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UAW Files Charges Against Romney on His Auto Bail-out Profiteering

Greg Palast / News Report
Published: Thursday 1 November 2012
“The UAW complaint calls for Romney to reveal exactly how much he made off Delphi - and continues to make.”
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For Mitt Romney, it's one scary Halloween.  The Presidential candidate has just learned that tomorrow afternoon he will be charged with violating the federal Ethics in Government law by improperly concealing his multi-million dollar windfall from the auto industry bail-out.

At a press conference in Toledo, Bob King, President of the United Automobile Workers, will announce that his union and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)  have filed a formal complaint with the US Office of Government Ethics in Washington stating that Gov. Romney improperly hid a profit of $15.3 million to $115.0 million in Ann Romney's so-called "blind" trust.

The union chief says, "The American people have a right to know about Gov. Romney’s potential conflicts of interest, such as the profits his family made from the auto rescue,” “It’s time for Gov. Romney to disclose or divest.”

“While Romney was opposing the rescue of one of the nation’s most important manufacturing sectors, he was building his fortunes with his Delphi investor group, making his fortunes off the misfortunes of others,” King added.

The Romneys' gigantic windfall was hidden inside an offshore corporation inside a Limited Partnership inside a trust which both concealed the gain and reduces taxes on it.

The Romneys' windfall was originally exposed in Nation Magazine, Mitt Romney's Bail-out Bonanza after a worldwide investigation by our crew at The Guardian, the Nation Institute and the Palast Investigative Fund.   [Ed. - The full story of Romney and his "vulture fund" partners is in Palast's New York Times bestseller, Billionaires & Ballot Bandits.]

According to ethics law expert Dan Curry who drafted the ethics complaint, Ann Romney does not have a federally-approved blind trust.  An approved "blind" trust may not be used to hide a major investment which could be affected by Romney if he were to be elected President.  Other groups joining the UAW and CREW include Public Citizen, the Service Employees International Union, Public Campaign, People for the American Way and The Social Equity Group.

President Obama's approved trust, for example, contains only highly-diversified mutual funds on which Presidential action can have little effect.  By contrast, the auto bail-out provided a windfall of over 4,000% on one single Romney investment.

In 2009, Ann Romney partnered with her husband's key donor, billionaire Paul Singer, who secretly bought a controlling interest in Delphi Auto, the former GM auto parts division.  Singer's hedge fund, Elliott Management, threatened to cut off GM's supply of steering columns unless GM and the government's TARP auto bail-out fund provided Delphi with huge payments.  While the US treasury complained this was "extortion," the hedge funds received, ultimately, $12.9 billion in taxpayer subsidies.

As a result, the shares Singer and Romney bought for just 67 cents are today worth over $30, a 4,000% gain.  Singer's hedge fund made a profit of $1.27 billion and the Romneys' tens of millions.

The UAW complaint calls for Romney to reveal exactly how much he made off Delphi -- and continues to make.  The Singer syndicate, once in control of Delphi, eliminated every single UAW job --25,000-- and moved almost all auto parts production to Mexico and China where Delphi now employs 25,000 auto parts workers.

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ABOUT Greg Palast

Greg Palast is the author of the New York Times bestseller, "Armed Madhouse" (Penguin Paperback 2007). When Palast, an investigator of corporate fraud and racketeering, turned his skills to journalism, he was quickly recognized as, "The most important investigative reporter of our time" [Tribune Magazine] in Britain, where his first reports appeared on BBC television and in the Guardian newspapers.

In spite of being almost

In spite of being almost universally opposed, the $700 billion bailout was passed by Congress. Now domestic auto manufacturers are asking the bailout be extended to the auto industry. What are the ramifications of further expanding the scope of government and how can we stop it?

The UAW used an independent

The UAW used an independent health care trust for UAW beneficiaries to buy Chrysler and GM stock. So don’t twist this fact. TARP money went to GM and Chrysler, and not to the UAW.

BTW each union member sacrificed $7,000 to $30,000 in annual compensation, either in pay or benefits, since 2005 to do their part in saving the auto companies.

Before voting today remember this, if Mitt Romney has his way the auto companies and AMERICA will go broke.

Another desperate attempt at

Another desperate attempt at fabricating a distraction. The UAW are the ONLY ones to profit given the fact they STILL have not paid back the "loan" of 23.7 BILLION. Ask formerSaturn employees and they will tell you what REALLY HAPPENED!!!

I think all this ridiculous

I think all this ridiculous back and forth fighting and finding fault should stop. Obama proved he can't be President. Past is past. Romney has not brought up the BenGazi thing at all. By the way there still are more fact coming out that the Obama ignored their pleas for help. Eveyone is out to get Romney. So what, he has money, don't tell me that Obama doesn't cheat and lie and that he doesn't have money. They all do. Look at all the vacations Obama took and let the US go down the drain. He was vacationing more than working. Hasn't held meeting, nothing. If I were his boss he would have been fired long ago. This whole dog eat dog stuff is ridiculous. I think everyone should vote for someone who is not going to ignore 1/2 th people

Debra, your diatribe is so

Debra, your diatribe is so fact-starved, it's blowing away. There IS nothing in the "BenGazi thing." NO ONE "ignored" their "pleas for help." They DON'T "all" have money. Obama has taken NOWHERE NEAR the vacations that Boy Bush took. He has held meetings CONSTANTLY.

And finally, "I think everyone should vote for someone who is not going to ignore 1/2 th people"

...oh, you mean ROMNEY, with his statement that he wasn't even going to TRY to serve 47 % of the citizens of this country?

Joe, don't be so quick to

Joe, don't be so quick to degrade Debra's comment... There is a lot of the Benghazi 'thing' if it were YOUR son (don't guess you have one, or you might realize this already) you would pay more attention... pictures do not lie... words do! ... and Obama is a professional liar.... Obama's $10,000,000.00 he has added to his nest egg in 4 years is also 'rich' ... and his 104 Golf plays exceeds all others... and 2 jets to get his family to Hawaii, is not cheap... but, no one is complaining about his arrogant way of spending... it is his Kissin' up to Muslims... writing, "when the tides turn, I will stand with the Muslims" (pg 316 in "Dreams From My Father"..... It is his STEALING MY PAID IN MEDICARE..... $716 BILLION to put his ObamaCare in place to RAPE the country with his lies! ... it is his throwing our troops to the dogs.... the Muslim DOGS...... it is his cover for Holder/Fast&Furious ...again killing our agents... it is his suing states for trying to enforce laws... like illegals and voter fraud.... it is like giving $1.2 Billion to BLACK ONLY FARMERS... just because their ancestors were slaves.... it is his forcing gas prices over 100% increase to try to force solar... and giving our tax dollars to solar companies who belly-up and pay to his campaign... it is 23,000,000 unemployed... it keeping all the illegals in the welfare line on the backs of taxpayers.... and on and on, but, you probably are not even reading, because you are his lemming, who thinks voting for REVENGE is the thing to do..... and, oh yes... Romney did not say, "he wasn't even going to TRY to serve 47 % of the citizens of this country?" He plainly says he is for 100%... but, the 47% (later changed to 30%, because the 17% are like me, retired, and my husband, disabled vet... ) but, the 30% who live in FREE, will vote for Obama, no matter what... and he was not going to be worried or concerned about Obamamanians.......

You mean Obama taking 81 days

You mean Obama taking 81 days is vacationing more than working? And it was 26 days vacation during first year. By contrast Bush took 243 at the equivalent point in his first term and ended up at 1020 days at the end of his two terms. Reagan by reference was 335 days after 8 year term. And last but not least during Romney's four year term as governor of Massachusetts he's spent 417 days out of state with most of those trips being personal or unrelated to his job according to a reporter at nytimes who's reviewed his travel records. Some can argue that it was part of Romney preparing for his Presidential run but the state still needed a Governor.

Oh and ignoring half the people sounds awfully a lot like Romney's 47% remarks.

Who knows what gonna happen

Who knows what gonna happen Tuesday, but in 2016 we need a real choice maybe a populist president that is intelligent, working class his/herself, a moderate with religion, and is interested in America creating jobs by creating industry that does not exist yet. We could grab china by the balls if we just used our heads. Alternative energy, locally based agriculture, local textiles, local products made with the same materials we are shipping to them and then buying back.\20 years of stringent trade limitations with China and they would be begging for anything. Anyway this is inevitable, that is why China is expanding to other markets like Africa, South America. We really need to embrace diversity here, that is what actually makes us competitive on many levels. Because the quality of life and spirit is high. We need to take the high road. This partisan BS will only push the focus off of our needs as a country and while other countries exploit this divisive-ness.

The troll reeled in so many

The troll reeled in so many comments, they're putting this up for the 2nd day in a row!

It doesn't matter if Romney

It doesn't matter if Romney is found guilty, red handed or not. The same people who support Romney are the same people who supported Nixon after Watergate, and McCarthy after his hunt for red commies in the 50s.

It doesn't matter if Romney committed genocide. He'd still have his supporters, which would deny that it was "really" genocide.

Remember too that 90% of the GOP is comprised of white people. Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

"Remember too that 90% of the

"Remember too that 90% of the GOP is comprised of white people. Speaks volumes, doesn't it?" ...... you say, DWDALLAM

Remember the total population is 77% white..... and all of them are NOT GOP.

which means the intelligent black population is rising... like Artur Davis, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Allen West.... Condi Rice ... great mentors for the race!

You are so right! 50% of

You are so right! 50% of Americans are not out of work so why are they so blind, deaf and dumb? They sure are not color blind!

I have a question more than

I have a question more than anything? I'm not American and certainly have no love for either of your Presidential candidates. They both suck for different reasons.
Here's my question...

Is the premise of this article that there is an ethical problem with a business man and politician making money off something he voted against and actively campaigned against?

I can clearly see the ethical problem with him profiting from the bailout if he was campaigning FOR it. The fact that he campaigned against the bailout would seem to indicate that he campaigned and voted AGAINST his personal financial interests. There seems to a paradox in complaining about him making money out of something he thought shouldn't be done in the first place.

The larger issue of whether it was "ethical" of the management to hold the treasury to ransom and massively increase the profitability and value of the company can be answered easily. If it was YOUR company would you have been happy with them doing it? I wouldn't. WE also don't really have any facts about the company. Why were it's shares only 67cents? I would surmise it was because it wasn't particularly financially healthy. Hence the jump to $30 after getting bailout money. Facts are thin on the ground about that though.

The issues around moving jobs to another country again would be difficult to stick someone with. Was the company viable with the existing cost base? Would it simply have gone bust if it had continued as it was or lost the business to a foreign competitor? There are too many variables to make a judgement without the facts. This article is virtually devoid of them...

That being said, Romney may be a horribly criminal asshole, it's just that this article seems to be reaching a bit, using partial and quasi related facts tied to paradox to reach a conclusion that doesn't make any sense.

I'm sure there are more details that will come out in time and these may prove that Romney was entirely unethical in this case.

In the mean time cheerleading an accusation presented to you with no facts, or insufficient ones, combined with a paradoxical approach by the accused (campaigning against his own gain) without questioning it, seems a bit churlish.

It seems the partisan nature of US politics has an interesting effect. Everyone dying for news that the "other guy" is a bad guy. So they can all shout "I KNEW IT".

This is a problem for both sides on different issues. No matter what you want to believe neither candidate is a paragon of virtue compared to the other.

@mannalive "Is the premise of


"Is the premise of this article that there is an ethical problem with a business man and politician making money off something he voted against and actively campaigned against?"

No. Romney was Governor of the State of Massachusetts, basically CEO of a regional government. The only things he would have had a say in would be Massachusetts issues and suggestions for the President. It's an odd system, but the governor doesn't report to the president... they are basically (not entirely) discreet systems.

The article is about a businessman (he was not governor at the time) that demanded more money than an asset of his was worth... from public money. He then hid it via an offshore shell game, to avoid taxes.

Remember... this is not a criminal (jail) or civil (probably settlement) charge. It is ethical, which at minimum would discredit his corporations (he'd then dissolve them) and probably end in a fine or settlement which would only be a fraction of the actual profit. Depending on how this shook out, criminal charges of fraud (based on the viability of the company vs the 12.9b payout) might follow. That would mean jail. If he were president, he would prob be impeached and removed from office giving us President Ryan.

Delphi has always been a major GM subcontractor. I know they used to make everything from batteries to trunk locks, but may have been down to 67c because the only thing they could make was steering columns thanks to Chinese imports. The jobs part is simply partisan journalism and means nothing to the case. Altho, if this were to go to jury of any sort, it would certainly be brought up.

"This is a problem for both sides on different issues. No matter what you want to believe neither candidate is a paragon of virtue compared to the other."

Nobody in politics is a paragon of virtue. I know you don't use that as the mark that must be reached to obtain your vote, that you're just making a point.

That being said, for 4 years 'they' have been chasing their tail looking for ANYTHING to hit Obama with and have come up with nothing. In the 90s 'they' spent $30m chasing Clinton's shadows and eventually accused him of basically getting a blowjob. The whole thing was a joke.

On the other hand, Romney has this and a number other ethical questions of his past. Concealing contemporary tax statements keeps all of them under wraps. Bush went to treatment for coke addiction and was Governor of Texas without doing anything, not to mention the way the Bush family got their fortune: from the federal govt (wikipedia Union Banking Corp).

The Obama I got is not the candidate I voted for in 08. But even he is far and away the best person for president these days. If he was white, he might have actually gotten something done.

You obviously didn't catch

You obviously didn't catch the second televised debate between Romney and Obama. romney may have won the debate because he caught Obama off guard by mentioning that Obama had China investments in a Blind Trust like he did. (Never mind Romney gained most of his millions by outsourcing American jobs to the China slave market). Now it has come to light that Romney had illegal investments in China by not declaring them as a Presidential candidate has to do. That is the point of the article, the writer is upset that Romney gained ground on another lie, something Romney does with surprising regularity.

The thing that is bothersome

The thing that is bothersome apart from his (Romney) dishonesty is all the people he has surrounded himself with, especially the big donors. No one would donate $20 million or anything close to that unless they want something in return other than just wanting a black man out of the white house. This means he is selling the Oval Office and if elected (Thank God that won't happen) these people are going to have a say in all policy making. Being the greedy bastards they are - watch out you 47% disadvantaged people. If you think life is difficult now, you haven't seen anything yet.
Then there are the other hateful racist pigs who are a disgrace to the highest political office in the world. They don't wear hoods anymore and burn crosses on lawns but they still exist. We have seen and heard from some of them.

Struggling if that is your

Struggling if that is your name and game. Don't blame Obama for you struggling. If you are of the right, ask you congressman WHY, on inauguration day, your party leaders were meeting and decided they are not going to work with Obama. They wanted him to fail. Not caring if the country fails. Not even giving him a chance. First I thought because he was black. But during the RNC Convention, it hit me. Not because he is black, it is because he is not a WHITE MALE. If Hillary Clinton would have won, it would have been the same thing. So for you women, blacks, Hispanics etc. the republicans only want to keep the membership of the Presidency Male and White. If they made it hard for him, maybe other whom is not white men would be discouraged to run. I said all that to say this. If you are strugglingtomakeit, what happen to all your very rich people at the top handing down the prosperity to you?

FYI, these are all

FYI, these are all ALLEGATIONS; none of them have been proven to be true. Wait until these allegations are actually investigated before you formulate your opinions.

Darktangent: Sure, but even

Darktangent: Sure, but even so, there is no need to TURN OFF your THINKING apparatus on election day.

ONE candidate is doing his best against all of the Reich Wing FAUX-Driven Propaganda... and is doing pretty well too, considering that Royal Drag.

The OTHER candidate is simply making money. And if he takes that habit into our highest office, he will simply make more money using the increased opportunities he will find there. That is his talent, and that is his aim. And money NOT just for him, but for all his buddies that got him there.

That is a LOT of money, and YOU will be the one finally paying for it, in jobs sent overseas, in government functions sold to the highest bidder (but -- trust me -- STILL funded by YOUR taxes) to profit from by cutting services, hours, days, etc. We HAVE SEEN THIS happening already. In the inexorable ruin of our falling bridges and cracking highways and obsolete-but-functioning Nuclear plants waiting to create the next Fukushima.

Imagine ANYTHING that can happen when you take money away from public works, and put it into private accounts, and you won't be far wrong, in what a Romney Administration could and probably will do.

This article is

This article is unsubstantiated and it's claims unfounded. Furthermore, this organization is in violation of federal regulations prohibiting 501(c) 3 tax exempt organizations from participating in politics.

Darktangent: So you are now

Darktangent: So you are now attacking the very source of REAL news we have left? Do you realize that YOU are doing the Reich's work for them?

As to violations of 501(c)3, don't make me laugh. YOUR favorite boys have been doing that since they established SuperPAKs to fund themselves. mean like, er, mean like, er, churches? The day that churches actually STOP trying to influence politics is the day that I'll personally stop expecting other tax-exempt organizations to forego weighing in.

Hey STRUG, While I'm at it I


While I'm at it I have a few more questions for you:

1: Who faked the moon landing, and where or why?
2. Who really brought down the Twin Towers?
3. What are they putting in the water, and why?
4. How many commies are in congress, and what are their names?
5. How'd thos Iraqis hide all them weapons of mass destruction
6. Why are they hiding those alien's bodies in area 51?
7. Who let you loose?

Pick any one and answer. I'm with ya Kid.



How old are you?

Romney is a criminal. I

Romney is a criminal. I certainty hope charges are filed. Only a fool would not conclude that Romney is not hiding something by not releasing his taxes. But more than that this guy is so confident that he can hoodwink America because he is getting away with so many lies he feels he has a pass. Back to Romney and his profitting from the auto bailout, is any one surprised? The man is money hungry and he does not care who he gets it from. 4000% profit? I hope he and Ann end up in the slammer. Because all of their ill-earned gains at the expense American companies and American workers they are the worst type of financial pirates. And they do it all with a smile.

he is a THEFT! thats where

he is a THEFT! thats where his fortune from. im wondering why we havent gotten more local coverage on this?

I'm amazed that: (1)

I'm amazed that:
(1) Romney's fooled half of the American populace;
(2) He, along with half the Americans, believes he's entitled to become the nation's CEO by releasing only two years of tax returns. NO other person could get even a CAR loan, let alone a mortgage, with such scanty financials, and;
(3) Romney believes he's ENTITLED to the presidency, why because, well, because he just IS. Just ask his wife.

Well said and I agree.

Well said and I agree.

Struggling..., Let me set you

Let me set you straight on one fact. Nobody has to give up their citizenship to enter the country of Indonesia. Period! That is about as ridiculous a tall tale as I have ever read. My father, who worked for an oil company I'd prefer not to name, worked in Indonesia for many years, on two separate occasions, and he brought my mother, me and my brother with him. I was two and a half years old. I went to school in Indonesia, learned the language and customs of the country, and was able to visit many other countries, particularly in Asia during my childhood. My younger sister and brother were both born in Indonesia, but you'd never know by looking or talking to either of them, because we are all Americans. Always have been, always will be. I don't get why so many of my fellow Americans are so paranoid and prejudiced as to be afraid of someone, an American, who spent part of his childhood in another country, when the benefits of understanding the cultures of other societies is actually a valuable lesson, and also gives those of us lucky enough to have experienced this a sense of appreciation for what the United States means to us, as citizens, and to many others around the world.

My family lived in Indonesia during the same period of time when Obama was living there as a child, so I can relate to many of the things he experienced living there as a kid. If you think somehow being exposed to the world at a young age causes someone to develop oddball tendencies toward communism, or socialism, or whatever other crazy BS is heaped on Obama, you're the one being brainwashed, I'm afraid. Seriously, a child can be exposed to many things as he or she is growing up which can help shape our perspectives later on in life, but that is actually a good thing compared to the narrow, parochial, rigid thinking that comes from people raised in ignorance, intolerance, and paranoia or fear. It is always those who fear that which they don't know or understand who are the most dangerous. All the Obama haters out there who can only rant about his "background" as reason to reject him, without understanding a thing about what any of it really means, only show their own insecurities and bigotry. I ran into this in grade school back here in the good old USA, but even at that young age I recognized the ignorance of some kids. They clearly reflected the values and fears of their own parents, and I felt a bit sorry for them more than anything, because I knew things about the world, even at that age, that they would never know in their lifetimes. I also learned that America was far from perfect, and we could strive for much better understanding in this country. Yet, none of this made me less American. On the made me a better American. I firmly believe Barack Obama is a much better American for the background and experiences he had growing up, and working on behalf of less privileged people in this country for the early part of his adult life. I know where he's coming from, and he's all about achieving something lasting, and meaningful to the lives of many, rather than the enrichment of himself, and the few. He's a good man, whether you can see that or not. And, he will be re-elected next Tuesday.

Truly alarming is the fact

Truly alarming is the fact that most members of Bush's executive--and most legislators and military--lacked a passport when Bush trotted us off to war. We're so insulated and isolated from reality! Thanks, media. You're complicit.

What the liberals are really

What the liberals are really hiding:

Jantol: Desperate, are we?

Jantol: Desperate, are we? You put up a link that's meant to show that Feminists are emasculating men, and you say that THAT is what Liberals are "really hiding?"

Gimme a break.

We have much better topics, than to hide Reich Wing anti-Feminist propaganda. In fact, we LIKE this sort of anti-Feminist propaganda, because the more people are exposed to this tripe, and TOLD that there is really some issue behind it, the closer they will come to seeing that it's just all a made up tempest in a teapot, meant to distract us from the important issues.

I don't doubt the veracity of

I don't doubt the veracity of the author's findings as some here seem to to. He's a well respected and thorough investigative reporter for the BBC, something of an endangered species in this country.

Caution TROLL on this thread.

Caution TROLL on this thread. Don't waste your time!

As much as I want to cheer

As much as I want to cheer about Romney getting caught screwing over auto workers, may I point out that the first paragraph of this article misleads and provides an erroneous statement.

The author states that, "tomorrow afternoon he will be charged with violating the federal Ethics in Government law..." If you haven't got it yet, focus on the word 'will'. As the title of the piece suggests, the UAM will be filing charges against Romney tomorrow. He's not going to charged until whatever the process is to handle a complaint. Usually it takes months.

The shame of this election is not just the lies that the candidates spout, but also the manipulation and misleading information that the media presents. Progressive Journalism for Positive Active? Let's start, as citizens, by holding the media accountable.

"Nation of Change?"You can be better than this.

"As the title of the piece

"As the title of the piece suggests, the UAM will be filing charges against Romney tomorrow. He's not going to charged until whatever the process is to handle a complaint. Usually it takes months. "

Haw, Haw, Haw.... Your own language shows that you don't know WHAT the process is, and yet you feel impelled to "correct" our characterization of what will happen tomorrow by "correcting" our EXACT, CORRECT statement that the plaintifs WILL CHARGE Romney with this financial abuse in the morning.

For the record... You have confused the charges (yes charges, accusations) made by the UAM, with the indictment (also called "charges") that MAY later come from the Justice Department...

This is an interesting story,

This is an interesting story, and Governor Romney is thanking his lucky stars that the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is foremost in the minds of so many people, and so many news outlets, otherwise this story would be getting a lot of coverage.

If the allegations in this story are true, then I am grateful to the UAW and the non-profit watchdog organizations that have brought it to light. It is certainly something voters should consider before electing our next President.

If the allegations in this story are not true, then this is well-timed stunt intended to sway voters in the last days before the election.

Indeed, with so few days before the the election, few people will be able to actually do the independent research to decide for themselves, to make an informed decision before voting.

I am reminded of something that came up earlier in the year, when Gov. Romney released his tax returns. I think I remember that he released only last year's returns. I think I also recall a former president remarking that this seemed odd, given that the common practice for candidates in the past has been for releasing 7-10 years of returns.

Gov. Romney's campaign ads have him saying he will lead in an "open and honest" way. I am not sure I can believe that, given that he appears to not to be able to be "open and honest" during his campaign.

Regarding the allegations in this story, I will reserve judgement until more facts comes to light. Till then, I continue to be open and honest -- open to others opinions, and honest with others about my own.

Romney if elected would SUCK

Romney if elected would SUCK this country dry!!! I hope these charges cause him to show the tax forms that he hides soooo dearly,he needs to be held accountable. He has slithered aroud the laws of this great country slipping through every loop hole he could find.Now about President Obama we need to re-elect him for saving this country from going into a deep depression.I have one other thing to say about our great President he had the Guts & Brains to make the call to take out Bin Laden when the time was right , that dumb ass Bush didnt have a clue or guts to do it! My son did two tours of duty for our country and paid dearly hittig a I.E.D. in Afghanistan in 2009, over 20 operations later he is still trying to piece his life back together. Thankfully President Obama is standing behind our Veterans and getting along with others the very best care available. Go Obama!!!!!

romney is the only president

romney is the only president that just utterly refuse to release more that two tax. he didnt release actual return for more than two years but just a hand written summary. can you believe that? these people dont care about what lie he tells, they will allow anything to go on as long obama doesnt get reelected.

UNIONS are not the solution.

UNIONS are not the solution. UNIONS are the problem. Rude, crude, lazy, corrupt BULLIES. Been there, done that, seen them in action and will never have anything to do with them again. I can speak for myself and dont need to pay dues to have someone speak for me.

Hey Alan, Are you enjoying

Hey Alan, Are you enjoying the weekend coming up with your kids.. I hope so, because if it were not for unions you may be still at work, and your kids, or you may never get a break, or the building would be locked if you tried to leave, or I could go on and on. ( labor laws/regulations, safety) The problem is since the 19th century corporation and banks have been doing all they can to keep working people from organizing for better work conditions and pay. Now please do your homework before you talk $hit. : )


ALAN THOMAS, LAZY! My Dad was a longshoreman and a proud member of the ILWU. He once worked 28 "straight" days. They were "lumping" at the time. This means 100lb. sacks of rice moved "manually." Have you "been there,done that!" Your idiocy and willingness to lump (pun intended) everyone in a Union into one category, reveals an elitist and parochial viewpoint that should exclude you from any serious conversation on this subject. I dearly wish my Dad could have heard you say that (in person) back in the day. It would have been "dearly departed."

Look, the decline in Union

Look, the decline in Union membership correlates to the decline in middle-class income. Unions, like the corporations that abhor them, are not innately evil. Unions level the playing field and ensure that employers don't divide and conquer their workforces. Just remember that power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Look, the decline in Union

Look, the decline in Union membership correlates to the decline in middle-class income. Unions, like the corporations that abhor them, are not innately evil. Unions level the playing field and ensure that employers don't divide and conquer their workforces. Just remember that power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Really??!! You're local

Really??!! You're local Firefighters thank you for your kind thoughts.. Before you let your emotions get in the way of your extremely generalized opinions, take 5 minutes of research and realize there are many Unions across this great country that truly rely on their members and those they serve to provide the highest quality product while maintaining a safe operating environment.
This "product" includes staffing which provides more firefighters and equipment on structure fires, auto accidents and emergency medical incidents to name a few. These are just a few of many fights our great Union is constantly fighting every day.
In the end, as a result of the tireless hard work from our Union leadership, our customers (you), our firefighters and our families are safer if the ultimate sacrifice is realized.
Personally, I feel blessed to have "someone speaking for me"...

Those "Rude, crude, lazy,

Those "Rude, crude, lazy, corrupt BULLIES" are out there, and have been for days, rescuing people, saving lives, where Hurricane Sandy cuts its tragic path. God forbid your house burns down, your family is held hostage, or an earthquake buries someone you love in the rubble. Since you "will never have anything to do with them again", perhaps they'll feel the same about you.

People who feel like Alan

People who feel like Alan need to post a sign in their yards so when their house is burning it can just be ignored. Everyone wins.

well you have obviously been

well you have obviously been lucky enough to never be screwed over by an employer, lucky you ... but most workers need and deserve union protections, and I certainly wish I had them. Just look at corporate profits and executive salaries/bonuses/perks vs. worker salaries/benefits. workers have certainly not been given their piece of the american pie in any way shape or form. workers have been vilified as lazy takers, and it simply just isn't true, and we need to bring respect for the hard working american back to the forefront of our society or we will have no society left. by the way, those american workers who are saving lives and helping people in the wake of this storm ... they are mostly UNION WORKERS!!!!!

Juat curiious, do you enjoy

Juat curiious, do you enjoy having a minimum wage, or a 40-hour work week? Would you like to work based solely on how much of a product you can produce, and not get paid sick leave or worker's comp? Because you can thank organized labor for all those laws. But hey, if you want to go back to earning .10 an hour for 10 hours at a time, working 6 days a week, with no overtime, then you can move to China. I will stay here, where we can enjoy our lives.

I wanna know if struggling

I wanna know if struggling doesnt watch faux or listen to rush or trump, etc etc etc, where is he getting all of his crap lies? Ive tried to find other sources of his mis-information, but it is just no where to be found. he says he's been studying politics since all the way back to 2007? wow that's impressive, cause that 5 years of knowledge is right in line with our planet only being as old as the bible says it is lol! struggling, please reveal your legitimate sources, or even just one legitimate source.

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