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According to a survey by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 19 percent of employees’ workplaces formally prohibit discussing wages and salaries. 31 percent said it’s discouraged. That survey’s analysis pointed out that the wage gap in the federal government tends to be narrower than the private sector’s. Higher earners in the private sector sit atop a much higher range and tend to be mostly men. Often, you have to get to litigation to even find out about discriminatory pay. “Women will come to us articulating pregnancy or promotion discrimination claims, disparate treatment, hostile work environment – anything but pay discrimination,” Katherine Kimpel, a lead attorney on the case, says.

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The lottery is Equal

The lottery is Equal Opportunity, what personnel trash engage in is called bigotry and dishonesty. EOE -l/i/e.

Personnel trash determine what employees should be paid, and naturally they put themselves at the top of the pay scale despite the fact that they are the least productive/most counterproductive of all employees.*

*Personnel trash produce lawsuits against the corporation and the need for more laws concerning their shitty behavior.
*They don't want to get their expensive clothes dirty, sweaty, or wrinkled.
*They order drug tests for job applicants but don't get tested themselves despite the fact that they use judgment (POOR judgment -- their integrity has been legislated for them -- EOE-l/i/e) in their jobs.