds....

Good old republican

Good old republican christians and family values .You know the kind The ones that court your little boys when you are not looking.

Tell your senators and or

Tell your senators and or representative to initiate an investigation. I did.

Yawn. Brian Walker and the

Yawn. Brian Walker and the rest of the country ought to read John Perkins book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," which is an insider's view of such activities. If he had, he would know the Koch bros. and many many others businessmen and bankers in the US have been doing the same and worse for decades. This is not news. The real question is, why hasn't the mainstream media been reporting it from the beginning -- back in the 70s at least -- and why have these men been arrested, prosecuted, and jailed?

DUANE ALFORD's picture

So?Where's that coward Eric

So?Where's that coward Eric Holder

The republicans won't give

The republicans won't give him back his tongue and they won't give him any money to prosecute anyone. He is nothing but an empty suit.If you want prosecution you will have to beg the right wing terror group.

Seeing these guys go to jail

Seeing these guys go to jail is a veritable wet dream. I'm not in to justice or punishment just getting the bad guys off the street and keeping them from doing harm.



Jack asked : "So, who's going

Jack asked : "So, who's going to prosecute them?"

The prosecution has already started, Jack, evidenced by the growing movement against them. The middle class is finally waking up and realizes that being trodden under the heels of the wealthy sucks! It will take time and most of us won't see the results in time to avoid financial disaster but it is coming! It is global, it is right, it is the rise of the average guys, like us, that will spark action in Congress. The Supreme Court members are not omnipotent... they can fall through sustained public outrage too. Don't ever give up the fight!
The most important thing we must insist on is "Getting The Lobbyist Money Out Of Politics."

Steven Ingham's picture

right on!

right on!

The right thing to do. This

The right thing to do. This is the voice of reason. When you get them do not show any mercy.

Don't be mean and petty,

Don't be mean and petty, Curtis Smay - it will bring you down to their level. Instead say "show them EXACTLY as much mercy as they have shown others and our country".

And give them a whole lot more "equality under the law" than they have been getting, too.

Think about it.

I can barely afford a parking

I can barely afford a parking ticket. These guys just know they are above the law. We need justice for the American Dream which they have turned into a nightmare. They have left a trail of destruction on our landscape and our way of life.

Ang Gree's picture

oh, but we can't stand in the

oh, but we can't stand in the way of the Free Market!

according to the carved-in-stone laws of American-style Capitalism, money must be absolutely free to go wherever the Market takes it. yes, humans can be enslaved by Capital if need be, but Capital cannot have its God-Given Liberty infringed in any way.

so, in light of our Official National Religion, the Koch's are doing God's Work.

Agreed Jack, there is so much

Agreed Jack, there is so much evidence against these guys, why doesn't anyone seem to want to go after them?At the very least get their money and time tied up in a multi-year legal battle so that they are forced to slow down their destruction of the environment and horrible business practices while also channeling less funds to the Tea Party that they are basically self-financing.

Hey," you have to play fair.

Hey," you have to play fair. The GOP is right there protecting these crooks and they have control of the money . So what avenue do you suggest?Obama and Eric Holder had their hands tied by the progressives that did not feel it necessary to come out and do their duty and vote to support their agenda , so now they are out of business.Bet they are to arrogant and ignorant to support the wall street protest also.What will you bet?

So, who's going to prosecute

So, who's going to prosecute them? Nobody in Washington. If they had been middle class workers who violated the law they'd be up S..t Creek without a paddle. But, noooo, these guys can buy their way out. Could you just imagine it working its way through the court system and eventually ending up in the laps of Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and company? It'd be another 5 to 4 victory for the ruling class.

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