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‘SANTO 7. 13. 15.’ Threatened by Monsanto and its Backers

Ashley Curtin
NationofChange / News Report
Published: Saturday 13 July 2013
Started by Rob Everest, creator of many award-winning commercials and producer of his first independent feature film, “American Success,” “SANTO 7. 13. 15” is his answer to Monsanto’s careless regard for the Earth and a possible “game changer in human history.”
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After being hounded by Monsanto backers, blocked from posting about it on Facebook and its content filtered through various software on the Internet, Everest Edge Pictures prevailed against the odds and will move forward in the creation of “SANTO 7. 13. 15.,” a sci-fi movie to depict the world’s future from the lingering threats and effects of GMOs. The film will reveal how Monsanto, the biotech giant, has effected the world’s populations and expose the real threats GMOs pose to the Earth.

Started by Rob Everest, creator of many award-winning commercials and producer of his first independent feature film, “American Success,” “SANTO 7. 13. 15” is his answer to Monsanto’s careless regard for the Earth and a possible “game changer in human history.” The controversy surrounding Monsanto and their money-backed bribing of politicians, buying of lawmakers votes and hiding the truth about GMO from the public is the story Everest is determined to tell the world. But instead of making it a documentary, he decided it was imperative to make the film a “Dystopian Futuristic” movie for the “better of humanity.”

Future of Mankind

“Santo 7. 13. 15.” tells the story of a global biotech company, Santo, who created “strains of super food to feed the masses” in an overpopulated world in the year 2045, which has caused food intolerance, sterility and many autoimmune disorders. Because of their creation of super food and with poverty and hunger a “pandemic,” Santo is privileged to make “genetic enhancements to humans” in order for them to continue to feed and survive on these super foods, but any human DNA modification made to that human will become Santo’s property.

The film follows the story of Max, a man that convinces his wife to allow Santo to make modifications to her genetics to cure their infertility problem. But when their daughter was born disabled and recalled to “Deconstruction Camp” where she dies, his wife disowns him and he is left alone in the world to fend for another child’s life who will too be recalled if he reveals the inequalities and injustices Santo has posed on the world.

A visualization of the future of mankind comes to life in the film as it questions the ability for a company to use such propaganda to brainwash humanity.

Go Real

Everest decided to take a stance on the threats of GMOs after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. But he knew he needed to do so not through “public awareness commercials or documentaries” that would reach only a few and have a short-lived impact, yet through first-class entertainment.

“Let’s show the world, only bring it to them through a medium of art, an escape, a fantasy that makes them want to line up, makes them want to know,” Everest said, “because it entertains them and then, then stays ingrained in their minds like the first time they saw “ET” and couldn’t wait to phone home.”

So to be able to spread the message far and wide, Everest went to Kickstarter—a website that helps campaigns organize and fund creative projects—to collect and raise money to make the “SANTO 7. 13. 15.” He was looking for 300,000 backers and $10 million in donations to finance his vision and be the “nail in the GMO coffin.”

The campaign quickly gained support from the public and top Hollywood executive producers, such as Michel Shane, joined the “SANTO 7. 13. 15.” team to help tell the story.

But threats from Monsanto backers started surfacing and people wrote to Kickstarter asking the website not to feature the “SANTO” campaign and, soon after, funding was cancelled by Everest himself.

Plan B

While Everest said corporate mentalities brushed their campaign aside, it gave his team and the project even more opportunities. He took to plan B and met with “soft angel investors” who loved the screenplay and the prior backing “SANTO 7. 13. 15.” received and therefore decided to donate 65 percent of the equipment needed to start filming in September.

“This is a film worth fighting for to the end that's what all this amounted to,” Everest said. “We are moving [this campaign] to a place where we will be featured and where we have more control and more time to start making this movie.”

The project’s campaign was moved to—a funding platform—and the team added a few new members including Pamm Larry from, who started prop 37 in CA to label GM foods.

Everest Edge Pictures said they will not stop until they reach the top and in order to reach the top they need supporters and backers to help them be able to tell the real story of Monsanto and the crippling effects of GMOs.

“Let’s rock and roll backers, we are making “SANTO 7. 13. 15.” Everest said.

To learn more about the project, film and Everest Edge Pictures’ team, visit

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ABOUT Ashley Curtin

Ashley Curtin is an exclusive reporter for NationofChange writing on trending topics such as politics, the economy, human rights and the environment from around the world. Before this, she was a features reporter at Daily Breeze, a local newspaper in Southern California, writing a variety of stories with focus in the field of science and medicine, arts and entertainment. Ashley is a transplant from Boston now calling Los Angeles her home.

Tell the farmers of India

Tell the farmers of India that it's just fear mongering.Tell the Americans who lost generation long farms due to lawsuits from Monsanto and their goons.These people hide everything negative from the public.They have much to account for.They are trying to own the basics of food.They have plans to own every seed on the planet and to make illegal the use of any seed they don't own.The reality is far worse than anything that science fiction can deliver.Science fiction often predicts the future.Nothing the mind can conjure up is as devious as a corporation that wants to own food.For people and animals.All food.

Looking forward to it. It

Looking forward to it. It is an obvious extension of the movement, an entire fear machine built on science fiction.

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