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Dave Lindorff
Published: Friday 29 March 2013
The nation’s criminal code keeps getting bigger each year, too, as the charlatans in elected office at the local, state and federal level keep piling on new crimes to punish.

The United Police States of America

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Willie James Sauls is unlikely to see the outside of a prison. Last fall a court in the state of Texas sentenced this 37-year-old man to 45 years in jail. His crime: he snatched the purse from an old woman.

In Norway, meanwhile, a court sentenced Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing racist who slaughtered 77 people, mostly teenagers, and injured several hundred, to 21 years in prison, with an option for that detention to be extended by five-year increments if he is determined to be still dangerous. Otherwise, the 32-year-old, if considered rehabilitated, could be released at the age of 53.

In the 1970s and ‘80s, Germany was rocked by killings committed by a radical left group called the Red Army Faction. Its members killed over 30 people, including prosecutors and industrialists. Eventually its leaders were caught and convicted, but by 2007, almost a decade after the Red Army Faction had announced its own dissolution, those still in prison were pardoned by the country’s president.

It is beyond inconceivable to imagine a U.S. president, governor or even a judge, releasing a prisoner from a U.S. jail who had committed the kind of offenses committed by either Breivik or members of Germany’s Red Army Faction. It is, in fact, hard to imagine any political leader in the US pardoning purse-snatcher Willie James Sauls.

This is, after all, a country that just recently hounded a 26-year-old internet activist, Aaron Swartz, into committing suicide, after a federal prosecutor threatened him with 35 years in jail -- this for the heinous crime of stealing income from a company that was collecting revenue for making available academic papers for which the authors get not a penny (in a protest action he had publicly hacked an MIT server and downloaded hundreds of academic papers which the private contractor was charging for!). This is a country that routinely convicts the wrong people and locks them up for decades and doesn't even apologize if they manage to eventually prove their innocence and win release. It's a country that is holding people as "terrorists" at Guantanamo, without trial, for over a decade, knowing they never did anything wrong, simply because it doesn't have the courage to admit its errors.

Right-wing Americans love to call the U.S. a “nanny state,” claiming that the federal government is always trying to pass laws regulating people’s lives. What the U.S. really is, though, is a “puni-state” -- a nation that thrives on vengeance and retribution, and that rejects the whole notion of rehabilitation or character change (even while euphemistically calling its prisons "corrections" facilities).

How else to explain the prosecutorial passion for charging absurdly youthful offenders as adults?

In 2011, a Pennsylvania judge agreed with a prosecutor’s request to try Jordan Brown, an 11-year old boy, as an adult, because ahead of the trial, he “refused to admit his guilt” in the shooting death of his father’s pregnant fiancee. While Brown became the youngest kid in the world to be facing a potential sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole, he would not be unusual in the state of Pennsylvania, which leads the U.S. (itself a country that leads the world in such prosecutions of children as adults) in having an astonishing 450 people serving life terms in prison with no opportunity for parole who were sentenced as adults for acts they committed as children.

Say what?

One of the fundamental realities about children is that they grow up, and generally, if given a modicum of love and attention, they grow up to be more mature than they were as kids.

That doesn’t compute in the U.S., where what you did is all that matters to the average citizen, apparently. Some 40 of the 50 states allow children to be tried as adults in the United States, making it a pariah among nations in its brutishness and barbarism.

Politicians -- Democrat and Republican -- campaign on “get-tough-on-crime" platforms which have also made the U.S. the most locked-up society in the world, outstripping even police states like China, which despite being almost four times the population of the U.S., has fewer people behind bars.

In the U.S., 2.3 million people are in prison, but another 4.9 million are out of jail but still on parole or probation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, meaning they’ve been in prison already, and are still under the control of prison and police authorities. That’s over 3 percent of the U.S. population, counting kids and old people. We lock people up at six times the rate, relative to population, of the average for all industrialized nations. Our lock-up rate is five times Britain’s, nine times Germany’s and 12 times Japan’s, yet we have crime rates far in excess of those more enlightened countries.

America has turned everything in to a crime. We get locked up for actions that rarely lead to prison in other modern societies -- things like writing bad checks or using recreational drugs...or purse snatching. And U.S. prison sentences are much longer than sentences for the same crimes in other more enlightened countries. Take burglaries. In the U.S., the average sentence for a burglary is 16 months -- almost a year and a half. In Canada, it’s five months, and in England, seven months. Of course, we stand out too as having one of the busiest execution assembly lines in the world, trumped only by China and Iran, two countries that are not particularly laudable for the quality of their justice systems.

Of course, the U.S. justice system, if it can even be called that these days, is also rife with racism. The BJS reports that although blacks do not commit crimes at a rate significantly different from whites, they account for 39.4 percent of the US prison population, while accounting for only 13.1 percent of the general population. Hispanics, who account for 20.6 percent of the prison population nationally, represent only 16.3 percent of the population. Another way of looking at things: In 2010 black non-Hispanic males were incarcerated at the rate of 4,347 inmates per 100,000 in the U.S. White males were incarcerated at the rate of 678 inmates per 100,000. Hispanic males were incarcerated at the rate of 1,755 inmates per 100,000 U.S.

The system is also rigged against the poor of whatever race, many of whom are actually, or for all practical purposes, denied the Constitutional right to a lawyer.

We’ve all heard it: Every time someone does something and it makes the news, the response you hear in conversation is “They should lock ‘em up!” or worse, "They should fry 'em!" Rarely, among most Americans, does the notion creep in that a criminal suspect is sick, needs psychiatric help or needs addiction treatment. Nor is poverty ever mentioned as a cause for some crime. In America, we are supposed to hunker down and endure our fate if we have no job, even if that means we, or our kids, have nothing to eat.

In Mississippi, a news story recently reported that a young boy had been sent to reform school because he came to school with his sneakers painted black instead of wearing required black school uniform shoes. It didn’t matter that his mother came in and explained that they had no money for the mandated leather shoes, so she had tried to conform by painting his sneakers.

In 1997, a homeless man in California named Gregory Taylor was sentenced to 25 years to life(!) for breaking into a church kitchen and trying to steal a loaf of bread. After 13 years behind bars, a judge (maybe after reading Victor Hugo?), reduced his sentence to time served and let him out. The initial outlandish sentence, and the outrageous amount of time he did serve until his release, was the result of that state’s “three strikes and you’re out” law, which says if you commit a third offense after already having been convicted twice of crimes, you get the 25-to-life sentence, regardless of the crimes involved. Judges are allowed no discression in states that have this law. In Taylor’s case, his first crime had been stealing a woman’s purse, and his second had been attempted robbery. Neither of those prior crimes had reportedly involved any violence. No matter. It was his third “strike.”

The nation’s criminal code keeps getting bigger each year, too, as the charlatans in elected office at the local, state and federal level keep piling on new crimes to punish.

Louisiana State University Law Professor John S Baker, Jr., writing in 2004 in a publication called The Federalist Society, noted that as of 2003, there were 4000 criminal offenses carrying criminal penalties listed in the U.S. Criminal Code. That, he said, represented an increase of more than 1300 offenses over 1980. (In general, he notes that many more crimes are typically added to the list in election years than in non-election years.) The Heritage Foundation reports than the number of federal crimes had grown by another 450 to a total of 4450 by 2007.

Prosecutors for federal crimes often don’t even need to prove intent to commit a crime in order to prosecute someone, or to win a conviction. Thus, for example, prosecutors have argued, with some success, that a person can be convicted of aiding and supporting terrorism under the post 2001 anti-terrorism laws, for innocently donating to a charitable organization that, while itself not involved in funding terrorism, might have sent some of its funds onward to some second organization (with the transaction totally unknown to the initial donor), and that second organization did contribute to a terrorist organization.

Incredible, you say? Well, how about the father and son who went on an innocent hunt on federal land to look for Indian arrowheads -- something that used to be considered a fun hobby --and who were arrested in Idaho by federal authorities under a new law that made it a felony to dig on what was an unmarked archeological site. The 68-year-old Eddie Anderson, a retired logger and high school science teacher, and his son, ended up pleading guilty and getting slapped with a one-year probation sentence and a $1500 fine each. The joke is that the National Park souvenir stores generally sell arrowheads, all of which, if they are real, were “dug” from what by definition would be archeological sites.

At some point -- and we passed it a long, long time ago -- this punitive obsession in America has made the U.S. not a “land of the free,” but a land of the intimidated.

Everytime I’m driving and I see a police car behind me, I expect to be pulled over. Not because I’m doing anything wrong, but because increasingly, that’s what police do. Recently, I was going shopping and saw two cops outside of a squad car talking to a couple of kids by their car, in what clearly was some kind of incident. I wanted to park in a space two cars away but decided against it, readlizing I might have felt compelled to say something, which could have gotten me busted.

And remember, as you think about all this, the the top law enforcement official in the country, Attorney General Eric Holder, just told Congress that he had no intention of seeking criminal indictments against the nation’s top bankers, despite a wide-spread conviction that they are all guilty of the most massive fraud and theft in the history of the country, because he says such prosecutions could “destabilize” the nation’s financial system. So the banksters skate while Willie James Sauls rots in prison the rest of his life.

Welcome to the United Police States of America.

ABOUT Dave Lindorff

Dave Lindorff is an investigative reporter, a columnist for CounterPunch, and a contributor to Businessweek, The Nation, Extra! and He received a Project Censored award in 2004. Dave is also a founding member of the online newspaper ThisCantBeHappening! at

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Make the f-ing connection, wake the f- up!
I mean really!



"judges" have given themselves absolute immunity from lawsuits and have extended it to prosecutors, even when they're involved in horrendous willful misconduct where there are NO legitmiate immunity defenses.

The federal govt pays the

The federal govt pays the states and the cities for every day they lock a person up.

Need I say more?

This article reminds me of

This article reminds me of what happened to Hope Steffey in Stark County, Ohio. She is assaulted by an angry niece and she ends up getting hauled into the Sheriff Dept., strip-searched by 4 femi-nazi deputies and 3 male Nazi skinheads, for "resisting arrest." Or at least trying to resist being physically finger-banged by the male skinheads...which the very graphic video clearly show them doing to her. She is left naked for 6 hours in the jail and then finally marched in with a weighted flackjacket and nothing else, to her arraignment.

I would be very interested to see what is on the Sheriffs home computer for late-night entertainment! 5 more women have since come forth and said they too were mauled by the Nazi Gestapo in this same jail. What will it be next time a 16 year old jaywalker on her way home from school? Just more great late-night entertainment for the Sheriff and his Gestapo henchmen.

What a fantastic country we live in! Only in Amerika can skinhead Nazi's strip search and physically violate their neighbors wife, daughter, mother, grandmother...all the while cowering behind a "Big Bad Johnny Law" badge!

Private Prisons = "Treason

Private Prisons = "Treason for Profit"

The completely corrupt judges, lawyers, prosecutors all on the payroll of the traitors waging war for profit on fellow citizens.

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