Ellie Sandmeyer and Michelle Leung
Published: Tuesday 24 December 2013
Larry Winget called yoga a "disturbing trend" and complained that yoga wasn't competitive enough and doesn't teach people how to be "tough."

Top 10 Things Fox Decided Will Lead to the “Wussification of America” in 2013

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In 2013, Fox News worked to stoke outrage over the supposed decline of traditional American values, identifying the purported "wussification" of America in everything from the "disturbing trend" of yoga in schools to the availability of human resources in the workplace. Here is Media Matters' top ten countdown of Fox News' 'wussification' fears:

10. Yoga For Children

On January 3, Fox & Friends asked whether young children participating in yoga is leading to the "wussification of America." Guest Larry Winget called yoga a "disturbing trend" and complained that yoga wasn't competitive enough and doesn't teach people how to be "tough." Winget admitted that yoga has positive properties only because he didn't "want all those yoga Nazis coming after [him] on this thing." [Fox News, Fox & Friends1/3/2013]

9.Fines For Poor Sportsmanship

On September 25, Fox reported that youth football coaches in one town may face up to $200 in fines for allowing their teams to run up the score against an opponent. Such "mercy rule" regulations are recognized by many youth league sports, but Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade wondered if this represented "wussification" or "good sportsmanship." [Fox News, Fox & Friends9/25/13]

8. A Police Officer Who Was Suspended For Cursing

On the December 6 edition of The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly reported that a police officer was suspended for cursing at a school bus full of children, while the children who were misbehaving faced no consequences. Fox contributor Arthur Aidala said this is the "wussification of America, literally," attributing the children's apparent lack of respect to insufficient fear that their "father is going to give [them] a whack in the mouth." [Fox News, The Kelly File12/6/13]

7. Paid Internships

On the May 18 edition of Fox & Friends Saturday, co-host Clayton Morris hosted author Ron Perlin to discuss internships and the "culture of unpaid work." Morris asked if interns deserve money for their work, or if this demonstrates an "entitlement generation" and the "wussification of America." [Fox News, Fox & Friends Saturday, 5/18/13]

6. The Possible Redskins Name Change

On the November 1 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, guest host Eric Bolling was incredulous that the NFL's Washington Redskins considered changing their team name to something less racially offensive, characterizing the proposed change as the continued "wussification of America." [Fox News, The Five11/1/13]

5. Common Core Math Strategies

On August 19, Fox & Friends guest host Anna Kooiman wondered if new Common Core math standards' emphasis on the learning process actually represented "the continuation of the wussification of America." [Fox News, Fox & Friends8/19/13]

4. Helmets For Youth Soccer League

On the October 10 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade reported that one town was campaigning for youth soccer leagues to require helmets. Kilmeade asked if this meant "we [have] become a bunch of wussies in this country" because "we're not open to the good old head injury like we used to." [Fox News, Fox & Friends10/10/13]

3. Human Resources

On September 9, Fox & Friends hosts asked regular guest Larry Winget to weigh in on people who talk themselves into being "victims" and offer advice on how to take personal responsibility. Co-host Brian Kilmeade cited as an example those who "complain to [their] boss or run to human resources" when someone "is being mean to you." Winget criticized America from being a "huge nation of weenies," and in response to a question about the recent problems with extreme cyber-bullying, Winget advised parents:"you've got to teach your kid not to be a victim." [Fox News, Fox & Friends9/17/13]

2. Co-Ed Sports Teams

On the June 27 edition of Fox News' The Five, co-host Eric Bolling lamented the "blurring of gender lines" in response to a story about a girl playing football. Bolling labeled the idea of co-ed sports teams the "wussification of American men," while co-host Andrea Tantaros likened this to letting "donkeys" and "chickens" play, adding,"[w]hy do we have rules anymore?" [Fox News,The Five, 6/27/13]

1. Firing Abusive Coaches

On April 3, Fox News' Eric Bolling described the firing of Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice, who was captured in a video being physically and verbally abusive to players and spouting homophobic slurs, as the "wimpifying" and "wussificating" of America and part of a trend in "basically making men Chihuahuas." On April 4, Bolling appeared on Fox News' America Live to defend his stance, citing personal experience to claim that "the best coaches are coaches like that." Bolling added, "We're wussifying American men, and it has to stop." [Fox News, The Five4/3/13; Fox News, America Live4/4/13]

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3 comments on "Top 10 Things Fox Decided Will Lead to the “Wussification of America” in 2013"


December 26, 2013 12:57pm

So stretching and yoga -- which help your body, mental, spiritual soul -- is Wuzzi? Stopping physical injury -- is Wuzzi?

Too many contradictory messages being spewed by Fox. These "Class Propagandists & Entertainers" conform to Fox Processing - 1 minute sound-bites that they spit these out for the american public to swallow. Just to collect a paycheck -- now that's a WUZ. Or am I just conjecturing too?

Finding real reporting backed by Facts is a challenge in today's Corporate Media, as well as, allowing the observer s to form their own opinion on what that news means.


December 24, 2013 3:59pm

Fox while their place in society is highly suspicious as a "news" outlet may be on to something. Wussification is as good as term as any , considering the source, may be an off hand look, and sideways as fox's views often are at hopefully the trend in america as a conscience awakening.
Perhaps we are awakening from the spell of matter and realizing that not everything must be accomplished through the use of force.
If one looks back a few hundred years one would realize that north america was taken by force, those who stood in the way were eliminated, the survivors relegated to concentration camps, reservations and subjected to Indian schools where their customs and traditions were eliminated from the children who attended these schools and once properly indoctrinated were returned to the camps.
Our use of force catapulted us to the esteemed position of winning WWII, culminating in the release of "fat man" and "little boy" on two cities in Japan and we became the mightiest nation on the planet. With that mindset we have endeavored to treat every situation we encounter as a nail as the only tool in our arsenal was a hammer.
The last beat down the planet experienced was a financial attack by the wall streeters, banks and real estate industries. While it was not blatant violence the results were perhaps even more devastating as like in the civil war we had Americans preying on Americans, exploiting the American dream of owing a piece of the pie. So many lost everything at the hands of their own countrymen. It was not from some foreign power seeking to destroy us, but our own people executing the most vicious "terrorist" attack on the country and the rest of the planets economies as they sold worthless securities to the world , backed of course by the very institutions who were supposed to grade these investments to help protect investors..
Perhaps our own reliance on violence has come home to roost, with the school shootings and children taking other children's lives , perhaps as a result of the bullying the children experienced first hand, but also because the children and not just those immediately affected saw that our country had become the most vicious bully on the planet and mimicked what they saw, as children so often learn what they live, regardless of the propaganda, they saw the behaviors and behind the lies, saw through the WMD ruse, studied history enough to realize the atrocities this country has committed over the years and said "hell yes" I want to be like them and Dylan Kliebold picked up an automatic weapon and became a conquering hero, in his mind, as if anyone but him could know it, by eliminating those who stood in his way.
So perhaps fox in their infantile "wigdom" got it right, just used their usual defamatory terms to explain and exploit it, by making fun of it they use ridicule and ridiculousness to frame something they "understand?" and by their methods attempt to make it a target. If one were to simply use a term like compassion or conscience instead of "wussification" it would never sell on their propaganda station.
To use yoga and nazi in the same sentence let alone in a piece complaining that yoga doesn't make one tough enough shows their ignorance at full bloom. And thank you fox for showing the world your true colors, those of violence and hatred and the fear mongering of which you are so adept. Your stories, are finally approaching something that could be considered news worthy, that the public are expanding their consciousness and perhaps even thinking for themselves, sorry to say you might be loosing market share and that is a good thing, it will be a great day for America when stories like these are tuned out for a few simple yoga exercises. The benefits of and exercise of mind, body and spirit are surely much more beneficial than the drivel of fox.
As an aside if the football team really wanted to drop an offensive moniker from their name, it would be to drop "washington" from their name....As Washington as a seat of power has become a cess pool of greed and avarice.


December 24, 2013 3:50pm

Eyes like Dion Sanders I WANTS BOTH why not it is a old coaching idea that yoga is a great streching exercise it helps to prevent injuries. I do like sports for sports sake alone and no politics involved at all. Not this B.O. teasing with the Russians its pathetic to use sports for raising these kinds of issues. I can see the helmets for youth soccer because some butt fu!! lawyer has sued over a head injury so the liability is there and the lawyers. Pay for interns wow it is the year 2013 and people cant make it on minimum wage so why not. I dont care if a cop swears as long as they check him for steriod use its epidemic control is mandatory ie: petaluma shooting of 13 year old and shooting a woman with a kitchen knife like they couldnt talk it out first. A large number of pro football rules have changed as well we see great games but I do miss the old days when they could pound the qb and use your helmet any where on the body. It is all safer now.