Romney Fibs, and Gets Away With it

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Mitt Romney makes a speech to the Newspaper Association of America on Wednesday.  As Romney moves forward as the GOP front-runner, he blasts President Barack Obama as playing, “hide and seek presidency.”   Adding other false accusations to a large audience of journalists.  Sharp tongued, biting and with sarcastic tones, Romney purges himself with a series of untrue remarks towards Obama.

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Does the Mormon Bible have

Does the Mormon Bible have the Old Testament and the 10 Commandments in it ... you know, "Thall Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor", etc.
Does it contain the Golden Rule, "Do Unto Others As You Want Others to Do Unto You." ?

Isn't Mittens a high-ranking Mormon bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ & the Latter Day Saints?

Lying about President Obama is despicable, beneath contempt, and routine rethug policy to which Mittens embraces wholeheartedly.

Bishop Willard Romney's GOD is MONEY, he worships at the altar of GREED & Selfishness, he believes his special underwear possess magic powers (as do all Mormons), and he's extremely comfortable lying through his teeth about his values.
All of this should make us all extremely uncomfortable with Mittens as a choice for the US Presidency.