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The Scientization of Politics

YES! Magazine / Video Report
Published: Saturday 24 December 2011
How did climate science get so politicized—and what can we do about it? Climatologist Michael Mann responds in this TEDx talk.

The politicization of science—or, as Michael Mann calls it, the scientization of politics—is a familiar reality for Americans concerned about climate change. Instead of focusing on how to address the problem, we've spent years debating whether there's scientific consensus that there is one (the answer is yes). That's the result of a dedicated campaign by corporate interests to spread doubt and discredit scientists.

Michael Mann has more experience with the process than most. Mann is a climatologist, director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, and author of the books Dire Predictions: Understanding Global Warming and The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines. In this talk, he discusses how to approach climate science in a politicized world.

If science is an issue, why

If science is an issue, why is there no debate about Randell L. Mills Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics? There are Nobel prizes given to those who expose a tiny fraction of what he has already accomplished, and one should not be surprised to see so much out of line for the landscape change it represents (google dead scientists sometime). In this work, much larger than the energy theme there is, still, a 'magic bullet' in the contrariwise point of view from how you bring up the challenge for one, the carbon footprint problem still broached upon with linear driven psychology, only. It is all too important to consider James Lovelock's work, like his lecture in May of 2011, or the bullet is likely another game of Russian roulette. It may be anyway. But, what an opportunity if Mills is right and there is some debate moving forward. It is terrible that our current paradigm makes Mills a multi-trillionaire for what becomes rather simple on the surface, the energy solution (remember, the scientific solution to stability in the universe is given by the solution to the electron at all points of time...) if it ever gets to the cultural landscape for the patents applied for, this energy solution. Now, why is there an OWS movement?

Reply to Robert Stahl: Your

Reply to Robert Stahl:

Your comment is poorly sructured and rambling. It doesn't give me any information I can use. You must be an engineer.

You make some good points.

You make some good points. Climate extremism is real (NOT global warming), but those in charge are, of course, using it for THEIR benefit on both sides of the aisle.

Republicans call it junk science to make the masses fight against other and to make 'democrats' feel superior to their neighbors because they know some science.

Meanwhile, the owners of both parties rack in the cash and collect more power.

They want the masses to make all the sacrifices (which wouldn't buy us much, even if everyone started walking everywhere), while their multinational buddies suppress patents, competition, and get away with polluting on a massive scale.

The Republicans say "don't change a think, God will protect you", the Democrats says "Give us more power, let us take more of your rights away and we'll save you, promise! Don't be selfish, make your life more difficult for really no reason. HOPE AND CHANGE!" and yet they make transportation more authoritarian, they barely fund trains/light rails. That Solyndra was a joke like many charities, just collecting money without doing much work.

They refuse to mass manufacture a combined solar/wind power communities because they won't make as much money for a few years and 'new' companies might do too well.

Depressing as all hell. The global elite would rather the world burn as long as they die last on top a big pile of money in one of their many underground bunkers.

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