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Dave Johnson
Published: Wednesday 2 May 2012
“We have millions of people unemployed at the same time as we have millions of jobs that need to be done.”

We can so Easily Create Jobs, Cut the Deficit and Revitalize Our Economy!

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The path to creating millions of jobs is so easy and obvious. Hire people to modernize the infrastructure and to retrofit buildings to be energy efficient. Millions would be paying income taxes instead of receiving unemployment or food stamps. The companies that supply the materials and steel would also be hiring and paying taxes, and the companies that supply them ... and the companies that supply them. And when we are finished, the payoff to the economy from a modern infrastructure and energy efficiency will be enormous. Anyone who tells you we can't or shouldn't do this is up to no good.

Millions Of Jobs Need Doing, Millions Unemployed

We have millions of people unemployed at the same time as we have millions of jobs that need to be done. Connect the dots! It is so easy!

Dot:No net job gains since 2000. 8 million jobs lost in the recession. Never mind jobs for the 86,000 new people entering the labor force every month...

Dot: According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

“congested highways, overflowing sewers, and corroding bridges” were creating a “looming crisis that jeopardizes our nation’s prosperity and our quality of life.”

Dot: From a recent NY Times story on our country's water systems,

Today, a significant water line bursts on average every two minutes somewhere in the country, according to a New York Times analysis of Environmental Protection Agency data.

. . . State and federal studies indicate that thousands of water and sewer systems may be too old to function properly.

[. . .] “There’s a lot of evidence that people are getting sick,” he added. “But because everything is out of sight, no one really understands how bad things have become.”

Connect the dots.

Ten million jobs needed. Ten million jobs that need doing.

Connect the dots. We need a National Rebuild America Project! It would employ millions, it would get people and businesses back in the economy, paying taxes, buying things, and not receiving the badly-needed help of unemployment, food stamps, etc.

Jobs Fix Deficits

Jobs fix deficits. How hard is that to understand? We have a deficit of jobs. People who are not working are not paying income taxes, and are instead likely receiving unemployment, food stamps or other assistance. In any event they are certainly not contributing to the economy by making things or buying things. Jobs fix deficits.

The Payoff

There wold be an enormous economic payoff from investing in a National Rebuild America Project. I mean an economic payoff beyond getting people back to work, paying taxes, buying things and beyond getting people off of government assistance.

Imagine an economy with a fully modernized infrastructure providing the nourishing soil for new and existing businesses. Imagine our economy with energy efficiency freeing up resources to apply to other areas. Imagine our economy with everyone working. Imagine our economy with companies able to compete in world markets with the very latest and most efficient foundation undergirding their efforts.

Deficit Emergency?

They say we can't invest in modernizing our infrastructure or in energy efficiency because this would be "government spending." They say we can't afford to do this kind of work. They say we instead need to cut back and pay off the deficit instead. As if laying off teachers helps the economy!

Where did all of this "deficit emergency" nonsense come from? We had a huge budget surplus when Bush took office. The debt was projected to be paid off entirely in ten years. So Bush gets elected, Greenspan says we're paying off the debt "too fast" and they gave the rich a huge tax cut, and doubled military spending! It's not hard to see where the deficit came from. (No, seriously, click through and see the charts, it's not hard.)

So we shifted to a huge deficit instead and Bush said this was "incredibly positive news" because it will force the country into a debt crisis that they can propagandize to force cuts in things government does for We, the People.

Hey people, figure it out, we do not have a debt emergency, we have a manufactured crisis that is being used to scare people into giving up the benefits of democracy.

Has To Be Done Anyway

This is work that has to be done anyway! Once again, our infrastructure is falling apart, our companies are not competitive, our energy inefficiency is costing us dearly. This work has been put off for a long time. Every day we wait, it just becomes a more expensive problem. Funny how this is the way conservatives describe the debt, when in reality is the problem with delaying investment in modernization.

So why not do it now, when people really need the work? We have been deferring the maintenance of our infrastructure since the big Reagan tax cuts for the rich. The roads, bridges, dams, airports, rail, energy grid and the rest are in bad shape. This is slowing our economy. This is hurting people and costing money and time. This is costing our businesses in their international competitiveness.

1st Home mortgage debt

1st Home mortgage debt forgiveness for the entire USA, since the banks are all criminals anyway, it punishes them and puts over a 1K a month in every family's pocket. Time to take back the USA from the parasites called bankers and wall streeters.

Those who forget history are

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it!

We know that bigtime government spending on public works ends depressions from the 1930s Great Depression.

Austerity a la Herbert Hoover will sink us into a deep economic depression.

Europe is learning this lesson of Hooverism austerity right now.

Don't leaders learn history in college political science or history classes of from grandparents and parents who lived it?

YES, Dave I totally agree.

YES, Dave I totally agree. Now is the time to invest in ourselves and at the same time put people back to work. It is the only sensible thing to do to reengage the US Economy. We don't need more shopping malls, we need a 21st Century country which only investments in education, health care for all, a sustainable planet and modern infrastructure can produce.

Another excellent, thorough

Another excellent, thorough read is Jeremy Rifkin's, "The Third Industrial Revolution. How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, The Economy, And The World". Find Diane Rehm interview of Rifkin on her website.

Why not do it now? The plain

Why not do it now? The plain and simple answer is because of who our President is today. The Dems need to give the GOP a colonic to get anything passed through congress today.

"We the People" have to

"We the People" have to accept some of the Blame for the REPUBLICAN, do nothing and vote NO Congress. "We the People" who once were the Brave and the Free have morfied in to the Cowards and appeasers of the REPUBLICAN and TEA-PARTY members. 'We the People" are afraid or to self-centered to demand that the CONSERVATIVES, REPUBLICANS, TEA-PARTY members and the BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS do what we the MAJORITY of the CITIZENS of the United States of America want done.

'We the People" demand that the CONSERVATIVES, REPUBLICANS, TEA-PARTY members and the BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS work together and do what we the MAJORITY of the CITIZENS of the United States of America want done. Otherwise "We the People" will not SUPPORT or VOTE for any of you ever again.

I highly recommend reading

I highly recommend reading The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems by Van Jones. In the same vein as the article, but with a Green spin.

Right on... Read Paul

Right on... Read Paul Krugman's "End This Depression Now!"

Who ever said common sense

Who ever said common sense was a prerequisite for holding any office? Of course this is what is needed - how many years have the economists, the environmentalists, and any one else with a little common sense said this?

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