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Dave Johnson
Published: Friday 22 February 2013
The Postal Service is one more “manufactured crisis” that is part of a larger strategy to privatize government so that it serves a wealthy few instead of We, the People.

Talking Postal Service and Privatization on Huffington Post Live

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I was on Huffington Post Live today, talking about the story behind the recent news that the Postal Service is going to end Saturday deliver in August. I wrote about this recently in my post, The Postal Service Outrage.*

This post outlines what is really going on with the Postal Service, and how it is one more “manufactured crisis” that is part of a larger strategy to privatize government so that it serves a wealthy few instead of We, the People. The Postal Service is a service, not a business, yet it is required to “break even.” (The Pentagon doesn’t have to break even.) It is required to pre-fund 75 years of retiree health benefits — paying now for people who are not even born yet! It is hobbled, kept from adjusting rates and kept from offering different services that “compete” with private companies. And then when it runs short of money we are told there is a “crisis” and the agency is “obsolete” and should just be privatized. Privatization is the process of tking public property out of OUR hands, so that it will be run for the benefit of those with money, with the profits going to a few at the top.

Aside from the points in this post, I made one point that I think is very important: In a democracy government is us, and by definition government spending is We, the People doing things to make our lives better. Plutocracy is government only run for the benefit of a wealthy few. So when you hear people demanding “less government” and cuts in “government spending” you should think about what they are really pushing for.

With no further ado, here is the Huffington Post Live segment Postcards At The Edge:

BIG correction: I said the first largest employer is Amazon and I meant Walmart!!  In the post I wrote Walmart, but under pressure of being on live TV and having just heard “amazon” I said Amazon.

I hear some of the comments

I hear some of the comments from people saying the government needs to take over FedEx and UPS, and saying negative things about businesses owned by the people instead of by the government and I wonder what planet they are from. The country was founded on freedom. Freedom to start a business and freedom to earn profits from a business. If everything is owned or run by the government where is the incentive for an individual to excel, to build a business, or to do anything but sit on their butts and expect a handout from the government. That's not freedom. The government can't run what they already have their fingers in. The more the government has control of the less democracy we have, there will eventually be not freedoms left. Look at the IRS that has become so complicated it is ludicrous, look at Medicaid, some of their requirements are totally ridiculous. That's what more government control does, creates less freedom for the people and enormous amounts of useless red tape. Private enterprise is always better, it gives people hope and something to strive for. Wake up and smell the poop that you are spreading and get rid of it before it's too late.

The Postal Service is an

The Postal Service is an example of Government that works. Such an example is a direct contradiction/threat to cancervative/republican/wallst/ theology and their efforts to destroy our system of government and deliver the peoples of America to the mercies of a fiscal dictatorship.

It's a waste of time for

It's a waste of time for sensible people to get tricked into a "should we privatize the Post Office" frame of discussion. Even the title of this article falls into that trap. Once you join in a "privatization" discussion, the only thing you generate is more talk and thought about privatization. Instead, shift the discussion to this: "Should we nationalize FedEx and UPS." Essentially make these two operations special branches of the USPS: publicly-owned, 100% U.S. Government operations. As with all private service companies, the management and shareholders of FedEx and UPS are constantly looking for ways to reduce the wages, benefits, and unionization of their workforces, in order to maximize profit. By nationalizing these two organizations we could provide their workers with good salaries, more stable jobs, and more reliable benefits. And because there wouldn't be shareholders sucking all of the profits out of the operations every quarter, we could reinvest the profits back into operations and bring prices down at the same time. Everybodys wins!

I have found I can ALWAYS

I have found I can ALWAYS count on the Post Office to deliver mail and packages on time. I ordered a new modem from and it was to be delivered within 2 business days. For whatever reason-rather than send via US Mail as they had with every other order (of much larger items) they sent it via UPS. I didn't receive the package the day I was supposed to so I tracked it. There was a notice that the address did not exist so waiting on response from Amazon. Now I have a normal street address that every other delivery person has found with no problems what so ever in 20 years. I called Amazon to tell them there was no mistake in the address they had-they called UPS to inform them the address was verified correct by the person it was to be delivered to and please get it delivered. The next day still no package and same remark from delivery driver. Rinse, repeat for 4 days total. I called UPS's 1-800 number and raised holy hell-then Amazon called them and raised holy hell. The package got delivered the 5th day after it was supposed to be delivered. The "UPS driver" didn't want to drive down my driveway because it was dark and she didn't think she could turn around so she lied. I did not get any kind of an apology from the driver or anyone else at UPS. I left several messages requesting a call back from the driver' manager-never happened. I requested Amazon NEVER ship anything to me other than by the US Postal Service and they have honored my request. Private delivery companies have more than proven many times over the years-they don't really care-they already got their money-screw you. Just imagine how they would be if they were the only game in town.

Yea - one "manufactured"

Yea - one "manufactured" crisis after another - thanks to our dedicated administration and congress. Really, I was shocked none were nominated for Oscars, given some of the performances they manage. I mean, it really IS top-flight acting!!!

(Off-topic) Are you the

(Off-topic) Are you the Adrienne B. that lives in Texas?

The corporatists (of BOTH

The corporatists (of BOTH corporate-funded parties) want to eliminate public services so their PRIVATE services can gouge the public for profits!

If they eliminate the USPS, look for more-expensive PRIVATE services like FedEx to take over, increasing the cost for citizens, while making more money for the rich shareholders of FedEx.

I did a quick check for the rates for mailing a simple letter: US Postal Service: $0.46 cents. FedEx $17.05, UPS: $24.59. THAT'S what the corporate parties have in store for us!

The corporatists are enemies of public services, because they see them as competing with their businesses. In other words, the corporatists are public enemies in more ways than one.

I looked into this corporate attempt to destroy our postal system, and discovered the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was passed by almost equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans:

The two corporate-funded parties are in cahoots against us! Yet another reason I vote Green Party.

EDG's picture

I agree Alan8! We ship out

I agree Alan8! We ship out USPS Priority and have either lost sales or constantly have customers asking for lower shipping or even FREE shipping. We charge 50 cents to a $1 above actual shipping cost for handling. It doesn't even come close to offset the credit card acceptance fee of the initial purchase, gift boxes, the cost for shipping supplies such as tape, standard shipping boxes, labeling, or employee cost to pack the purchase. With the ease of price comparision on the web, you can't obsorb these costs into the sale price of the items and still be competitive. I hate to think what will happen business wise if we have to add extra $5 to $12 to shipping cost to use private shipping.

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