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Victory at Zuccotti Park

Donna Luca and The NationofChange Team
NationofChange / Special Report
Published: Friday 14 October 2011
The NationofChange team reports from Zuccotti Park, where early Friday morning it was announced that the eviction of the occupiers would not take place.

Last night we published a special call to action urging our readers to occupy Zuccotti Park early this morning to defend the community from what seemed to many an effort to evict the protesters and end the occupation. Mayor Bloomberg had announced that the occupiers must leave the park from 7am to 7pm this morning allegedly so that the city could clean the area. Yesterday, at the OWS General Assembly it was decided that the occupiers would themselves clean the park in addition to allocating $3,000 in GA funds to hire professional cleaners. Throughout the day and well into the night the protesters put this plan into action.

We attended another smaller meeting last night (though this was several blocks away from Zuccotti Park, there were at least ten police officers present), in which the protesters prepared the strategy for this morning’s event. Volunteers were given the opportunity for assignment in various roles, some of which required training. Roles included column (linking arm to arm to form a barrier), escort, jail support, media wrangler, and others and were classified as either “arrestable” or not, giving volunteers fair warning of the likelihood of arrest.

As we joined this morning’s meeting in the center of the park, the tension was palpable. Dozens of uniformed and unknown numbers of undercover NYPD police officers surrounded the square, and nearby vans filled with SWAT officers stood by.  We were amazed to watch as an increasingly large crowd continued to file in from all parts of the country and beyond in numbers which appeared to exceed three thousand. As the General Assembly prepared the crowd at large for the upcoming act of civil disobedience, various scenarios and options were offered. We could form a column surrounding the park and forming a first line of defense, we could remain in the center of the park (this is what our team had decided to do), or we could cross the street and offer moral support to the occupiers.

The energy of the crowd was infectious and each of us found ourselves inspired to defy the authority gathering against our borders. As we prepared ourselves for the oncoming assault it was difficult not to recall descriptions of siege warfare of the European middle ages. In typical melodramatic fashion, it was at this instant when breaking news was echoed across the human microphone system (traditional voice amplification being prohibited), announcing that the Park’s owners, Brookfield Properties, had decided to “postpone the cleaning of the park.”

The crowd broke out into enormous cheers, and applause. Many began reciting chants such as: “the people / united / will never be defeated” and others began to sing, dance, and some could be seen shedding tears of joy. A considerable effort by those in power was made to remove the protesters from their occupation and that effort was defeated. At least for the time being, the people hold Liberty Square and are now celebrating their victory on Broadway and Wall Street. 

ABOUT Donna Luca

Donna Luca is the board president for NationofChange.

Hey! Right Wing Nuts! Gee,

Hey! Right Wing Nuts!

Gee, gosh, you think the 99% international majority might actually have something here?

Hmm... since OWS is happening around the U.S. and all over the world...and that the total of participants is probably in the millions and growing...I'm guessing that there probably is some real substance behind this GLOBAL movement.

Didn't the wonderfully insightful Glen Beck warn "rich people" what will happen?
Yes, he did. And therefore, if I was one of you Piratical Capitalists, greedy CEO's, or corrupt politicians who are the logical focus of this global movement...I'd be more than a little worried.

I might be wondering who is that walking behind me? Why is there a parked car in front of my house? Is that food at my favorite restaurant still safe? Wait a minute...was that Italian leather attache' case always sitting by my office? Let's see...turn the ignition key to start my car, or just take a cab? Is there any needle hole in my bottled water? Did my Golden Retriever always make a ticking sound? And so on.

Heyyyy...Glen Beck predicted it on his show, so it must be true.


You're a dumbass. Why don't

You're a dumbass. Why don't you put your real name up you coward?

"Greed is the true opiate of

"Greed is the true opiate of the Mass es" !

Wow! So many people (the

Wow! So many people (the silent majority) in our country , USA, have real morals, values and ethics !! Impressive ! Viva OWS and it's power!

Thank you, defenders of

Thank you, defenders of liberty and freedom, for speaking out against the 1% who seek to own us. I wish I had your optimism, but I fear it is too little, too late.

The richest 1% started their 50-year plan in 1980, with the election of Reagan. It was not Reagan we needed to fear (the first puppet President; Bush was the 2nd; Rick Perry will likely be the 3rd), but Donald Regan, former CEO of Merrill Lynch. He fought to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act that separated investment banking from commercial banking, and succeeded. This is what has allowed Wall Street to gamble with our money. They keep the profits when they win, and have the government pay them back when they lose. (Who knew about "derivatives" back in 1980, other than Wall Street bankers...?) Remember the S&L crisis of the 80's & 90's? This was their first payday.

Then, the successful planning and implementation of 9/11 was their second payday: a 10-fold increase in military spending and over 1MM military jobs added to the private sector (owned by who else? The 1%.) The "Project for the New American Century (PNAC)" called for a "new Pearl Harbor" to capitalize on their plans for a massively profitable military build-up. Rove and Cheney were the masterminds who implemented it, (Cheney's 1995-2000 CEO role at Halliburton, the #1 defense contractor, was a mere coincidence, of course...)

The bank bailout of 2008 was their 3rd payday. Nothing fancy here; we of the 99% were dying on the vine, and the 1% took action: they sucked over a trillion dollars out of the U.S. economy with the help of Bush & Cheney and transferred the loot to their offshore bank accounts.

The 1% are now in decade 3 of their 5-decade plan for world domination. And it is they who control our fate - the 99% who fund their folly. They rigged the 2000 & 2004 elections, and while they failed in 2008, they are taking massive steps to continue their plan in 2012. This includes road-blocking the voting rights of the poor and elderly. It also includes censoring the Internet, our last bastion of freedom of speech.

The senate is currently rushing to pass S.J. 6, a "resolution of disapproval" that would nullify all existing Net Neutrality protections, and strip the FCC of its authority to protect our first amendment rights on the Internet.

Next on the horizon? There will ALWAYS be a war under Republican rule; wars are simply too profitable to pass up. Prediction: "the plan for Iran is already in the can". Coming soon to a hemisphere not near you: Armageddon. And the 50-year plan marches on...

So while I applaud the efforts of the freedom fighters in New York and the wake-up call they are sending around the world, the wealthy 1% and the Wall Street bankers have no intentions of stopping now. They simply are not listening. Rather, they are in the Cayman Islands, counting our money, getting massages, and drinking daiquiris on the beach.

Don't cry, "Mission

Don't cry, "Mission Accomplished" yet. The corporate $hit are waiting for you to fizzle. The real fight is ahead when they get tired of trying to be patient to continue stealing from you.

Reminds me of the insanity of

Reminds me of the insanity of the Chicago Democratic convention that turned off most of America and handed the election to Republicans. Thank you, NOC, for demonstrating that this group of rabble rousers are just disgusting n'er-do-wells and mal-contents who need to arrents, hauled off to jail, and shown that we are nation of LAWS and DECENCY and not people who crap on the lawns of America's cities. It's pathetic and disgusting. You are a bunch of LOSERS.

As if... you had a clue. Go

As if... you had a clue. Go watch Rush. That's your speed. Um... yeah. Then tune into Fux. They'll tell you what to think.

Onward OWS!!

Onward OWS!!

good for you gays

good for you gays

Congratulations! My family

Congratulations! My family stands with you from a park in Minneapolis. Brilliant! to offer to clean the park!! The media silence on this is maddening and at the same time its motivating us to get stronger and louder in numbers. Last week MPR featured the author of a new book entitled: Ten Letters: Stories people share with their president. It has to do with the thousands and thousands of letters people write to President Obama on a daily basis. The letters cover a wide range of people's thoughts and experiences. Some are supportive and some are disapproving. Some are angry; some are grateful and many are in need. The author talks about President Obama's response to the letters, taking to heart what the people have written; hearing what the people are saying. The book was just released on Tuesday. I went to Barnes and Noble to buy one and was surprised to find that this book was NOT featured as a "new release" in the front of the store with 20 % off the hardcover to encourage people to buy. It was not even presented on a table as a "new book". It was in the lower level of this Barnes and Noble, on a back shelf under the ' American history' section. This clearly was a not very subtle message about this corporation's view on a book that uplifts the people's voice.

Thanks! The information, the

Thanks! The information, the hard work, the organization... these people know what they are doing!

you are right, the people

you are right, the people united will never be defeated. you are the inspiration of all of us all over the world as so many countries are following your good example. theresa bonpane, l.a.

I cant believe it, this is

I cant believe it, this is amazing. Thank you all so much! Please, everyone take a quick second to check out this work that comes from within the movement. "American Epitaph" by Damien. Much love to all of you out there.

Thanks to Nation of Change

Thanks to Nation of Change for their tremendous effort and support of OWS. It is true that as the numbers of people involved in this movement grows throughout the country, the security forces at the service of the ruling elites will intervene with violence and brutality. We need to prepare for this eventuality and know how far we are willing to go in this fight against the corruption in Wall Street and the corruption in the highest levels of the US Government. If democracy is the answer, then we should start thinking about a third party that is run by the people and for the people.

nice job citizens. We The

nice job citizens. We The People shall throw all incumbants out nov. 6th 2012. remember this is going to get ugly as force/violence is always used by the establishment.

You would think that your

You would think that your protest and the numbers involved would be of interest,but I have yet to see anything on our TV news here in the UK, prehaps our so called government are afraid,


Not to mention

Not to mention Capitalization, and downright ignorant pig-headedness. I'd gladly to renounce my Amerikan birthright, but for my support for the many good people there are in the US, overwhelmed by their dumbed-down conformist neighbours. Occupy Vancouver! First we take Manhattan, then we take Toronto!

This is about the poop, isn't

This is about the poop, isn't it?

Hey H nixon

Hey H nixon

Thank you NationofChange for

Thank you NationofChange for being behind and in the midst of the people's movement! Unfortunately I am unable to get up there to join you, but your work makes me glad that I donated to your organization.Fight on!

OWS: If you had not

OWS: If you had not assembled and voiced your grievances, we would have had to create you. You are an inspiration to us all. Keep the pressure on. Keep your spirits high. Onward and upward!

Please remove from any future

Please remove from any future email notices of your activities. Your comparison to the French revolution shows your ignorance of history and suggest open anarchy and violence as the preferred way to express your grievances. The French revolution had the support of 70% of the population who were truly oppresed by the ruling aristocracy. You are demonstrating a total lack of respect for the constitution and our country if it does not provide you the freedom to defacate in public on private property.

Please leave our country and take the other 1% with you to set up a commune in a country that will accept you. This is Not your country so please renounce your citezenship and get out!

Respectfully ,

H Nixon

Only when you learn how to

Only when you learn how to spell will we meet your demands.
Until then, we don't negotiate with illiterate terrorists.

Spelling, yes, and

Spelling, yes, and capitalization, too. I presume H Nixon is a product of the American "educational" system, and comes by his xenophobia, bigotry and bad spelling, quite naturally. If it would help things I would gladly give up my US citizenship. However I cannot help but support the growing number of mostly regular people who are paying for the greed of a small number of others. Too bad our American friend cannot see that he is a victim as well.

We need to put the Fear of

We need to put the Fear of God into the Eltitists We need to announce to the world that the 99 percenters are going to form a 3rd Party with the sole ntent of throwing out the entire sitting sell-out government thus deriving the Corporations their control over the Government, because We the People shall become the Government Why are we fighting City Hall when we can BECOME CITY HALL

*THE LIE The Lie is

*THE LIE The Lie is everywhereAnd it is Silent. The Lie may not be spoken of.The Lie may not be spoken.Or thought. The Lie is everywhere.And it is Silent. Until we hold hands with billionsAnd shout the Simple Hidden Truth,The Lie is a Lie!Yes, a Lie! Am I dead as I write this?You too as you read it? If not, Why not? Sisters, brothers of all Humankind--Let us join hands as One! */Bro Harv

Congratulations from us all

Congratulations from us all in Canada! I wept with joy when I watched this am before work and it kept my spirits up all day.

Tomorrow in Toronto! We are the 99%!
Pauline in Peterborough,Ontario

Aren't you the same Canadians

Aren't you the same Canadians that riot in the streets when you lose the Stanley Cup of Hockey? You guys are a great example to the human race. You take the 3,000 protesting cowards to your idiotic Country.

I am so proud of ALL of our

I am so proud of ALL of our occupiers, across the world! But I have a special spot in my hearts for those of you in Liberty Park as it was your courage that got the ball rolling! By cleaning the park yourselves, you PROVED that The People United Shall NEVER be Defeated!!!!!!

John Fehner, AKA InfinityCircle

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