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Senator Calls for ‘Dietary Supplement Labeling Act’ Instead of GMO Labeling: No One is Fooled

Christina Sarich
Natural Society / News Analysis
Published: Monday 19 August 2013
It seems to be just another attack on “alternative” medicine or natural therapies which cost pennies compared to the Pharmaceutical and Big Ag companies inflated prices.
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Senator Dick Durbin thinks that one of the safest food supplements on the planet – supplements that causes less deaths per year than bee stings, should be labeled. Why so much attention to dietary supplements that can boost fat loss and improve health when GMO foods, which are known to cause cancer, organ failure and reproductive issues as drastic as uterine swelling and endometriosis, go unnoticed? Perhaps the supplement industry is competing with Big Pharma and Big Agriculture – the deadly duo that will first poison you with genetically modified foods and then offer the ‘medicine’ to cure it, only to poison you a second time with unnatural drugs, chemotherapy and radiation. Maybe.

The bill was first introduced by Senator Durbin as S.1310, ‘The Dietary Supplement Labeling Act’ and now is being re-presented as S.1425. It seems to be just another attack on ‘alternative’ medicine or natural therapies which cost pennies compared to the Pharmaceutical and Big Ag companies inflated prices. Some very astute individuals have called this an orchestrated monopoly on our health.

“These privileges, mind you, would not and could not exist without the very active participation of government enforcers who ensure that any serious competitors will be regulated out of existence or into insignificance. And if, by chance, any of these competitors should pose a serious threat to the medical mafia, then heavy fines, incarceration, and public humiliation will be their fate.” (National Health Federation)

While the public’s continued demands for GMO labeling are ignroed, this ridiculous attempt to over-regulate the natural supplement industry will only give the FDA the dubious ability to eliminate safe supplements which are already overseen by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. There are already very strict adverse-event reporting requirements by all supplement manufacturers.

But it seems that those in charge will continue looking for anything to label that aren’t GMOs, even ‘machine tenderized’ meat.

Senator Durbin may think his actions are not transparent – but we can see straight through the business-as-usual politic of over-regulating industries that would pose any threat whatsoever to Big Pharma and Big Ag companies.

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