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What Will US Role be in Climate Talks After the Storm

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This year with a monster storm and scorching heat waves, America has experienced the kind of crazy weather that many scientists predict will occur more often on a warming planet.  With the re-elected president, talks about global warming again, and climate activists cautiously being optimistic that the U.S. will be more than a disinterested bystander when the U.N. climate talks resume  Monday with a two-week conference in Qatar.

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Concerned about climate

Concerned about climate change ? If it has to do with pollution , auto exhaust , home heating , cattle " exhaust ," factory , etc. , we should be seriously concerned about the Hot air coming out of the Halls Of Congress . Since 1950 our so called leaders have directly or indirectly threatened , intimidated , bombed and invaded well over 30 poor 3 rd world countries who were no threat to us. In the process our bombers , Jets , Tanks , Naval ships have endlessly flown over and around these countries spewing tons of diesel fuel fumes day after day , week after week , year after year [ Iraq - 21 years ] .. ..[ Afghanistan - 12 years + + ] .....[ Yugoslavia / Kosovo ] .... ...........[ Libya ] .......[ Vietnam - 21 years ], therein lies the problem . But non stop WARS are politically correct whereas burning coal in your furnace to heat your home is not. Of course let us not forget the murder of millions of innocent men , women and children who died under our Weapons of Mass Destruction and the tens of millions who were seriously wounded and whose countries were reduced to rubel . That is also not counting the 100,000 plus U.S. boys who died in vain and the hundreds of thousands who lost arms , legs , addicted to drugs and many psychologically damaged while our all knowing and wise leaders and their children who started these wars were safely ensconced in Washington attending cocktail parties and verbally " supporting our troops ."
If you doubt what I am saying read a book by William Bloom titled "Killing Hope " . He spells out all the wars and behind the scenes dirty tricks by our C.I.A. The book is a shocker .

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I'm waiting for the forest

I'm waiting for the forest fires to burn down the Boreal Forests in the the northern hemisphere.
All of it.