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Noam Chomsky
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Saturday 3 March 2012
“Iran has very limited capacity to deploy force, and its strategic doctrine is defensive, designed to deter invasion long enough for diplomacy to take effect.”

What Are Iran’s Intentions?

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The January/February issue of Foreign Affairs featured the article “Time to Attack Iran: Why a Strike Is the Least Bad Option,” by Matthew Kroenig, along with commentary about other ways to contain the Iranian threat.

The media resound with warnings about a likely Israeli attack on Iran while the U.S. hesitates, keeping open the option of aggression – thus again routinely violating the U.N. Charter, the foundation of international law.

As tensions escalate, eerie echoes of the run-up to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are in the air. Feverish U.S. primary campaign rhetoric adds to the drumbeat.

Concerns about “the imminent threat” of Iran are often attributed to the “international community” – code language for U.S. allies. The people of the world, however, tend to see matters rather differently.

The nonaligned countries, a movement with 120 member nations, has vigorously supported Iran’s right to enrich uranium – an opinion shared by the majority of Americans (as surveyed by before the massive propaganda onslaught of the past two years.

China and Russia oppose U.S. policy on Iran, as does India, which announced that it would disregard U.S. sanctions and increase trade with Iran. Turkey has followed a similar course.

Europeans regard Israel as the greatest threat to world peace. In the Arab world, Iran is disliked but seen as a threat only by a very small minority. Rather, Israel and the U.S. are regarded as the pre-eminent threat. A majority think that the region would be more secure if Iran had nuclear weapons: In Egypt on the eve of the Arab Spring, 90 percent held this opinion, according to Brookings Institution/Zogby International polls.

Western commentary has made much of how the Arab dictators allegedly support the U.S. position on Iran, while ignoring the fact that the vast majority of the population opposes it – a stance too revealing to require comment.

Concerns about Israel’s nuclear arsenal have long been expressed by some observers in the United States as well. Gen. Lee Butler, former head of the U.S. Strategic Command, described Israel’s nuclear weapons as “dangerous in the extreme.” In a U.S. Army journal, Lt. Col. Warner Farr wrote that one “purpose of Israeli nuclear weapons, not often stated, but obvious, is their ‘use’ on the United States” – presumably to ensure consistent U.S. support for Israeli policies.

A prime concern right now is that Israel will seek to provoke some Iranian action that will incite a U.S. attack.

One of Israel’s leading strategic analysts, Zeev Maoz, in “Defending the Holy Land,” his comprehensive analysis of Israeli security and foreign policy, concludes that “the balance sheet of Israel’s nuclear policy is decidedly negative” – harmful to the state’s security. He urges instead that Israel should seek a regional agreement to ban weapons of mass destruction: a WMD-free zone, called for by a 1974 U.N. General Assembly resolution.

Meanwhile, the West’s sanctions on Iran are having their usual effect, causing shortages of basic food supplies – not for the ruling clerics but for the population. Small wonder that the sanctions are condemned by Iran’s courageous opposition.

The sanctions against Iran may have the same effect as their predecessors against Iraq, which were condemned as “genocidal” by the respected U.N. diplomats who administered them before finally resigning in protest.

The Iraq sanctions devastated the population and strengthened Saddam Hussein, probably saving him from the fate of a rogues’ gallery of other tyrants supported by the U.S.-U.K. – tyrants who prospered virtually to the day when various internal revolts overthrew them.

There is little credible discussion of just what constitutes the Iranian threat, though we do have an authoritative answer, provided by U.S. military and intelligence. Their presentations to Congress make it clear that Iran doesn’t pose a military threat.

Iran has very limited capacity to deploy force, and its strategic doctrine is defensive, designed to deter invasion long enough for diplomacy to take effect. If Iran is developing nuclear weapons (which is still undetermined), that would be part of its deterrent strategy.

The understanding of serious Israeli and U.S. analysts is expressed clearly by 30-year CIA veteran Bruce Riedel, who said in January, “If I was an Iranian national security planner, I would want nuclear weapons” as a deterrent.

An additional charge the West levels against Iran is that it is seeking to expand its influence in neighboring countries attacked and occupied by the U.S. and Britain, and is supporting resistance to the U.S.-backed Israeli aggression in Lebanon and illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. Like its deterrence of possible violence by Western countries, Iran’s actions are said to be intolerable threats to “global order.”

Global opinion agrees with Maoz. Support is overwhelming for a WMDFZ in the Middle East; this zone would include Iran, Israel and preferably the other two nuclear powers that have refused to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: India and Pakistan, who, along with Israel, developed their programs with U.S. aid.

Support for this policy at the NPT Review Conference in May 2010 was so strong that Washington was forced to agree formally, but with conditions: The zone could not take effect until a comprehensive peace settlement between Israel and its Arab neighbors was in place; Israel’s nuclear weapons programs must be exempted from international inspection; and no country (meaning the U.S.) must be obliged to provide information about “Israeli nuclear facilities and activities, including information pertaining to previous nuclear transfers to Israel.”

The 2010 conference called for a session in May 2012 to move toward establishing a WMDFZ in the Middle East.

With all the furor about Iran, however, there is scant attention to that option, which would be the most constructive way of dealing with the nuclear threats in the region: for the “international community,” the threat that Iran might gain nuclear capability; for most of the world, the threat posed by the only state in the region with nuclear weapons and a long record of aggression, and its superpower patron.

One can find no mention at all of the fact that the U.S. and Britain have a unique responsibility to dedicate their efforts to this goal. In seeking to provide a thin legal cover for their invasion of Iraq, they invoked U.N. Security Council Resolution 687 (1991), which they claimed Iraq was violating by developing WMD.

We may ignore the claim, but not the fact that the resolution explicitly commits signers to establishing a WMDFZ in the Middle East.

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ABOUT Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, and activist. He is an Institute Professor and pressor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Techonology. Chomsky is well known in the academic and scientific communities as one of the fathers of modern linguistics, and a major figure of analytic philosophy. Chomsky is the author of more than 150 books and has received worldwide attention for his views.

Not Iran. One donkey only and

Not Iran. One donkey only and his name is well known..You talk about Iran like it's one man!!! There is clown as prime minister but he does not have all the power what's your plan bomb Iranians just one stupid clown?? will that help Israel and peace in the Middle East??

Nice analysis. The real

Nice analysis. The real culprit in creating tensions and wars is CIA which perhaps is not under the elected governments whether Republican or Democrates.

I agree with you 100%. Thank

I agree with you 100%. Thank you for your comments.

Well spoken. Additionally,

Well spoken. Additionally, it is in the interests of the US and the UK to have this smokescreen of never-ending conflict in the Middle East. It is quite unfortunate that Middle Eastern countries keep filling this role.

What about the danger of

What about the danger of Israel's gigantic cache of weapons? More than 200.

Is it possible to find

Is it possible to find someone who is more anti-Israel than Noam Chomsky? Okay, I concede, Hamas hates Israel and Jews more.

"Europeans regard Israel as the greatest threat to world peace." Which Europeans? Where is Chomsky's source? Of course, he forgot to mention it. I could come up with a poll and interview 200 people and skew the results any direction I want and then "forget" to reference the source.

This article is what one would expect from a rabid Israel hater. Where does he mention that Iran has called for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish People? Where does Chomsky mention the Iranian bombings in 1992 and 1994 of the Israeli Embassy and Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires?

The world would be safer if Iran had nuclear weapons? Earth to Planet Chomsky!? Wrong answer, try again.

I am not a rabid hater of

I am not a rabid hater of Jews. I do hate lies. What about the cache of Israeli weapons around Dimona. Israel will not admit that they have WMDs. Unlike Iran, Israel refuses to join IAEA and have their huge nuclear-weapons cache made public.

It is an honor to read Chomsky and know that reality and truth still exist in the face of Israeli hasbara.

Thanks Noam.

Thanks Noam.

As always, Chomsky confuses

As always, Chomsky confuses objective fact with his own spurious fantasy. "Iran has very lim­ited ca­pac­ity to de­ploy force, and its strate­gic doc­trine is de­fen­sive..." This would be true if there were no Syrian puppet state doing Iran's bidding, no Hizb'allah & Hamas raining Iranian missiles daily upon Israel, no terror in South America sponsored by Iran, no assassination attempts in Britain and the US, and no Iranian ICBM's. Since all of these facts profoundly contradict Chomsky's two theses stated in this brief excerpt, and since such errors litter his creative writing, it's hard to believe anything he says, even when some parentheticals, such as the US's egregious history of aggression, can be shown to be accurate.

What about Iraq. They blew

What about Iraq. They blew the heck out of that place and they had no weapons. They are going to smash Iran weather you like it or not.

Many believe the extremist

Many believe the extremist zionists are psychotic enough to launch a nuclear attack.

Vlasta there is so much

Vlasta there is so much hatred and racism in what you say! Hyper, ignorant,no sense gibberish!

Amen Anono

Amen Anono

We are all God's children.

We are all God's children. Equally loved by the creator. None "chosen" above another. Yet we kill each other and worse only to prove that God loves "us" more than "them", "me" more than "you". Vanity is the root of all the ills and evils we create for ourselves. So to repeat what is truth, irrefutable truth, we are all equally loved by God................. So what the fuck is the god damn point of this war?



Very interesting article and

Very interesting article and posts, but save one post (LiveMike), neither Norm nor the other postings really address the question “What Are Iran’s Intentions?” Follow the money is always a good starting place, but in this case I think the intentions are more for internal control. When a country is under attack it is easier to control the masses and the outcome of the last election would indicate that it is working with a movement to the right.

I believe that the chance of

I believe that the chance of USA and Israel attacking and destroying Iran, like USA has done in Iraq and Afghanistan, is greater than the chance that Iran will use an atomic bomb to hit Israel, which Iran realizes would most likely be answered by USA with another atomic-bomb totally destroying Iran. Iranian-regime is fanatic and hating the western-world (especially Israel and USA) for the constant destructive interference ; though they are not stupid. The more we threaten Iran, the more Iran desperately wants an atomic power defense like North Korea, to protect itself against anymore war-hungry foreigner-nations. If we want peace, we have to stop threatening the other party.
But what about the Muslim suicide-willingness to gain Heaven? Suicide is so in contrast with the healthy survival instinct, that the comfortably situated top, some of the people in power, use the less happy people to brainwash for their dirty missions. It is different to sacrifice the willing fanatic subjects than to destroy your own whole country and civilization, and to destroy your own offspring. Also those suicide-bombers are not doing it just for that far-a-way Heaven, but also for the glory of their own country and the Muslim-religion and the feeling of heroism.

Let's see. Iran has been

Let's see. Iran has been attacking Israel through its proxies, Hizb'allah & Hamas for almost a decade, has been testing ICBM's, has been publicly stating its intentions to annihilate Israel, and yet you believe that they are rational, self-restrained, and "not stupid". So if they're already attacking Israel, developing nuclear weapons to fulfill their oft-stated intention to destroy Israel, and have shown a great willingness to sacrifice their own kids in a war with Iraq, which part of your thesis am I supposed to believe? You are blissfully wrong on all counts, but like Chomsky, you believe the lies you tell yourself. At least in your case, I'd like to believe you are merely being irrationally hopeful about the human condition. Chomsky is much more pathological.

My, my, my. So much hatred,

My, my, my. So much hatred, so much spleen, so much delusion. Poor Vlasta, what a sad, deranged world exists inside your head. I feel sorry for you.

My, my, my. So much hatred,

My, my, my. So much hatred, so much spleen, so much delusion. Poor Vlasta, what a sad, deranged world exists inside your head. I feel sorry for you.

Prof Chomsky as usual bases

Prof Chomsky as usual bases his evaluation of mind-reading rather then what Ahmdinijad and ayatollahs are preaching: Annihilation of Israel from the map of the world and murder of Jews everywhere. Only fools like good old professor Chomsky still persist in their delusions regarding Islam, which he apparently was indoctrinated while listening to Edward Said the most effective liar about Islam, after Obama, who had been able to fool entire US that he supports democracy and human rights. when in fact he is a great dmirer and white washer of supremacist Islamic ideology of hate of non-Muslims, very similar to Nazi Jew hating ideology which let to WWII and Holocaust.

It may be too late for good prof. Chomsky to see reality and too late for Obama to clean deep impressions of being a Muslim from the age of 6-10 in Indonesia with his Marxist Muslim stepfather, but it is not for politically correct good hearted people on this form to read Koran and learn about bloody history of Islam and Mohamed, which should inform them about Iranian intentions, rather then this fantasy promoted by Prof Chomsky.

Vlasta Molak, I sincerely

Vlasta Molak,
I sincerely congratulating you for your clownish talents in putting smile and laughs in people faces and minds. Exactly like Mr. Big Fat Idiot, Rush Limbaugh, you are proving that you are very funny, but also very sick person. With your laughable, crazy, but also sick and racist comments, although I did laugh very hard, but also I felt sorry for your kind of people, as I always do for Rush Limbaugh. Poor funny, but also sick guys and gals.

you're a brainwashed idiot

you're a brainwashed idiot Vlasta. Look at what really goes on in this world and start thinking for yourself. Nothing you said is remotely true. Quit letting whoever it is your listening to do your thinking for you. Those people you have been listening to have some serious mental problems and I think they are messing with your mind.

Completely regardless of

Completely regardless of whether you believe Islam is based on hate and violence (heck, even if it is!), the bottom line here is very simple: the leaders of Iran are not stupid! They know they will be wiped off the map, and hunted down like dogs a la Osama Bin Laden (we always need an enemy don't we?) if they make a false move against the US or Israel (of which there is no evidence for anyway). This is totally made up. Authorities of the US military have publicly stated that they don't perceive a threat.. Seems those with vested interests in war don't have their claws in quite deep enough. I hope the public can see through the fear mongering this time. Surely we've gained a healthy sense of skepticism about our own broken system so obviously run by special interests by now? Jeeezzzzz.

No. He bases his comments on

No. He bases his comments on reports from our military. They don't see Iran as an offensive military threat. Ahmdinijad loves the spotlight and loves to get us going -- and a significant percentage of us always take the bait. Jeeszh. This isn't a middle school playground. Let's be adults and listen to our military, the ones who will have to fight yet another unnecessary war. Maybe the only way to silence the drumbeat for another war is to bring back the draft.

For America to feel

For America to feel threatened by Iran is akin to an elephant feeling threatened by a mouse. It does not ring true and Iran must be completely aware it has no chance of surviving a war against America. Thus the anti Iranian posturing is driven by a hidden agenda that we are not being told about. One good candidate here is that Iran has one of only a handful of central banks that are not controlled by the Rothschild dominated cartel of private bankers who control almost all the central banks in the world. Perhaps the anti Iran rhetoric is fueled by the fast tracking of this group's plans to establish a one world currency, brought on by the Euro crisis.

This situation also raises the issue of whether humanity is better off with or without nuclear technology although this seems to be something the elite that control us do not want to see discussed. Surely the catastrophic consequences of Fukushima should result in this debate being at least held.

Countries don't have

Countries don't have intentions, people do. At least some of the relevant Iranians want tension so they can sell their oil for more. How am I the only one who gets that?

Their intention is as clea as

Their intention is as clea as the of jews ,they want to save their minerals water and other resources from the clutches of jews as have been captured with the military assistance by the U.S.JAIDEEP CHATTERJEEManagement Teacher,Durgapore-713212India.

crdcalusa There are those in


There are those in the United States that are manipulating every situation it can in hopes to bring instability to the Mideast. We have always set up alliances
of economic convenience and over the years have completely lost our credibility
as a country who wants democracy and peace for its friends. Now, as Libya
collapses and we've left Afghanistan instability is increasing with millions of
people suffering harm. It's a great time to poke a stick at Iran and bring the
threat of war closer to China, who owns most of the debt of the USA. What we
see on the surface is a result of decades of deceit and financial long range
plans by leaders who don't care about humanity. Worlwide, all of us who have accepted this
money hungry philosophy have participated in humanity's demise. Even our
medicine and general scientific process has been affected. We have scientific
and medical solutions to every problem on the planet but these are not made
available for our well being. On the one hand USA encourages Palestine and then
on the other they vilify Iran. On what consistent basis does the USA vilify one or the other Middle Eastern Dictatorships? On the basis of their own convenience and because there is a core of self serving elite persons influencing the USA and they will sacrifice any other country at will to remain in power. In fact these self serving types are a manipulative congregation of
egoistic leaders who will not escape the calamities that all of us are
suffering right now. The world is interconnected in every way at this point and
we will all continue to face consequences on many levels if we persist in seeing ourselves
as having separate and unequal destinies. The pressures of climate change,
changing resources, emerging diseases, collapsing consumer societies is felt by
all of us and can be solved by all of us cooperating and deciding in favor of
life for each of us inhabiting our planet. We should spend more time working on
and supporting those who want to create a completely different working model of relations and spend less time believing in a model that is leading us to destruction.

Nobody is going to nuke

Nobody is going to nuke Isreal because of the sacred land. Nobody is going to nuke Iran because that would be first strike and nobody wants that. It's the new cold war and in 50 years everybody will calm down and start trusting each other, unless someone in power goes insane like Hitler.

Call me Isaac--or Ishmael. I

Call me Isaac--or Ishmael. I assume you accept the moral ambiguity of the State of Israel. I've pretty much come to accept it. I also don't think that Israel is blackmailing the U.S. However, I think there may be some racism in Netanyahu's attitude towards Obama and I think AIPAC money and unreasonable narrative has a great hold on our government. Furthermore, somewhere along the way Israel went from being the oppressed to being the opporessor. I don't know whether it's true fear about the threat to its existence or some other reason. IMO, most of U.S. foreign policy is aimed at obtaining or preserving access to resources for our large corporations; I don't see that in Israeli policy but it's hard to understand how the most powerful nation in the Middle East is so concerned about its existence. In any event, it doesn' justify most of Israeli actions. Let's be clear, Iran hasn't threatened Israel; Ahmadinejad said Israel's policies will wipe it off the map. The U.S. and Israel have been rattling the sabre ever since the invasion of Iraq. Iran helped us with the Northern Alliance and sent a message through the Swiss to normalize relations and discuss nuclear cooperation and acceptance of Israel. Aside from the sabre-rattling, Bush ignored the letter and chastised the Swiss, designated Iran as a member of the axis of evil and invaded another member. Iran is facing constant threats, is surrounded by U.S. troops, has U.S. drones flying over its airspace and someone assassinating their nuclear scientists.The U.S. and Israeli positions on Iran having nuclear weapons are extremely hypocritical. I don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons but I don't want any country to have them. I certainly understand Iran if they are developing them but it seems that they just may be developing the capability in the event they need some deterrence to an attack by the U.S. or Israel. And, I don't think an attack or sanctions are appropriate.

Well spoken. It is

Well spoken. It is unfortunate that countries in the Middle East continue a never-ending conflict scenario which is basically the playbook of the US and the UK. It's just so convenient for this smokescreen to exist while this area of the world becomes victimized by US/UK intentions.

I cannot believe this crap!!!

I cannot believe this crap!!! I served in the IDF and know for a fact that Israel would never resort to using nukes unless it was absolutely a last resort! Stupid ass Noam also left out the fact that the Iranian leader also called Israel a cancer in the middle east that must be removed! If there would be a country I could nuke it would be Iran but I guess it's a good thing I'm not in power. Without Iran Syria and Hezbollah wouldn't have any backing!

Many believe the extremist

Many believe the extremist zionist IS psychotic enough to launch an attack.

And you're an AIPAC stooge

And you're an AIPAC stooge who turns my stomach.

Eyeswideopen, that is a very

Eyeswideopen, that is a very involved synopsis. The Banks did it. They controlled the CIA to enable their oil project and created the state of Israel to protect their interest. At the start of 2011 their were 3 countries left operating outside of the IMF. Now that Libya is gone we are down to Iran and N Korea. The Project for a New American Century lives on. And the Nuke of Oil is in charge. Half of the US Debt has come since 9/11. The Israelis will take out the Sears Tower next and start QE3, blaming it on state sponsored terrorists from Iran.

Its not until you realise

Its not until you realise Israel has come about from a 'promissory note' by the Foreign Affairs Minister of England : Arthur James Belfour in 1917 in the 1st WWar to a private family: or Lord Rothschilds that you realise how fantastically crazy the whole thing is. The Versailles treaty that carved up the world was hosted by this same family. I always wondered who that couple was standing behind Stalin, FDR and Churchill at the signing as if they were rather intergral to the whole affair.....Then then conditions on the Germans - where they had to start paying the war fee....TO WHO?Of course there was another war - This tension was designed this way to call in the favour of the promissory note and make money. You couldnt write a fiction more fantastic. Every war has been 'arranged' for quite sometime.

Incidently Geof 01 check out who didnt follow instructions on the No Fly Zone for Nato for the Libyan campaign: Norway. Guess what their present was?- MKUltra stuff on that island with Labours Youth Camp - Prime Minister was called in by his own security just before he was meant to leave for the weekend event.

This is bizarre. Many of the

This is bizarre.

Many of the responses here, with their knee-jerk Israel-is-sacred and attendant Iran-is-the-bogeyman thinking, are seriously frightening. This is the home of 'progressive journalism for positive action?' Whoa!

On the other hand, the willful ignorance on display is in some ways understandable.

I say this because the analysis in the article suffers from a lack of twin, critical historical contexts. We simply cannot understand the current place of Iran in the current evolution of petrochemical capital, imperial imprimatur, and its own class and social relations if we don't understand how the destruction of the Ottoman rule and concomitant establishment of British hegemony, centered around the forces that became BP.

Moreover, of course, the conjunction of U.S. policy with British Petroleum's wishes destroyed any recent hope for anything akin to constitutional democracy when the brand-new CIA, under Allen Dulles' guidance, sent elected Iranian President Muhammad Mosadech packing. That our leaders installed one of the most brutal and murderous regimes in human history has to have a continuing impact as well. To ignore such things is like examining racism in the U.S. with no recognition of slavery, Jim Crow, KKK lynching, and so forth.

The second missing historical thread concerns the Uranium economy that began with the Manhattan Project and has yielded the ever-present likelihood of mass collective suicide. That this period began with Truman's following his directors' directives to target little-bombed cities in Japan, and continued in the dual travesty of a mega-Keynesian 'arms race' and a fraudulent 'atoms-for-peace' that has led to the present pass of waiting for the end, obviously establishes the baseline for considering questions such as how Israel obtained nukes, what the real obstacles are to a 'nuclear-free-zone' anywhere, and so on.

When will a site that trumpets itself as "progressive journalism for positive action" provide the research and investigation and analysis which will permit the level of understanding necessary for positive action to occur? As ever, inquiring minds would like to know.

An interesting tidbit here

An interesting tidbit here you missed Spin DOctor Jimbo - Theordore Roosevelts grandson was the architect of Project Ajax the CIA operation that over throw Mossadegh in 1953. Theodore got the FBI started under the direction of the grandson of Bonaparte. Lets not forget the lovely french Free Mason gift: the statue of liberty: google the plaque now on the Sof Liberty: stunning admission as to where it comes from.

Thank you! If 'opening our

Thank you!

If 'opening our eyes' is a good idea, then we need a forum that has more light from the masthead, or so I'd argue.

Why don't we start such a venture? Or at least talk about it? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Bosatsu: Very significant to

Bosatsu: Very significant to the discussion. Nobody else is talking about all the mythological nonsense--which drives U.S. support for Israel.

Boatsu: Very significant to

Boatsu: Very significant to the discussion. Nobody else is talking about all the mythological nonsense--which drives U.S. support for Israel.

Prez O has upped the funding

Prez O has upped the funding for nukes -- the U.S. continues to model these death systems as it has since Aug. 6 & 9, '45.

Now the U.S. has approved more civilian nukes, too -- as if Fukushima-Daiichi never happened, as if someone finally figured out what to do with those megatons of deadly wastes left over and building up ever to poison future generations forever and forever.

Ed with all due respect the

Ed with all due respect the Iraq, Afganistan, and particularly Syria at the moment is nothing more that the CIA, Mossad and the rest of this crazy bunch going out put chaos in every st and blaming it on the locals. You really get a sense of drama when there is a bomb (very low grade quality) that has gone off and hit an American target ....Syria is no different to Libya. How can a country that has been peaceful for so long all of a sudden have such strife: both Syria and Libya. Why are the they turning a blind eye to Bahrain? Natos ‘no fly zone’ in the name of protection of Libyan civilians accounted for 150,000 deaths they are directly responsible for: meaning bomb the hell out of the civilised population. Consider a few details about Libya prior to the ‘no fly zone’ massacre of Natos doing: $20,000 one off grant for starting your own business, $100,000 one off funds available for family housing when you get married, it’s illegal to sell real estate in Libya (non inflationary measure – as no goods or services are added to this transaction). For 40 yrs the country was incredibly stable. Then some thugs come along and get paid off to cause havoc. If you can’t follow the story by Noam Chomsky that Libya’ has been the punching bag of the West for a long time’ you won’t follow the complex web of lies starting with Lockerbie and( the recanting of the Swiss national that implicated the 2 Libyans on a false timing device) through to sanctions as in the sanctions now falsely placed on Iran. Google as see what THe Guardian had to say about Tony Blair heading to Libya 3 times prior to the release of the Libyan from Jail as it was it was probably going to the highest court for a hearing for a new trial. THere is a core group of victims families from Lockerbie that maintain the trial was a sham.Syria has never supported what Israel is doing in the Middle East as Iran does. If you have time please consider watching the speech Gaddafi made to the Arab league below trying to encourage his Arab and African brothers to unite instead of carrying on with banal domestic fighting because it will destroy all of them collectively....He warned that all we could all end up like Saddam Hussein. How prosaic? But notice the body language of the House of Saud? Notice the encouraging acknowledgement of Assad because he wants a united Arab Middle East not a fractured suspicious one that has been manipulated from all recognition we are see now. A picture paints a thousand words. Reflect what this speech means and how we have been lied to. 18 months after the US twisted the Saudis back in 1990 with putting a US defence base on that land the rest is history: absolute chaos since. Privates in the US army were baffled why they were training in a desert 6 months prior to the invasion of Iraq in 1991. HW Bush invaded Iraqi after Christine Gillespie the US Ambassador July 25 1991 at the time gave Hussein absolute assurance they never get involved in board disputes when he complained Kuwait was drilling at the border on an angle into sovereign Iraq soil and not paying their fair share of a war they jointly agreed to waging for 10 yrs against Iran. Stupid Hussein for doing business with the psychotic CIA , because you can never win with their control over the western media. He had no chance if they had their own nerve gas weapons to pin to his chest on the way out.An independent gold standard of African currency – taking out the money racket of the west was the real reason Kaddafi really got taken out so brutally. He wanted an independent gold standard currency that would take the corrupt IMF system out of the way entirely....So there was a ‘choice’. This has happened before: same reckoning: 6 June 1963 JFK printing the 1st state owned and controlled $4 billion ‘green back’ currency since the 1913 federal reserve act that put all state control of money into private hands. and 4 months later..... Abe Lincoln decided to try refinancing the Yankee war without the 22% of the Rothschild’s extortionist interest rates and go to the Romanov’s in Russia...a year later Wilkes his assassin was never positively identified but charred remains were deemed enough from a military person.There is a real underhand way history is getting treated....especially when it’s to do with the money game. We have been lied to about the entire way money works. These big families philanthropic activities include huge money to education ( treating Economics 101 as a private fiefdom). The film “Inside Job’ clearly shows just how complicit Harvard has been in the distortion of the truth of money.Once you see who killed JFK – history has been entirely changed from this event after he tried to shut down all the secret CIA camps not run by the ‘official” CIA, along with the audacious move mentioned above. Firing Allen Dulles was a grave mistake and HW Bush a great friend has been a part of our living room drama ever since. Check out HWs connection to JFKs killing here through Wikipedia on his company ZAPATA.

Wow. And PacMan, the Israeli

Wow. And PacMan, the Israeli invention, is causing all the problems in Gaza too.

Ya gotta give Chomsky credit

Ya gotta give Chomsky credit . . he sure is consistent. If bashing Israel is the meal, Chomsky has his sleeves rolled up and the napkin in his collar. Apparently, history is an LSD flashback and nothing more to this .... ummm, linguistics professor. Or probably more accurately, if you need a useful idiot to write Jew-hating garbage, he accepts American Express.

AIPAC stooges can't tolerate

AIPAC stooges can't tolerate dissenting views; they must stifle it by labeling those who disagree as "idio,t" "Jew-hating garbage," and, everybody's favorite conflation: any criticism of Israel policy means you're anti-semitic. Here's my main question for AIPAC sponsors of disinformation: how can the grandchildren of those who perished in Nazi ovens treat Palestinians with the same disdain for their humanity as the Nazi's treated their ancestors?

Mr. Michael L.

Mr. Michael L. Marowitz,
Although you are absolutely correct, but if I was you, I would totally ignore people like NOUGATCENTER. They really don't worth a response.

We are tired of egotistical

We are tired of egotistical Israel. Are they willing to risk nuclear war. Meanwhile they build on Palestine and starve their own. Iran is a crappy govt but the real dangers are Pakistanis nukes

What country...other than

What country...other than Israel....has been attacked by all it's surrounding MUSLIM controlled countries?What country....other than Israel....has had the heads of states admit publicly that their intention is the annihilation of that country?What other country....other than under constant rocket attack, killing it's citizens?Anyone that will not admit that Israel is a small, isolated country surrounded by mortal enemies, that have sworn to destroy it, is simply a liar...and in Chomsky's case...a liberal fool.

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