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UPS Ends Charitable Giving to Boy Scouts of America Over Anti-Gay Discrimination

Zack Ford
Think Progress / News Report
Published: Tuesday 13 November 2012
“Daily Kos is running a campaign to thank the UPS Foundation for standing by its principled support of LGBT equality and ending its donations to the Boy Scouts.”
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UPS has confirmed that it has implemented a new policy for its charitable giving that will disqualify groups like the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. The UPS Foundation posted the following on its site yesterday:

The UPS Foundation seeks to support organizations that are in alignment with our focus areas, guidelines, and non-discrimination policy. UPS and The UPS Foundation do not discriminate against any person or organization with regard to categories protected by applicable law, as well as other categories protected by UPS and The UPS Foundation in our own policies. These include, but are not limited to race, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or military status, pregnancy, age and religion.

In September, The American Independent reported on companies like UPS and Intel that had made donations to the Boy Scouts. In 2010, UPS gave $167,000 to BSA and clarified at that time that it would not be changing its policies. At that time, Intel clarified to ThinkProgress that it had already implemented a new safeguard to prevent the company’s charitable giving from supporting discriminating organizations or charities. Intrepid activist Zach Wahls then led a petition effort against UPS, which has apparently followed suit.

Daily Kos is running a campaign to thank the UPS Foundation for standing by its principled support of LGBT equality and ending its donations to the Boy Scouts.

great news i got a person i

great news i got a person i know whose business did $500-$1000 per week with ups to stop

@ Pennywise Chill the fuck

@ Pennywise

Chill the fuck out. They can go camping with their Dads and get the same thing.

Really? Do they go to

Really? Do they go to rent-a-dad? Is there a weekend rate? How many kids can chip in for one dad? How fortunate you are to assume the presence of a father figure. You had a father through your youth. I never thought of your arguement. Disappointing children isn't bad...I'm over reacting!

You may not remember but camping with your buddies, playing capture the flag with 50 kids at night is not the same as camping with your father. One not better than the other, but definately not the same.

There are millions of people that think as I do on this subject.

WOW! That's really

WOW! That's really impressive. A corporation doing the right thing for the sake of social ethics.

I'll never use UPS again. In

I'll never use UPS again. In a time where fatherless homes quickly approach mean who is carrying the standard of guidance for young boys? Where are the examples for young America to follow if not the Scout Masters. These men may (are) the only examples these children have to say "this is good, do this" At "scouts" the playing field is even. Rich and poor wear the same clothes. They learn that advancement in society does have everything to do with the work you put in and that color is just color.

The Boy Scouts have to protect the boys, 1st and formost. The boy scouts are a hierarchial organisation. The younger boys are guided by older boys. Rank in the Boy Scouts give an outward sign of hard work being rewarded. It gives order where large groups of boys share the same space.
this system has worked for generations. Everything collapses when sex is part of the equation.These boys follow because they trust. Getting the kinks out of learning to lead is complicated. The camp fires in encampments everywhere are so full of reviewing day's in nature or seeing the night as the scouts have never experienced before, leaves little time for talks of sexuality. There are other places for that discussion. Last month's revelation of rampid pedophelia in the Boy Scouts of past decades rings home the need to protect these children and young men. I know pedophelia and being gay are not the same. Send the disqualifing test to Boy Scout Hq. They dream of there being one.

The Boy Scouts have never hunted gays in the scouts, ever. There are people who join to cause trouble. The Boy Scouts do so much good to fill voids that no one takes the blame for. The abandonment of the family as necessary to prepare for contributing adulthood. Men who can exist with their offspring regardless of who's in the White House. Adults who know their place in a family, structured to aid each other, will aid in most of their sucesses. Who's going to teach this when you've thrown the Boy Scouts on the pile of gay victories. The most unifying element of generals, admirals, presidents and leaders throughout our society and the biggest guarantee of future sucess is the Eagle Scout rank.

20 years ago when the United Way dropped support for the Boy Scouts 135 boy scout troops in Texas alone were disbanded. Those kids didn't even know what gay means. They knew what 2 weeks of open air scout camp meant. The lesson of abandonment they probably had down.

Gays don't have to win everything. Who wins everything? They now have power; respond to the void they welcomed creating destroying programs long since proved to be an important part of the children of encarcirated, military deployed without families, latch key kids, single parent households, the last child in a household, lives. Programs that teach responsibility for those entrusted to them. A program designed for minorities to advance at their determined speed, not the speed so determined by white people, as they had constantly been told. You can't stop a young person who's figured that out. That lesson is a cornerstone of the Boy Scouts.

While not all children can afford Karate, hockey, band instruments, swimming pool admissions, painting lessons or computers in their bedrooms. No one has ever been turned away from scouting.

Voters approved gay initiatives this last election because in large part they're tired of listening to gay initatives. No one cares who you love or how you love them. Life's too difficult to be bothered. Gays, etc., etc., have every right they want. My medical plan has already been adjusted upward to account for gay spouses, so don't think your rights were no cost to straight America. Thanks for saying Thank you for the help so convincingly. Many feel that gays are not going to stop with equality. They're not going to stop until straight america is prostrate before gay america telling them they are right and heterosexual America is wrong.

The movement is so full of pay back it's out of control. Destroying the Boy Scouts, where gay scouts can prosper along with straight boys their age. being systematically destroyed is payback. The Boy Scouts is not a political organization. Why does a child need to wear a gay badge anyway? This is no difference than Catholic boys in a troop sponsored by a Mosque. It's not a problem. Whether the boy scouts are in line, at attention at the gay picking sides meeting means nothing. you'll have to do something pretty good to erase this foul example of the Gay Movement's new power. I need another example of greedy people leaving a trail of destruction and hurt feelings behind them like I need another Mitch McConnell in the senate.

@pennywise Wow what a wall of


Wow what a wall of opinionated bigotry. Your position is antiquated and is going the way of the dinosaur. I'm not even going to offer any counter arguments to your emotional temper tantrum. Good luck with your hateful life.

Oh yea, thanks for reminding

Oh yea, thanks for reminding me. Any person who feels a conviction from his heart with no ill thought towards anyone but does not agree with the Gay, etc., etc. is a bigot. Trying to lead a good life because of good examples, somehow has an expiration date? Marking the BSA for destruction is as bad as it gets. What is the rainbow answer to fill the void of their destructive behavior? I am at peace with my life. How omniscient of you.

Thanks, UPS -- always liked

Thanks, UPS -- always liked your attitude, anyway -- great drivers and deliverers, too! Thinking in tune with reality, and following through with that!

Good for UPS! Next: getting

Good for UPS! Next: getting the United Way to cut them loose.

Perhaps more (evolved)

Perhaps more (evolved) companies will continue to follow suit! Good for UPS.

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