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Veterans Stand Against Glorifying War

Jaisal Noor
Waging Nonviolence / Video Interview
Published: Sunday 13 November 2011
“Anti-war activists say Veteran's Day is used as a recruitment tool, and some anti-war veterans are using the occasion to remind Americans about the costs of war—both abroad and at home.”

Friday was Veterans Day, and thousands across the nation honored military service by taking part in events and parades. But anti-war activists say the day is used as a recruitment tool, and some anti-war veterans are using the occasion to remind Americans about the costs of war—both abroad and at home.

For more on the challenges faced by veterans, check out this report from FSRN’s Michael Lawson. He reports that an estimated 240,000 veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are unemployed. Thousands more will be returning home in the coming months to a struggling economy. Without steady income, some vets will find themselves without stable housing. As Congress tries to make it easier for veterans to get hired, a new report paints a troubling picture of the nation’s homeless vets.



molak, you are talking

molak, you are talking cock.Mad moslem murdered civilians, the Koran does not sponsor any kind of violent.Period.

Norman Allen's picture

A secular modern state is

A secular modern state is based on SOCIAL CONTRACT, created by all of its inhabitants to serve each and every one of through legislation, adjudication and enforcement. A social contract is the legal instrument whereby the citizens give up their right to violence to the state to exercise justice on their behalf. A state which becomes hijacked "under god" or "under corporate elite" is no longer a civil state nor it is based on social contract nor it serve its inhabitants as promised. It becomes illegitimate. The crisis in the modern world governments is one of legitimacy and all of them ARE hijacked by the elite or "gods", serving them at the expense of the 99%.

Having lived with combat

Having lived with combat veterans all my life I can tell you that PTSS is a very real problem. Listening to politicians that cheerlead for war in Iran or China or wherever makes me want to spit in their faces. It is easy for a coward to want war. It is hard to fight a war. Children die, parents die, looting takes place, girls are raped, people become refugees, poverty increases, destruction of land and property is widespread, starvation increases, dead and wounded innocents are victims, psychological trauma is widespread and money is wasted. Humans become unhuman. Then we have the aftermath of war. Horrible memories. For what? Cowards is the answer.

Many people join the Army

Many people join the Army because they are rather lost in their lives and are not able to manage on their own. Also, many poor people join in order to get college education after they do their service.

There are many homeless veterans because they just do not know how to live in a world that let people down to be "free to be poor and homeless". Part of this is their inability to stay sober or drug free, after injuries in wars, and part of it is that they grew up in dysfunctional families BEFORE they signed up for the service as a means of escape from their lives.

War is a messy business that should NEVER be glorified, but in the history of humanity it always had been glorified in order to get cannon-fodder for games that the leaders play. America is no different than all those other countries. At least we do not glorify the murder of civilians as ordered by God (Allah) as many Muslims do and Koran sponsors.

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