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Selective Prosecution

Stephen Pitt
NationofChange / Cartoon
Published: Thursday 27 June 2013
From left: Karl Rove, Richard Cheney, Valerie Plame, President Obama, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

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ABOUT Stephen Pitt
Stephen Pitt is NationofChange's art director. Stephen is a southern California artist whose work focuses on matters political, social, and economic. In 2004 Stephen began drawing and painting political imagery to communicate his sincere displeasure with disturbing changes set in motion by ideologues acting in bad faith. With a background in figurative drawing and respect for color, Stephen traded the 6B pencil for a digital stylus and went to work. Published by the San Francisco Chronicle and Z Magazine, Stephen’s work has since been seen on Truthout and Firedoglake.

I feel betrayed by Obama, he

I feel betrayed by Obama, he put people in head positions that once were in upper management at Monsanto. Of course, probably a "buy in" by Monsanto.
If GMO's are not a threat to our health and the environment then what is the big deal about labeling them? Researchers are coming out saying they are, what? we 'radicals' just want to cause trouble for big chemical companies ( who, by the way, have bought their way into this 'fake food', paying millions to our congess men for their votes). Do they think these GMO's will not affect them or their families? What our world is coming to is not about our brethern, but about our wallets.

This is a fact. The only

This is a fact.

The only truth we get is from the mouths of leakers, musicians, comedians and cartoonists.

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