Benghazi controversy

Sharp-Tongued Susan Rice Battles Critics

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Susan Rice has had a series of diplomatic triumphs as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and President Barack Obama showed he has her back when last week he publicly challenged her Republican critics over the Benghazi controversy. He said to go after him rather than go after her. Yet Rice is now fighting for her political future and her chances of becoming the next secretary of state - replacing Hillary Clinton - have been significantly damaged.

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She is bought and paid for

She is bought and paid for like the rest of her Ilk . Not a fighter for truth and justice, obviously not objective . My country, right or wrong. Sieg Heil
The Palestinians have been Terrorized and slaughtered for over 64 years with no end in sight . They live in little more than Concentration Camps . It is a 21 st century Holocaust. And our political " leaders " approve , they grovel before Mammon , they sold out for 30 Silver Shekels .

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Boy, if John McCain says that

Boy, if John McCain says that Rice is a supporter of terrorism, then by God she's a terrorist!
Hail Satan.