Osama Bin Laden

Torture Not Needed in the Killing of Osama bin Laden

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Leon Panetta, previus head of the CIA and defense secretary, said in a recent interview on “Meet the Press” that tourture should have been the last resort used in the killing of Osama bin Laden. He went on to say there were many of the pieces of the puzzle solved to find bin laden. According to Aljazeera, “‘I think we could have gotten Bin Laden without that,” Panetta added in response to a question about what the interviewer called ‘enhanced interrogation,’ or torture.”

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I would really like to

I would really like to understand why the killing of bin Laden was so important. Normally the authorities would want to capture a person like him so that he could be questioned as to his real part in the 9/11 tragedy. Now, of course he is gone and we will never know the whole truth or unfortunately even any of the truth about that fateful day. He was killed when he had no weapon so it was gratuitous murder. He was buried at sea with no chance for transparency in the matter, no witnesses (at least none of the crew were allowed on deck),no photos (at least none available to the public), no nothing (excuse the double negative)!

How about his possibility:

How about his possibility: Bin Laden knew things that the people that had him killed didn't want known?

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He should have been captured.

He should have been captured. So now the question is why was he really Killed? Was it pure revenge. I think justice was denied here and because it was denied it will always be an open wound.
War is a Crime!!! Persecute it.