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Watch Our Super Fly, Super PACs Music Video

Propublica / Video Feature
Published: Thursday 15 March 2012
Still confused about exactly what “super PACs” are and how they're suddenly pouring unlimited donations into presidential politics? Just sit back, relax and listen to the music as we explain:

It is still a mystery to many what exactly super PACs are and how they operate. As the courts changed the law in 2010 on anonymous donations to candidates, super PACs became a huge force for each candidate.  As money and politics come hand in hand it is important to know the details behind this new method of donating money.  This short video will give you a brief and complete understanding of how super PACs work and their true intentions.

It all atarted in Ohio when a

It all atarted in Ohio when a super pac wanted to defeat a democrat state supreme court justice running for reelection in the 1990's. Democrat Justice Alice Resnick had voted on issues that were not in tune with the wishes of chambers of commerce and large corporations. They raised in excess of $2,100,000 to defeat Justice Resnick. This campaign should have been in the $50,000 catagory. Thankfully, she won anyway.

First they rob America of

First they rob America of it's wealth then they aquire the ability to spend it in secret. Isn't it amazing how they finally drafted a policy that works?

Corporations can't be sued,

Corporations can't be sued, because they are not persons. But they can contribute, because they are persons. HUH???

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