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Jim Hightower
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Wednesday 10 April 2013
“When it came to Wall Street, there were no investigations going on, there were no subpoenas, no document reviews and no wiretaps.”

Where’s the Cop on the Wall Street Beat?

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Bankers gone wild! Let's tally some of their crimes:

JPMorgan Chase engaged in massive, systematic fraud to foreclose without cause or due process on innocent homeowners, tossing thousands of families into the streets.

Goldman Sachs profited by marketing an investment package that was designed to fail, collecting fat fees on each sale to unsuspecting investors who lost millions, while the bank also collected millions more from a side bet it made that, sure enough, its package would be a loser.

For years, HSBC has been butt deep in a swamp of despicable, illegal money-laundering schemes, willingly processing billions of dirty dollars for vicious drug cartels and peddlers of arms to terrorist forces at war with America.

Many more examples abound. These are not poor saps desperately robbing a branch bank for a few hundred dollars, but criminal enterprises run by multimillionaire Wall Streeters who run in the finest social circles, are celebrated by the media and hobnob with the nation's political elite.

Their corruption is complete; their crimes are documented. Yet, unlike sad-sack bank robbers, none of these Robbing Bankers have even been prosecuted, much less jailed. In fact, as revealed on PBS's "Frontline" program earlier this year, frustrated prosecutors who served in the Justice Department's criminal division two years ago report that "when it came to Wall Street, there were no investigations going on. There were no subpoenas, no document reviews, no wiretaps."

Why is that? Where are the cops on the Wall Street beat?

Up in the suites, coddling the culprits, whom they know on a first-name basis. That's because Attorney General Eric Holder and the chief of his criminal division, Lanny Breuer, have previously enjoyed lucrative careers as lawyers defending the very barons they're now supposed to be prosecuting. Holder and Breuer both hail from the same Washington law firm, Covington & Burling, that specializes in representing corporate clients with legal issues at the Justice Department.

The moral here is clear: When engaged in high crimes, it literally pays to have friends in the highest places.

To transport them there, a secret cosmic door connects the parallel universes of Washington and Wall Street. It's not the proverbial revolving door, but a wide-open passageway for easy flow back and forth — reserved for those in the know.

Lanny Breuer is one definitely in the know, passing with impunity from the job of defending Wall Street wrongdoers in cases before the Justice Department to being the department's chief prosecutor of Wall Street wrongdoing.

Four years ago, he left Covington & Burling, where he represented Wall Street clients, to head the criminal division of Justice. Dismissing criticism that his long service to Wall Street banksters created an inherent conflict of interest with his new duty to the public, Breuer insisted that he'd be a better prosecutor "because of my deep experience in the private sector."

That claim would've proven more convincing had he brought even a single case against the Wall Street executives who've been publicly exposed as self-enriching perpetrators of widespread fraud and other destructive financial crimes. But, no, not one.

Why? Call me cynical, but perhaps because he was using his four years at Justice to pad his resume and enhance his value to Wall Street. Protecting bankers from prosecution could be a good career move.

No surprise, then, that Breuer headed back through that cosmic door, rejoining Covington in a specially created position to expand its role in defending corporate clients charged with foreign bribery, money laundering, securities fraud and such. "I'm a zealous advocate," said the guy who studiously refrained from being a zealous prosecutor. "I look forward to being a zealous advocate for our clients again," he added.

Sheesh, couldn't he at least pretend to have some ethics? Instead, Lanny was relieved to be back on Wall Street's side: "It's my professional home," he confessed." Oh, did I mention that his starting salary at Covington will be $4 million a year?


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ABOUT Jim Hightower
National radio commentator, writer, public speaker, and author of the book, Swim Against The Current: Even A Dead Fish Can Go With The Flow, Jim Hightower has spent three decades battling the Powers That Be on behalf of the Powers That Ought To Be - consumers, working families, environmentalists, small businesses, and just-plain-folks.

One can only assume he was

One can only assume he was ordered home,by the banks.After all,they're too big to fail,jail ,or ,one assumes,even yell at.

Thank you once again Mr.

Thank you once again Mr. Hightower. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. However, I must echo what powercosmic said, that the vast majority of Americans are saps. Too many Fixed News types who believe what they are told to believe without question.

So, how to solve the problem at hand? I have said before and I will continue to say it, silver is the answer. Buy lots and lots of silver and we will crush the banksters. There is no amount of education that is going to help at this point. There needs to be action and not just Occupy action. Take your money out of the banks and, if you're not trading dollars for silver, then put your money in a credit union. Cash out your 401 k, pay cash for as much as you can, live within your means, don't go further into debt, get rid of your bonds and anything else that is nothing more than a blip on a computer screen. If you don't they will come and take your money - ask any Cypriot about getting their daily allowance of money controlled by the banksters. Don't think it's coming our way? Then you'll be one of the vast majority of folks who wind up in the streets fighting it out for food, shelter and water with the rest of the poor saps who refused to listen.

I'd pay close attention to the next 33 days - especially in the rigged silver market. MY research indicates something very big happening within that time frame. Better get prepared for the worst.

Facts regarding the barrel of

Facts regarding the barrel of shit we're in. A handful of wealthy elitists control a majority of the food. They control practically all the fuel and electricity and the water supply. They control the national and local governments. They control the military brass and the police forces. They own most of the houses we live in. They control the doctors, the hospitals and the medical supplies. They rule, they own America. They bought and paid for it, so therefore in their grandiosity, they own us. They will try to inflict obedience upon us by all the means they have at hand.

It is US against them. Restoring and establishing a constitution democracy of, by and for the all Peoples in the United States will not be easy nor pleasant, and there will be painful sacrifices that will and need to be made.

ANONO: I wish we could, I am

ANONO: I wish we could, I am ready, willing and able but we need many more millions of us. We could start if everyone took all their money out of banks. If we could get 20-30 million people to sit down and strike. Don't trade, don't pay a bill, don't bank and set up blockades, allow nothing to move. It would take about two weeks but we could severely cripple the system. Our European counterparts understand this its time for the complacent Americans to get off the couch, away from the fucking glow box and shut this perverted system down. Yes, people will suffer, get locked up and even shot...but what kind of a damned life do we have now? take it to the streets, break shite up, now!
And, yes, I'm ready to do just that!

"Unfortunately, there has

"Unfortunately, there has never been a democracy in human history or likely to be one in our life time."

I beg to differ:
Direct Democracy in Switzerland - YouTube - 213k

ok, well what do you

ok, well what do you expect?

The author of this article has spent how many decades on the radio talking about this stuff, has it got better?

No, it hasn't.

Fact is that there is nothing anyone can do about these criminal cocksuckers, because you ain't in the game, they are.

They are going to continue to bleed you because they can. You are all nothing more than a "resource" to them, there for their "use"

Their downfall will be your downfall via the catastrophic collapse of the global economy, this will happen no matter how many idiot Americans "know" what they are doing.

The reason we have this situation at all is because Americans are stupid cattle who couldn't be convinced about what do, then even if you could they would lack the courage to act, Americans are pitiful fear-monkeys who do as they are told.

This will never change, so please just stop with the nonsense about alerting the idiot population.

There are too many Americans

There are too many Americans who are lazy and/or ill-informed and/or restrained by fear, and for a reason: this is exactly what the prevailing powers like, as it perpetuates the status quo. More of us need to speak up.

So, THANK YOU Mr. Hightower for all the research and writing you do. It informs, and it inspires others to learn more and become more active.

Hopefully, someday (and soon!) enough of us will say 'Enough!' and stand up. We need to demand reforms that will restore accountability to Wall Street, to Congress, and everywhere else. We should not be seeing Monsanto Protection or Keystone XL or bank bailouts. The accountability aspect of this system is failed...

IT seems to me a rather

IT seems to me a rather obvious outcome when you have a system that can be manipulated by wealth. After all the people who make the laws of the country do so for private gain. They might say they want to represent all of the citizens but when it comes down to six figure "campaign contributions" as opposed to joe six pack who lives from paycheck to paycheck, no person can say with a say with a straight face that the interests of all of the people are going to served or even considered.

350 million modern firearms

350 million modern firearms in private hands say these vermin do not have long to live. If they wish for their spawn to survive they'd be better off turning themselves in, making restitution and further turning states' evidence on those who have not done so as well as those they've paid off to do their bidding (politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, lawyers, media-wipe hypes, and all the direct beneficiaries of these crimes). These are the only criminals who deserve the death penalty.

And next in line to revolve

And next in line to revolve through the door: Mary Jo White.

It was hilarious to hear Obama say, "You don't want to mess with Mary Jo" when he appointed her to head the SEC in January. The bootlicking media then dutifully swung the camera over to White showing for-the-camera scowl. They played up her history as a US attorney. But they all left out one little thing.

After leaving the DOJ, she joined the biggest and oldest law firm in NY and for the last 10 years has served as Litigation Chair in that firm whose primary job has been to defend Wall Street banks from any sort of accountability for melting down the economy and throwing millions of American families out of their homes and out onto the street by means of fraud on top of fraud.

And once her stint at the SEC is finished, she'll be going back to her old job at Debevoise and Plimpton at a substantial raise in her already astronomical pay.

Yeah, you better not mess with Mary Jo - or any of the Wall Street banks. Just ask the occupy folks how they were treated by the NYPD.

A REAL democratic SYSTEM

A REAL democratic SYSTEM creates structures/processes that enables all its citizen's interest is served equitably. The system is maintained by people who KNOW the long term benefits of fairness and legitimacy outweigh the short term interest of a portion of the population. Unfortunately, there has never been a democracy in human history or likely to be one in our life time. However, when the imbalance of interest representation and profit motive of a detached elite threatens the survival of the planet and no one has the POWER to correct the system, the conclusion is foregone: the very few among us are so powerful that even though they MAY know they are destroying life itself, they have become incapable of changing course. The banksters are part of the elite that control everything through money but the system they have set up has become a lot more powerful than their ability to take corrective measures. Politicians, instead being concerned with the preservation of life and the interest of all the people, are forced to be subservient to the money machines. The media, most of the politicians, everything else that involves money are owned by the elite....

Don't hold your breath Mr. Hightower, that things will change by those who make easy living from the status quo. The think tanks have no solution either. A major crisis at hand has no acceptable solution. Wars are not feasible either (too expensive and a lot more rapid destruction of life than the planetary systems). What to do? Wait for the curtain to fall while we are screaming fire, fire, knowing the fire engines have flat tires because if they move, it will increase the fire instead of putting it down.... In such times, some people resort to meditation until the curtain falls. The Buddhists call it Nirvana....

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