Monster Storm Sandy

In These 22 States, Every House Republican Voted Against Sandy Aid

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Almost three months after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, the GOP-controlled House approved a bill that provides $50.7 billion in disaster relief for the storm's victims. While passage of the bill is being hailed as a bipartisan success by some (the vote was 241-180), a closer look at how the parties voted by state lines indicates otherwise. GOPers overwhelmingly voted against funding—unless, of course, their state was hard hit. There were only five states whose Republican members all voted in favor of aid. These were New Jersey and New York, which took the brunt of the storm; West Virginia, which also suffered damage; and the unaffected states North Dakota and Alaska, which have just one representative apiece. In Virginia and Pennsylvania, which were hit by the storm but not devastated, Republicans voted both ways. By contrast, almost every Democrat who voted on the bill—even in states far from harm, including California, Colorado, Missouri, and Nevada—voted for it. The lone Dem dissenter: Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee. 

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Can't wait for the next

Can't wait for the next southern hurricane or mid-western tornado to hit....

My GOP rep, Joe Pitts, from

My GOP rep, Joe Pitts, from the 16th district of Pa voted against Sandy Aid. He also votes against health care for Americans (ACA). Just another anti-humanitarian republican.