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Robert Reich
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Sunday 29 July 2012
“President Obama has apparently decided against advancing any bold ideas for what he’d do in the second term, even if he has a Congress that would cooperate with him.”

The Terrible Economy and the Anti-Election of 2012

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The worst economy since the Great Depression and you might think at least one of the candidates would come up with a few big ideas for how to get us out of it.

But you’d be wrong. Neither candidate wants to take any chances by offering any large, serious proposals. Both are banking instead on negative campaigns that convince voters the other guy would be worse.

President Obama has apparently decided against advancing any bold ideas for what he’d do in the second term, even if he has a Congress that would cooperate with him. 

He’s sticking to a worn script that says George W. Bush caused the lousy economy, congressional Republicans have opposed everything he’s wanted to do to boost it, it’s slowly on the mend anyway, the Bush tax cuts shouldn’t be extended for the rich, and we shouldn’t take a chance electing Romney.

Yet the public wants bigger ideas from the President, and wants to know what he’ll do in his second term to get us out of this mess. A New York Times-CBS News poll released last week showed that a majority of voters believe the president “can do a lot about” the economy. That’s a double-digit jump from the fall of 2011.

The President could propose a new WPA, modeled after the Depression-era jobs program that hired hundreds of thousands of jobless Americans to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, or a new Civilian Conservation Corps.

He could suggest permanently exempting the first $25,000 of income from payroll taxes, and making up the lost revenues by eliminating the ceiling on income subject to it. He could propose resurrecting the Glass-Steagall Act and breaking up the big banks, so Wall Street doesn’t cause another financial collapse.

But you won’t hear any of this, or anything else of this magnitude, because the White House doesn’t want to take any risks. Polls give Obama a slight edge in the critical eight or so battleground states, so, the thinking goes in the Obama camp, why say anything that might give Romney and the GOP a target?

Besides, polls also show Romney isn’t well-liked by the electorate.

So Obama has decided to campaign as the anti-Romney.

Mitt Romney is playing it even more cautiously. His economic plan is really a non-plan: more tax cuts for the rich, undefined spending cuts, and no details about how he’d bring down the budget deficit. No presidential candidate since Herbert Hoover in 1928 has been more vague about what he’d do on the critical issues facing the nation.

Romney’s advisors assume Obama can’t possibly be reelected with the economy this bad. Just 44 percent of registered voters in a Washington Post-ABC News poll earlier this month approve of the job the president is doing on the economy, while 54 percent disapprove. Even more encouraging for Romney is that 41 percent of those polled “strongly” disapproved of Obama’s economic performance, while just 21 percent “strongly” approved — an enthusiasm gap of major proportion.

So Romney’s advisors have concluded that all Romney has to do between now and Election Day is avoid a mistake that might give Obama and the Democrats something to shoot at.

Romney has decided to campaign as the anti-Obama.

The two anti-the-other-guy strategies fit with a ton of negative advertising that’s just begun but will reach mammoth proportions after Labor Day. Much of it will be financed by super-PACs and by political fronts already taking in hundreds of millions of dollars in secret donations. Romney’s camp hopes to out-negative Obama by almost two to one.

So whatever happens on Election Day, the next president will have to contend with two handicaps. The public won’t have endorsed any new ideas or bold plans, which means he won’t have a clear mandate to do anything on the economy.

The only thing the public will have decided is it fears and distrusts the other guy more. Which means the winner will also be burdened by almost half the electorate thinking he’s a scoundrel or worse.

The worst economy since the Great Depression, but we’re in an anti-election that will make it harder for the next occupant of the oval office to do a thing about it.

This article was originally posted on Robert Reich's blog.

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ABOUT Robert Reich


ROBERT B. REICH, one of the nation’s leading experts on work and the economy, is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. He has served in three national administrations, most recently as secretary of labor under President Bill Clinton. Time Magazine has named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the last century. He has written thirteen books, including his latest best-seller, “Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future;” “The Work of Nations,” which has been translated into 22 languages; and his newest, an e-book, “Beyond Outrage.” His syndicated columns, television appearances, and public radio commentaries reach millions of people each week. He is also a founding editor of the American Prospect magazine, and Chairman of the citizen’s group Common Cause. His widely-read blog can be found at Robert Reich's new film, "Inequality for All" is available on DVD
and blu-ray, and on Netflix in February.

I equate this current

I equate this current political system to the contest between the Harlem Globetrotters and Washington Generals, the battles are exciting with many players on both teams exceling at their craft but the fact remains that the Globetrotters almost always win and both teams are owned and financed by the same private business entity. It’s hard to believe that 300 + million Americans are so gullible as to let this system continue to run almost every aspect of their lives. I would quote P.T. Barnum’s words, that continue to be as relevant today as they were 100 years ago, but even suckers are only fooled once !

I feel that both candidates

I feel that both candidates are hopeless. But if I have to vote for one of them it will be Obama and the only reason is the Supremem Court appointments. Obama is reviving the Keystone XL pipeline . He has not shut down Gitmo. He is authorizing the summary execution of American citizens abroad. He continues to allow "extraordinary rendition" and he has prosecuted more whistle blowers than any other president.

The most important issue on this earth now is global warming and the reduction of greenhouse gasses and neither candidate is adressing that issue. In fact they express opinions counter to reducing green house gasses.

I also believe that Carl Rove will rear his ugly head about a week before the election with some rediculous fabrication about Obama. And our people are so stupid they will probably believe it , like they did the Swift Boat fabrications.

Elections may simply be irrelevant because the people who run this country are not the politicians anyway, they are the 1% , including the corporate interests. They spend enormous amouts of money on propaganda to get our people to support their agendas no matter how harmful to the interests of the people.

I would be willing to vote

I would be willing to vote Green, since that is closer to reflecting my point of view than anything the Dems have done since FDR. But I cannot wrap my head around the idea that romney might be afforded the next nomination to the Supreme Court. For all of Obama's failings, and there are many, It is the power to nominate judges, particularly to the Supreme Court that leaves a lasting mark. Does anyone really want to see another clarence thomas on the bench? Another Roberts or Sacalia? Another Alito? It's because of douche's like these that we ended up saddled with cheney/bush in the puppet show that was the 2000 election. Hold your nose.... vote Obama. Perhaps as a lame duck he may prove to be the progressive we thought he was in 2008.

This article shows why we

This article shows why we need massive reform in our electorial process, and massive reform in ways to replace lying, do-nothing, corrupt lawmakers, The Occupy Movement needs to get organized and offer an alternative to our completely obsolete, disfunctioinal, and totally non-democratic government structure which consists of a Bought and Paid For one Party Dictatorship, the" Republi-Crat Party" disguised and sold to naive and ignorant "Americans" as the "two party Republican and Democrat Party representing Conservative and Liberal values respectively" which of course is the BIG LIE, They work for the 1% PERIOD
The only Politician out there who has the balls, wisdom, and plan to save us is Mr. Lyndon LaRouche. Too bad he is 83 years old and has been demonized by the Media and the "Politically Correct" for decades as a "nut case, lunatic, socialist, Nazi, Racist, etc etc etc"
Check him out at LaRouchePAC.Com You decide: Lunatic or outstanding Patriot/Stateman? THEN ACT and stop talking!

When are going to figure out

When are going to figure out that Obama is a bought and paid for Islamic, Maxist plant who wasnt even born in this country, He was identified, groomed, and put into office by the NWO crowd just as was Bill Clinton

Romney is a rich GOP Neo Con hack who was born with a platium spoom up his ass!

Plurality voting and IRV can

Plurality voting and IRV can be compromised by well placed clones. Elections where this subterfuge is used will yield a final choice that looks like the least of two evils. Sound familiar? Cloning is a safe way for the kingmakers to manipulate the elections. Range voting is immune to clones, and is used by many organizations to get the best results, like the academy awards, or the Heisman trophy.

Range voting means more electoral power to the electorate. That it gives the voters more power is mathematically proven. And that's why kingmakers and lower suits in either party never bring it up.

The idea that a third party,

The idea that a third party, public financing of campaigns, an end to gerrymandering, or a change to rule out the fillibuster will do anything significant to reduce the extreme polarization of the parties and the obstructionist behavior of the Republicans is pie in the sky. It aint gonna happen because those who benefit most from the status quo are positioned to maintain the status quo.

The best (by best I mean the most realistically achievable) strategy is to get more voters out. If the percentage of the American electorate that actually votes was increased to about 90 to 99% the way candidates and parties campaign would be drastically altered.

As it is now most people do not vote. Those who do are largely those who feel very strongly in favor of the positions of the party for which they vote. (Those who call themselves independents are almost always closet party supporters) These party loyalists make up the "base" of each party. If one party can discourge enough members of the base of the other party and fire up its own base it is likely to win the election.

If you fear Romney and the Republican extreme machine the most important thing you can do is get out the vote.

I am entirely with those who

I am entirely with those who say that a third party option is required, but I'm also a realist and I also know there is a time when you have to pick your battles. The window of opportunity for doing anything useful with third party votes passed by months ago. The candidates have had at least two years to bluster and BS their way into almost every aspect of a voter's life, but that was only two candidates.

Many of the comments have said they have no idea who the alternative party members are or even what their platform may be. This vague or non-existent knowledge works wonders for some of the third parties, such as American Independent who are essentially theocratic wannabes. I have voted Green in the past, and would do so again, supposing the stakes weren't as high. The problem is when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the options of voting for Democrats or alternative candidates, the overwhelming number of ticks is in the 'dangerous and/or stupid' category if Rmoney wins.

We've seen he is utterly disingenuous regarding anything to do with money. He's not moved by seeing people out of work, since he's caused that to happen. His flip-flopping hasn't been of the good kind, most have been moves to pander to worsening already desperate social justice issues such as health care for those who are now or will still be uninsured. If he continues his TBagger pandering, we've already seen the numerous GOP bills that are anti-women, anti-choice in numerous state scenarios. We know that any sort of progress for gay rights will utterly evaporate or move backwards with a GOP win. Others have mentioned possible Supreme Court appointments that will need to be filled.

Rmoney has said he won't discuss his religion with respect to being presidential candidate, but his religion is the one that poured tons of money into anti-gay marriage ads in the California's prop 8 battle and then lied about the amounts because the amounts were illegal, the LDS church egregiously uses tithed funds to influence politics and purchase properties and have said their goal is control of US politics (can't do better than president) yet still demands tax-free status, the religion doesn't respect women as individuals at all, expecting them to stay home and be baby factories, the religion lies about the 'necrodunking' of Holocaust Jews, posthumously baptizing them - when the LDS church was asked to stop this they said they did but then kept doing it anyway, the religion thinks that blacks and native Americans are lesser peoples than whites, the list goes on. These are all very important motivating factors one has to be aware of and that one should be frightened of if you expect the nation to maintain separation of church and state and have any sort of integrity regarding equal rights for women, gays and minorities.

As I said earlier, the key to third party dominance will be time. If everyone began working in concert towards bringing third parties to the fore with the goal of making a difference in the next election cycle, then something could be achieved. Time would be available to raise funds, make the candidates known in the media, have them debate each other and have the debates 'televised,' if even just streaming on the web. Make sure that the platforms were well-defined and that solutions to problems such as the economy and health care and ending military adventures were well thought out and presented to be easily understood.

I realize that there is, in many cases, hatred or near hatred of the Obama administration. He has continued playing stooge to the corporatist extremist sector of US politics. His starting halfway policy has been a disastrous appeasement to the near-fascist right. The lack of speed on military withdrawals was not what was expected, and continuance of drone strikes which often claim civilian lives is horrendous. These are things that an administration for which an administration should be held accountable. But, as I said, there is a time and place to choose your battles, and the opportunity has past to do something which will actually bring about improvement for you and for everyone else. One has to mentally contrast what the expectations for the last four years would be if the GOP had won another term, especially if McCain had passed away. Yeah, that doesn't exactly give one comfort. The next four years can be used as a staging grounds for real improvement without having to fear for the absolute worst. I hope that people consider that timing is everything and votes can be used for something useful if some patience is used this time 'round.

I think your ideas are well

I think your ideas are well thought out and interesting. Unfortunately I have one big problem with the idea that we should somehow organize thoughtful voters to stand behind the best choice we have in order to counter the neo-fascist leanings of the Amerikan Right: it assumes the elections at the Federal level are not rigged by the Party to select their talking head for the next four years. It assumes the votes are counted. They didn't count the votes in 2000 and Cheney got in the WH and in charge of the country. He continues to rule with Obama as a talking head. Why would they put anyone else in charge when things are going so well for the uber-rich? The purpose of the US government is to make our ruling class billionaires, which should be easier as our dollar gets weaker and weaker. The idea that a dollar might be worth a penny when we default on our national debt doesn't disturb the rich, all they see is the numbers past the decimal point and that excites them. Ask Romney if he'd like to be a billionaire and see the sparkles in his eyes like a kid at a toy store. There won't be any "improvement" for the middle class in Amerika until the rulers are beheaded and the castles torn down. Until then it's heads down as the golden carriages roll past and hope they throw pennies as they pass.

A WPA type program would not

A WPA type program would not work today, it just jobs we would hire the Mexicans to do any ways.
We need investment in infrastructure, education and research to position ourselves for the future. Crazy talk about balancing the budget is what you should do after the tide (movement towards recovery) has begun.

What with the Land of Oz (the

What with the Land of Oz (the world of the Federal Reserve) having mesmerized the politicians, what else can they do? Hint: make the private Fed truly public. As it is, the Wizard of Oz (the chairman of the Fed) is in control and far more powerful than the U.S. President or Congress. The presidential campaign is just a puppet show. What does it mean to occupy Wall Street? Get it?

I am appreciative of Reich's

I am appreciative of Reich's INCHING toward the fundamental truth that the 99% are in the stranglehold of a Repub-Dem combination. Repubs have their greedy hands around our throats, and Obama/Dems have their duplicitous and trembling hands around those of the Repubs. I'm in agreement with commenters Chetdude, Pcurto, Bill, Ed, Bozo, DCH et al as to the nature of the problem and what we must do about it toward 2014 and 2018. To the good people telling independent progressives not to help hand the 99% over to the greater of evils: the lesser evil did so from 2009 to date, is doing so as we speak, and will do so again in 2013 etc. I do not care to condemn my children to hellish suffering at the hands of lesser evil. "Sorry, kids, that's what I had to do to protect myself from suffering at the hands of greater evil. Are you dead yet?"

Yes for once Reich has gotten

Yes for once Reich has gotten it close to right, both parties are supported and support (quid pro quo legally) the wealthy.

But I disagree about what the President can do alone other than stand on a soapbox. That's why 3rd parties need to start looking at the congressional races, winning the House, and eventually the Senate.

Americans, throw away your

Americans, throw away your tv's! Then all that money spent by the superpacs will do them no good whatsoever! Remember that great song: 57 channels and nothing on! That's the way it is! Another, even greater song: the revolution will not be televised!
So what's the point having one of those things in your home? I've not had one for years now, and guess what? I've got a life and I think for myself! Recommended!

Look at the big picture,

Look at the big picture, swallow your idealism and vote for Obama. It's the difference between a veto of the corporatist/fascist Koch Tea Party and no veto at all. Romney has said over and over that he will support the Tea Party's fiscal agenda. If you think things are bad now wait and see how they will be when the GOP corporatists/fascists complete the shock doctrine.

A more or less flat recovery under Obama or a full scale depression under Romney (a stock market crash and Hoover's austerity was what precipitated the last depression), that's what is at stake this November. Also, don't forget there will be more Supreme Court appointments in the next four years. Do you really want more right wing ideologues on the Supreme Court?

Aside from that D after his

Aside from that D after his name, what makes you think Obama is NOT a right wing ideologue in the employ of the uber-rich? He's a millionaire, he's in politics, he takes money from super PACS and anyone else with a checkbook...Hell he'd take money from Mussolini... he has expanded the drone strikes against civilians, women and children, he has expanded the Amerikan war machine, he continues to borrow money from the Communists to pay for additional wars against people we don't have anything to fear from...he's acting in the best interests of Dick Cheney and his pals, not the American people. Vote for the dark skinned fascist if you like, trusting in the color of his skin to make him a liberal, but you're fooling yourself if you think the powers in charge would have allowed him in the WH unless he played by their rules. He's a fascist and you think voting for a black fascist is somehow safer and wiser than voting for a white fascist? How about we find a black Democrat? Someone who promotes democracy instead of death-from-above! I suggest you start looking for a 70 year old store owner in Brooklyn as a candidate; they might NOT be crooked as Obama is, certainly they haven't a career of taking money from big interests, just small time customers who come into the store to buy some made in China goods.

Reich may have it right about

Reich may have it right about the election, but oh so wrong about the big picture of what can be done and why it won't. The government has been and is no longer responsive to the electorate other than superficialities. The government serves power, the power of the international bankers foremost, followed by the mega corps and the military industrial conglomerate. What they want from government by and large is what they get. The next four years can be written off as far as any progress for the American people whatever the election's outcome. In fact I see only reverses to the peoples well being under whoever and the next administration. However, that gives the people four years to organize and get ready to send a revolutionary people's contingent to take over government or seriously challenge the present core belief system in Washington. That is barring disaster capitalism moving to cement their coup d'etat via a full blown depression or major catastrophic war.

I hate those horrible

I hate those horrible anti-Obama TV advertisements. I hit the button on my remote immediately. I bet I'm not the only one. Now if the GOP had run ads with an honest criticism of Obama it would be different. But their advertisements are nothing but more Fox "News" lies. They are pure misinformation.

Join me, flip the channel when one of those despicable ads comes on. Maybe those assholes will get the message.

How exactly will the a-holes

How exactly will the a-holes "get the message"? Do they tap our TVs to see which channel we have on? Are our living rooms bugged? I just don't see sitting with a remote as a political movement with any hope of success. I think marching in the streets waving red flags would attract more long as somebody has a laptop and internet connection so images of the marches make it into the public consciousness. If we intersperse videos of cute kittens saying they lika-Obama we should be able to do some good.

Obama will lose by between 10

Obama will lose by between 10 and 15 points. It's the economy, stupid, and four more years of phony baloney will not change that change he promised. Romney will not get a majority. If the third party movement gets any press whatsoever, it will make up the difference and force the election to be chosen according to the Constitution.

Whoever inherits this mess will need to have a united set of interests to save the US from going over a fiscal cliff. If not, we had better make Mandarin a new primary language!

If Obama were going to lose

If Obama were going to lose by 10-15 points, he would neither be leading in the polls now by a razor-thin margin nor leading in electoral votes by at least 40 (source: The independent voters will decide this election, and they neither like Romney nor think he has the economic solutions that are needed. If there were going to be a third party, there's be one by now, and there isn't.

I wish I could say I still

I wish I could say I still trusted Obama. I did trust Obama when he took office.

Then he voluntarily extended the Bush tax cuts when he still had a majority. Then he appointed two anti-New Deal zealots to head his deficit commission. He refused to clamp down on the criminal banksters. That's the kind of thing that happens when you appoint a Geithner and Summers. I believe it's possible that we would have been money ahead if we bailed out every single delinquent mortgage holder. Instead we rewarded the criminals. WTF!?

When liberals complained that Obama's policies were taking us in the wrong direction the die hard supporters should have joined us. Maybe together we could have made him do the right thing. Instead millions stuck their fingers in their ears and said, "We don't want to hear anything bad about Obama."

Of course the Republicans are terrible. They don't have a single good policy. They even took a pledge to never raise taxes after they ran up the deficit. The GOP has become mentally unstable. I could go on and on about those assholes.

So we face a dilemma. The POWERS THAT BE have rigged this election just as surely as they rigged the 2,000 and 2,004 elections. No matter who wins, we lose.

I will vote a straight Democratic ticket in 2012 with one exception. I will not vote for a more right wing than Reagan Obama. No way!

Dear BozoAdult: Consider the

Dear BozoAdult: Consider the possibility of appointing one or two Supreme Court Justices in the next term. Who would you rather have make the nominations? Bankster in Chief Romney or Obama. I think the choice is pretty clear.

Besides, We also need to bring PROGRESSIVE Dems into Congress to have a chance to reinstate Glass-Steigel amongst other things. I encourage you to not "cut off your nose to spite your face". Vote for Obama.



There's a waterfall ahead and

There's a waterfall ahead and everyone onboard is too busy beating each other with the paddles to be rowin'. In the pool below vicious pirahna wait to devour the spoils all the while Dick Dasturdly and Boris Badenough who started the fight laugh on their way to their offshore banks with the pilferred wealth of a nation. But look.... in the sky.... it''s........just another spy drone. Damnit man!

I have voted for Green Party

I have voted for Green Party candidates in NM, and I may do so in the future. But in this national election? Most people don't even know who the Green Party candidate is, so how can she be elected? I have often had issues with the Democratic Party, but I have never voted for a Republican for a national office. In 1968, while a resident of New York, I voted for Dick Gregory for President, simply because he was the only anti-war candidate on the ballot.I hate the fact that voting is still largely a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils, but that is the REALITY, like it or not. I would love to vote for a Green Party candidate who had a reasonable chance of winning, but how can I kid myself about that, since I didn't even know who the GP candidate was?

I am disappointed in Obama, but I had only mild hopes and expectations for him in the first place, so my disillusionment is not as great as others who post here. I would still like to see what he could do if he had the Congress behind him, and if he failed then, I'd be more than a little bitter.

Nonetheless, not voting, or voting for someone who can't possibly win, is just increasing the chances of Romney getting elected, and he's a rich guy who got rich screwing working people out of their jobs, so how can I possibly want him to win?

He is, in my honest opinion, a far greater evil, so I won't do anything in this life that will give him an advantage in this election, and that's the real bottom line, as far as I'm concerned. Yes, I strongly support the idea of having viable third or fourth political parties in America, because I do hate it when the Democrats take my vote for granted, but in a choice between Obama, the guy with the funny name and the big ears, and a photogenic smooth-talking shyster like Willard Mitt Romney, I'll simply have to vote for the skinny guy with the protruding ears, and try to hold his feet to the fire if, by some miracle, he gets re-elected.

Umm ...Obama had large

Umm ...Obama had large Democratic majorities in both houses in the 2009-10 Congress with a nation weary of Bush and wanting change. In politics, it was a set-up to get what you wanted. Happy with the results? What did he do or accomplish during those two years that you're proud of?

Ed Goldman: Did I say I was

Ed Goldman:

Did I say I was proud of Obama in 2009-2010? And I don't think he had large majorities in both houses of Congress. Even if that were true, you often need the support or cooperation (at least) of the minority party to get anything done. I think Obama got some bad advice, and he wasn't terribly experienced in political life, especially not in Washington politics. It appeared he was moving in the right direction, but I was upset when the public option was dropped from the health care reform package. At no time did I expect him to just yank all our troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan, but at least he got Osama bin Laden, and he ended the war in Iraq, so give him a little credit for that. Anyway, I didn't expect miracles from him in the first couple of years, and I think he saw the writing on the wall about the Republican takeover of the House, so he tried too hard to please everyone and wound up pleasing hardly anyone.

But no matter how you slice it, I think things would be a lot worse with Romney. I don't trust that guy at all. I think he would say anything to any group to get himself elected, and if he does, I don't think he's going to be concerned about student debt, the pressing need for infrastructure repairs, the fate of those with Social Security and Medicare, or the unemployed and underemployed. He had a privileged childhood and youth, yet he likes to speak of himself as someone who dragged himself up by his own bootstraps. Even now, in his foreign-policy excursions, he's making a damned fool of himself with his insensitive remarks. And do you really want Willard to be appointing MORE John Roberts flunkies to the unelected Supreme Court?

No, I'll vote for Obama, not because I love him or think he's done great things, but because I think he's better than his major rival. And that's really what it's all about in this billionaire-funded election of 2012.

Ang Gree's picture

as usual, Robert Reich is not

as usual, Robert Reich is not wrong; but he's still not ready to accept what so many people are finally discovering: the Two-Party System Has Got To Go!

the Dummycrats can't do a damned thing for a multitude of reasons: cowardice, corporate money, blue dog DINOs, careerism, corruption... that's just the tip of the iceberg!

then there's the proto-fascist Repugnicants who can't do anything right because they don't even know right from wrong! nothing less than a return to feudalism will satisfy them. and if they can't have that, they'll settle for WWIII.

there is no way to dislodge any of these vile parasites without getting our hands dirty. the only way to participate in a fundamentally broken democracy is to vote for decent, non-corrupted candidates & parties that can't possibly win. but not winning isn't the same as failure! what matters is that the voters are willing to vote for what's right; then they have to march into the capitol(s) and Make It Right! does that sound like Revolution? maybe it will be, maybe it'll go down without too much violence... but you know the parasites will not detach unless we yank on them Hard!

in the meantime, yeah, I'm in the Green Party column too. be brave. join us.

The voters don't even know

The voters don't even know the Green Party exists, never mind what it stands for, or proposes, or who its candidates are. I certainly don't.

I may join you, Ang Gree.

I may join you, Ang Gree.

yes exempt first $25000 of

yes exempt first $25000 of payroll from soc sec then when person who worked at low paying job hits 66 that person will find out did not pay in enough to be insured so NO SOC SEC great idea

"Both are banking instead on

"Both are banking instead on negative campaigns that convince voters the other guy would be worse."

What if they're both right?

Well, they are right about

Well, they are right about something...

The fact that Obama and the

The fact that Obama and the democrats could not stop the wars , could not prosecute the banksters , could not prosecute the war criminals , could not shut down Guantanamo prison and could not get Medicare for all proves that the democrats are not in charge. Even a five year old child could see that.
If you look in a mirror you will be looking the person that is causing your problems right in the eye , and it is not Obama and the democrats. I wish the people in the USA would grow up and act like adults.

Obama could have done all of

Obama could have done all of the above, plus started a job creation program from the outset, but obsessed over health insurance for 18 months. He's been very disappointing, but consider the alternative: right wingers running the Executive Department and appointing the Supreme Court justices. Choose Obama, much the lesser of two evils.

I tried fighting Obama and

I tried fighting Obama and his cronies a number of times, directly. They are not friends of the future, the people, and definitely not the middle class. They are absolutely rotten to the core, and should resign instead of forcing us to vote against their enemies. As for Romney and his boys, women will vote him down anyway. People of color won't see any merit in him or his joke of a party. Where Obama is bad, the Bush/Reagan/Nixon contingent was an order of magnitude far worse. Wake up, Curtis. This is not a fair election. The candidates were chosen by the MSM.

I wish democrat true

I wish democrat true believers had critical thinking skills...

Voting for the green party is

Voting for the green party is just throwing your vote away, DO NOT DO THAT. Vote democrat straight down the line . The democrats have had no say in the running of our country ,because voters have failed to give the support needed.
Support OWS with actions and money and the folks that are your friends will make the democrats come over to the 98 % . If you refuse to support OWS then it will degenerate to civil war and you will become a refugee for the rest of your life , if you live through the battle.

I'm Gonna' vote Green

I'm Gonna' vote Green again...!

Just like the last 5 elections...

It feels GREAT to vote my principles, values and conscience!

And please, don't try that Nader/Bush bullsh*t just won't fly anymore... As Al Gore said, "Al Gore cost Al Gore the election of 2000."

Chet, I believe it was the

Chet, I believe it was the political machine in Florida and the Supreme Court who cost Al Gore the election? Were you here then? Have you already forgotten? What do you think the focus on repressing voter registration and voter participation all about? It isn't about the Green Party. It is about the Republican machine seizing control of the country while Democrats squabble amongst themselves (including leaving to vote Green)., (I like the Green party platform, but we need to NOT HAVE A REPUBLICAN - especially this republican - in the White House,)

Voting for the green party is

Voting for the green party is just throwing your vote away, DO NOT DO THAT. Vote democrat straight down the line . The democrats have had no say in the running of our country ,because voters have failed to give the support needed.
Support OWS with actions and money and the folks that are your friends will make the democrats come over to the 98 % . If you refuse to support OWS then it will degenerate to civil war and you will become a refugee for the rest of your life , if you live through the battle.

I'm Gonna' vote Green

I'm Gonna' vote Green again...!

Just like the last 5 elections...

It feels GREAT to vote my principles, values and conscience!

And please, don't try that Nader/Bush bullsh*t just won't fly anymore... As Al Gore said, "Al Gore cost Al Gore the election of 2000."

Voting for the "new" democrats ain't gonna solve sh*t...

You demand..."Vote democrat

You demand..."Vote democrat straight down the line."

Well, no sir. Why vote for something that you hate?

If you hate your friends then

If you hate your friends then you need to see a doctor.
How can you hate the democrats when you have not witnessed what the democrats can accomplish.

And WTF have the "Democrats

And WTF have the "Democrats accomplished", especially over the last 4 years...

EVEN WHEN THEY CONTROLLED THE CONGRESS, they've increased the war budgets, out-Bushed-Bush on unconstitutional surveillance and death lists, ain't done SH*T about global warming and environmental devastation...

Called for more drilling for oil, promoted destructive shale processing (for China) and fracking, payoffs for banksters and f*ck you if you're home is underwater...

Some Democrats, notably folks like Grijalva, Kucinich (stabbed in the back by his own "party") and Stark are our friends, but the rest -- crap...

So, go ahead and vote for Tweedleedee again 'cause you've been conditioned to be afraid of Tweedleedum (just as the other "party" has been conditioned to fear Tweedleedee)...nothing substantive will change...

I have seen what they have

I have seen what they have done and not done, and they are wanting. I watched Obama and his Administration make the wrong decisions time and time again on the economy, the environment, energy, negotiations with opponents, defense, health, and global events. It's time for a change FROM corporate interests to human interests. Democrats are not the leaders for change. Neither are Republicans. Just what do YOU think is the mechanism for democratic policies to succeed? Voting for failure and incompetence does not strike me as sensible.

Indeed...if Obama had

Indeed...if Obama had actually BEEN a Progressive instead of playing one for the masses during the selection of 2008, he could have used his silver tongue to mobilize the People to demand from the democrat dominated Congress what this country REALLY NEEDS...

But, unfortunately, Obama just PLAYED the role of a Progressive until he was selected and then he showed his true colors -- (Larry Summers!?!?!?)

To all my friends in politics

To all my friends in politics -- STOP SENDING ME ALL THESE OBAMA AND ROMNEY CRAPOLA ADS!!! Neither one of these "candidates" represents the interests of red-blooded Americans. According to the latest polls, Romney is hated by 40%, Obama by 43%. That leaves 17% that are so disgusted with either of them that they won't respond. That also leaves 0% that want to vote FOR one of them. I want a new candidate, let's call him or her OTHER for now. Right now OTHER would win 83% of the vote. We should focus on what we want. What I don't want is broccoli, kale, fatback, or soybean derivative. Spam is made from the latter two. I don't see why I should be forced to look at ads for those, either.

I agree with Reich that both

I agree with Reich that both Parties will not deliver what this country needs. It is too bad that he did not mention that there is a Party which is dedicated to what Reich advocates. And that is the Green Party with Jill Stein MD running for President.

Wouldn't it be something if voters in 2012 refused to vote for the lesser of two evils for once and voted with their courage and heart for Jill Stein who will be on some 45 state ballots this year. How long will it take voters to realize that both the Republican and Democratic Parties are bought and controlled by the 1%.

We the 99% need to control a Party that stands for our needs. The Green Party takes no money from Corporations or lobbyists.

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