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Dennis Kucinich
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Friday 14 December 2012
“The bill does not provide for the protection of the American people; It expands war,it further indebts our nation, it encroaches on basic rights with regards to indefinite detention, it eliminates the basic tenet that due process rights apply to everyone in this country—not just American citizens.”

Throw out the NDAA, End the Wars and Start Nation Building at Home

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“Today, this House will send the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to conference. Contrary to its title, the bill does not provide for the protection of the American people. It expands war. It further indebts our nation. It encroaches on basic rights with regards to indefinite detention. It eliminates the basic tenet that due process rights apply to everyone in this country – not just American citizens.

“The legislation also includes additional sanctions against Iran despite numerous reports that our sanctions are affecting the ability of ordinary Iranians to obtain medicine and offer basic goods. Sanctions have thus far not served to solve the impasse or bring Iran to the negotiating table. More sanctions are not the answer and do not bring us closer to a diplomatic solution.

“This legislation also perpetuates the myth that we are ending the war in Afghanistan. We are not leaving Afghanistan. We are deepening our commitment. This bill provides for another staggering $88 billion for the war. The Strategic Partnership Agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan commits us to the country for at least another decade with a $20 billion price tag.

“Finally, this legislation continues financing our bloated Pentagon. The United States maintains 1,000 bases worldwide.  Some of these bases are infamous, like Guantanamo Bay. There are small bases to support our drones program. There are fortresses to support our wars. 

“The cost to maintain these bases is billions of dollars. Included in these costs are the costs to maintain and run 234 golf courses around the world.

“The Pentagon is expanding their spy agency. The CIA has become a paramilitary organization. We are preparing to support intervention in Mali. Our government’s policy in Syria is incoherent. We are expanding our military presence in Asia and in Africa.

“And for what? For millions of Americans to be unemployed? For millions of Americans to go hungry? For millions of Americans not to have adequate access to education or even healthcare? For millions to lose their homes? For millions to lose their retirement security? For roads and bridges to collapse because we have no money for infrastructure?

“I say it’s time we pay attention to the defense of the American people’s pocketbooks - The defense of the dignity of the American people - The defense of the moral authority of the United States. It’s time to end this state of permanent war. We should throw out the NDAA, put an end to interventionism and begin to take care of things back home.” 

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ABOUT Dennis Kucinich

Having been elected to Cleveland's City Council at age 23, Dennis J. Kucinich was well-known to Cleveland residents when they chose him as their mayor in 1977 at the age of 31. At the time, Kucinich was the youngest person ever elected to lead a major American city. Since being elected to Congress in 1996, Kucinich has been a tireless advocate for worker rights, civil rights and human rights.

Dennis Kucinich needs to find

Dennis Kucinich needs to find a liberal district, establish residence there, and run for elected national public office.

The country desperately needs good people like him in working in our government.

I have known of Dennis since

I have known of Dennis since the 70s as mayor of cleveland.At that time all the other people of goverment did not like him because he was not a crook like they were. He is one of a hand full of honest people in congress or the senate. He would truly be an honest and great president. Ken Squires

I've been an admirer of

I've been an admirer of Bernie Sanders AND Dennis Kucinich for a long time. It's true we need more politicians like them. Unfortunately, neither of them will ever be president. To run a successful presidential campaign in today's America, you need money, a strong organization on the ground, and a winning message.

I'm also in favor of people voting for third-party members for the House and the Senate, but voting for a third-party presidential candidate is just throwing your vote away. Sending a message? What has that accomplished? Like JIM GLOVER, I'd rather try to light a fire under Obama than deal with an arrogant plutocrat like Romney, with Bush-War justifiers in his cabinet and a sneering condescension toward vets and seniors. He was a greater evil, and my vote helped to retire him from presidential runs, and I'm grateful for that.

But have I enabled a hero or a savior by granting Obama a second term? I doubt it, but then, my expectations were not so high when I voted for him in 2008. I have my ideals, but at the end of the day I'm a realist. The plain fact is that Sanders and Kucinich are too good to be elected president, so I have to work with the choice of a lesser evil, no matter how many fantasizers demean my pragmatism.

The way things are in our US

The way things are in our US Congress it is fairly apparent that it doesn't do much good for the average American citizen to pay attention to anything that comes out of D.C. Read the reason why:

Our government was corrupt for 8 years because Bush and Cheney distorted our federal tax code to favor the corporations that outsourced American jobs and granted the richest American citizens tax breaks that they did not ask for. In addition, they caused the Iraq war based on contrived information that Weapons of Mass Destruction existed in that country. In addition there was the Afghanistan debacle. Both of these wars were conducted on money borrowed from China and the real purpose of them was to continue uninterrupted importation to the US of crude oil from the Mideast countries so that Exxon and the other four big US oil companies could continue to enjoy their massive profits and exorbitant tax breaks. Cheney’s Halliburton made enormous profits from their participation in these wars. All of this was not enough for their greed. So they refused to enforce financial regulations and that resulted in the billions of dollars of fraudulent Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS’s) assembled by Goldman Sachs that were sold to unsuspecting investors and banks all over the world. Of course as we all know as soon as it was discovered that these MBS’s were made up mostly of mortgages that were destined to be foreclosed on our big banks had to be bailed out with tax payer money. (To throw salt in our wounds, Goldman Sachs shorted the MBS investment packages as soon as they were sold and made a really big bundle of dough on their failure.) So the debts incurred from two unnecessary wars plus the financial crash resulting from fraudulent investment packages plus the horrendous tax breaks given to the very rich plus the outsourcing of American jobs that destroyed our middle class all adds up and the sum total resulted in the near depression and still existing recession we have been experiencing since 2008.
So in addition to the foregoing, where are we now? Let me put it this way: I am 78 years old and from when I was only four years old I remember my father saying "Money talks"! Of course that was only a colloquialism of the time that meant exclusively “You can get what you want if you paid enough money for it!” However, now that I am a mature, well educated and experienced adult, I know the difference between speech and money. However, our current Supreme Court Justice Scalia (who naively took the old colloquial expression literally) has ruled that "money is speech". This gross distortion coupled with another of his gross distortions; i.e., "Corporations are people" has encouraged and made legal an infinite amount of money (that could total billions of dollars or more) that U.S. Corporations can contribute to U.S. elected members of our U.S. Congress to assure adoption of their preferred policies and legislation. Our Supreme Court voted that their action is protected by our Constitution’s freedom of speech proviso. As a result, the Corporations' massive amounts of money funneled through an inordinately large number of lobbyists to our members of Congress "speaks" so loudly that the voices of ordinary U.S. citizens are not heard or ignored by our elected Representatives and Senators. This is not Democracy (government by the people). It is a form of Plutocracy (government by the wealthy). This is the insidious compelling and all powerful force that is the real problem causing the gridlock we have been experiencing in our U.S. Congress. I respectfully submit that nothing is going to improve in Washington D.C. until this crippling situation is changed. And, the ONLY way it can be changed is to take the money out of American politics. To make this change, because our Supreme Court approved what Justice Scalia maintains, we must amend our U.S. Constitution. The basic Amendment is set forth in - so click on this link or paste it into your browser and see if you would like to sign the petition. Enough signatures are needed to get a two thirds vote in both our House of Representatives and Senate. Again -

Very well said, Grandma! You

Very well said, Grandma!

You are exactly correct on every point.

But the criminals do not want your explanation out there. They want the people to watch Fox "News" and wallow in their ignorance while they are fleeced.

GRANDMA: Still at the


Still at the cut-and-paste, aren't you? Well, lots of luck with that, but I suspect you're just taking up space with a message everyone who comes here has surely read at least once. Mindless repetition just reminds people of the commercial messages on TV, when everyone reaches for the MUTE button on the trusty remote.

All I can do is affirm the

All I can do is affirm the praise seen here for Dennis Kucinich. I am hoping for a run for the White House in 2016.

Isn't it interesting that in all the yammer about the "fiscal cliff", no one from either party is talking about the elephant...... the Pentagon and it's various wars? Just the cost of the Joint Strike Fighter could fund hundreds of teachers, a health care system that actually provided health care instead of insurance company care. Maybe we could fix a bridge or two and maybe some of those potholes. Maybe the potholes in the economy. 2016 isn't that far off.

Come back, Dennis Kucinich!

Come back, Dennis Kucinich! America needs you even more than before.

mycall8's picture

Democrat or Republican whatz

Democrat or Republican whatz the difference. The same tired policy of endless pointless wars, debt and waste. Dennis you have been right on the issues, have called for what is right for the Nation and you have the right Focus that we all Need to bring this Country back to what it should be "By And For the People" that's probably why you got voted out in this upside down world of paradox and . Maybe now time to get ready to run as our "Occupy the Government" candidate. O-bomb-a was not much of a lesser evil. Think 2016?

Dennis, You and a few other


You and a few other politicians in this country have my deepest respect. Thank you for standing up to the war machine and the insanity!


I've been following Kucinich

I've been following Kucinich for a long time. He's a man of intellectual depth, stellar articulation, and unique creativity. He would make a good--no great--President. I wrote hm in last election with Ralph Nadar as Vice. (Nadar would make a great President too.)

My belief is that he may make a run for the Presidency in 2016. He is at the intellectual level of FDR and LBJ easily, with just as much tenacity.

Dennis 2016!

It is a travesty that this

It is a travesty that this good man has lost his seat.

There is simply no justification for the size and mission of the U.S. military at the expense of much needed investments in the education of people and building the infrastructure. We maintain this ridiculous military in search of an enemy. 234 golf courses tells you all you need to know.

We have an enemy. We have an enemy right here at home. It's the greatest enemy the United States has ever faced. We witnessed this enemy in action in the state house of Michigan this past week.

Kucinich. You should have

Kucinich. You should have been our president but they were too intent on asking you about UFO's in the pres. debate. Wolf Blitzer. The only reason I have to feel any hope at all is due to people like Kucinich, Moore and Sanders.

Amen to what Kucinich has

Amen to what Kucinich has said.

Kucinich is the only smart

Kucinich is the only smart AND honest guy in Congress!

Good. Vote green party.

Good. Vote green party. Nonetheless the face of the U.S.House of representatives and chief "negotiator" is the intransigent, uncompromising John Boehner of the GOP, a "man" more than willing to take you off the cliff. That sound like bipartisan? Don't get caught up in the rhetoric. I say all this with no horse in the race. I think higher taxes on the better off -- like me -- are more than overdue.

The irony of all this is that

The irony of all this is that nation building at home is impossible because the "representatives" of the people, especially the House GOP, reject any steps in that direction, preferring to cater to the wealthy whom for the most part do not reside in their voting districts. One is tempted to believe that those in that sinister cabal prefer to keep the public effectively ignorant, impoverished and in chains -- to wit a slave labor force without political will.

Time to reinstate the

Time to reinstate the military draft, ending it hardly stopped the ongoing march to endless wars over the past 40 years since it's end. The only way the majority of the people in this country who want an end to these wars will ever stand up to their government is to draft their kids and give them some real skin in the game. Far to many in this country that view these enless wars as somebody elses problem. Restart the military draft and start with the children of the members of Congress and see how fast things change !

If a war is justified it is

If a war is justified it is certainly worthy of a military draft. Otherwise the threat is not grave enough (Iraq-Afghanistan) to justify going to war over. That sounds simplistic but it is a fact.

No nation-state attacked us on 9/11. 9/11 was allowed to transpire for the purpose of creating new wars. There is little doubt about this. And that was the single greatest act of treason in history.

Mr. Townsend I completely

Mr. Townsend I completely agree you and -- not to take away one single thing away from what you say -- I have been saying it for a couple of decades now. Those who serve need not do so in the military, but perhaps in a CCC-like role or repairing the nation's infrastructure or other worthwhile national interests. While some would have to serve in the military, that need not be the choice of the inductees, random selection would do. Another end that would be served is that young individuals from all parts of the country would get to know another and that people -- for example -- from Maine or Oregon need not think of those from Mississippi or Arkansas as ignorant racists or some other pejorative categorization.

Let's not forget all these

Let's not forget all these outrages are BIPARTISAN.

The Republicans will never change. The Democrats won't change while progressives keep voting for them unconditionally.

This is why I vote Green Party. It sends a message to the Democrats telling them WHY they didn't get my vote. And this message is sent even if the Greens I vote for don't win.

You don't get a prize if the candidate you voted for wins -- You get a smug "Democrat" that votes for the NDAA.

I agree these outrages are

I agree these outrages are bipartisan and that progressives should cease being hostage to "the lesser evil". It may not be popular, but popular is inarguably and inevitably taking us to hell.

Dennis is a democrat and the

Dennis is a democrat and the dems are for peace more than the republicans although not enough for us.

I was worried Mit would win and am relieved he lost even down here in Florida.

I would rather push Obama to do the right thing than a hawk.

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