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Walmart Workers Protest for Better Wages and Benefits on Black Friday

Igor Volsky
Think Progress / News Report
Published: Saturday 24 November 2012
“Walmart filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board in an effort to stop the walk out last week, accusing protesters of violating a law ’which prohibits picketing for any period over 30 days without filing a petition to form a union.’”
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Workers at Walmart stores across the country are walking off their jobs to protest the national retailer’s low wages and poor working conditions in an effort to raise public awareness about how the company treats its employees on the busiest shopping day of the year. The strikes, which began earlier this month, are the first in the 50 year history of the company and come just as Walmart reported a 9 percent increase in third-quarter net income, earning $3.63 billion.

Workers are also opposing Walmart’s poor benefits, alleged systematic discrimination against women, and its decision this year to kick off Black Friday on Thursday night. As Fox News reported today, many employees say they fear retaliation for speaking out against the company’s policies:

Walmart filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board in an effort to stop the walk out last week, accusing protesters of violating a law “which prohibits picketing for any period over 30 days without filing a petition to form a union.”

The walk out is being organized by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and its subsidiary OUR Walmart. Walmart’s 1.4 million workers in the U.S. are not unionized.

Walmart is betting that a

Walmart is betting that a cheap chinese made tv will outwiegh honor, integrity and solidarity. Judging by how many adults still believe in santa claus, they may well win that bet.

i am so happy to finally see

i am so happy to finally see workers fighting back. i hope this is just the beginning.

As a former restaurant owner,

As a former restaurant owner, [ I started out with little money and could only afford to buy bankrupt businesses ] I worked 12 hours a day , 6 days a week in order to survive . I would pay the prevailing wage and for those who were with me for a longer period of time would be paid a higher wage . Those who put in the extra effort [ 20 % at best ] I would gladly pay a much higher wage . Sadly no matter how much an employee would be paid , a high percentage put in MINIMAL EFFORT . My response to these people is that if you are not satisfied with your wages , QUIT and look elsewhere . To those people who never made an effort to get an education and learn a trade , if I as the owner of several restaurants who worked 12 hours a day , 72 hours a week in order to succeed , why can't you work an 8 hour job and then a 4 hour job each day for 5 days [ 60 hours ] . That would mean a 50 % increase in your salary . I did it for 34 years and I succeeded . If every business man were to be generous and give each and every employee a 50 % increase in salary , we would be left with no choice but to increase our cost of a meal by 50 % . I may be my brothers keeper but I am not his Sugar Daddy .

"The walk out is being

"The walk out is being organized by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union." I would like some evidence that due diligence is taking place on this point. In everything I have read so far, this union says they have simply given advice when asked and are not organizing the walkout.

. . The question now is how

. . The question now is how successful were they ?? Management is handing out the propaganda of record sales for a Black Friday.....
. . I find it doubtful from a common sense prespective....If we as a people do not support our fellow americans then our country is lost.... I do not believe people believe that we can keep up the rate of imports and support our families.
The Republican attack of divide and conquer...cops are overpaid firefighters are overpaid ....teachers are over paid......till we get to the bottom of the barrel and everyone feels sorry for them ??
This financial crisis for the so-called fiscal-cliff was not caused at the bottom - ( the workers) but by the theives at the top -----Foreclosure - weren't caused at the bottom ( o.k. some of them should have been smarter BUT ) The Banks and Wall Street jumped on the bandwagon of short-changing the workers. Caveir Emptor. ?.?.? Why didn't that play out with Bernnie Maddox ??
C.E.O. pay packages have increased 185 times that of the workers - whose pay has been stagnant.... C.E.O.'s have gotten bonuses for all of a sudden requiring you to pay part of your healthcare ?? As they take from the workers they put it in their pockets...
. . INSTEAD OF FIXING OUR PROBLEMS ?.? right now the G.O.P. is worried about immigrants and their votes..........FINGER POINTING AT OTHERS ....OH, GEE, LOOK AT WHAT HE's DOING. . . they sit-back - it will fix itself attitude ?????
As always...TIME WILL you support your fellow workers ??
...........If you keep an - - - they are over-paid attitude - think about what they are saying about you

well said william. i'm hoping

well said william. i'm hoping the uprising of wal-mart wage slaves is the beginning of a major purge in this country. we have got to be paid living wages AND benefits. (or have universal not for profit health care)

UNDRGRNDGIRL ........ Yes , a

UNDRGRNDGIRL ........ Yes , a living wage depending on your skills and education , do you have something of value to offer a businesman except your physical presence ? How do you define a " Living Wage. ? " In the case of Detroit , it used to be a thriving city , the auto industry prevailed .
Yes the Unions have a value but over the years they grew GREEDY . It got to the point that unskilled , uneducated laborers were paid $ 70.00 + an hour and put in minimal effort . Even those who were total MISFITS could NOT be fired . Is it any wonder that so much of our heavy industry was shipped overseas to 3 rd world countries ? Now Detroit is a barren wasteland , worse than any 3 rd world country . Greed from the top on down [ Wall Street / Politicians ] is now the Amerikan mantra as in the movie , WALL STREET . Gordon Gekko stated , " GREED IS GOOD "
Because of our non stop wars since 1950 and our Greed , this is the beginning of the END for the U.S.S.A.

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