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Why Did World War II Really End

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History tells us that Japan surrendered as a direct result of both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb detonations, but Tsuyoshi Hasegawa's has different ideas, as another big event occurred immediately prior to the Japanese surrender, and that's a Russian declaration of war and invasion against Japan. According to Haseqawa, the night after Hiroshima was bombed, Japan showed concern but not panic. Two days later, Russia declared war on Japan and invaded Manchuria, and from that moment on Japan would have to deal with a Russian/US invasion from multiple fronts. He suggests that Japan elected to surrender to the USA not because of the atomic bomb, but because of the Russian threat and an underlying belief that the US would provide better surrender conditions than the USSR.

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Both the bomb & the Soviet

Both the bomb & the Soviet invasion were key reasons why WWII ended.

Strange news. A few days ago

Strange news. A few days ago I found out that Russia declared war on Japan and that the USA knew that they were going to. It makes sense what you say, but I am not sure what to believe. When it comes to recent history and historian bias. Thanks, Thryn

I believe there was deal made

I believe there was deal made at the Potsdam conference. The entry of the Russians into the war in the Pacific theater was part of the deal. As for the Bomb, the Japanese were trying to get together a "dirty" bomb that would not do as much damage as Little Boy but still spread a great deal of radioactivity on the West coast. They had even designed a submarine that could carry a few (3 I believe) planes to a spot where they could be launched and reach the coast.

800,000 firebombing deaths

800,000 firebombing deaths preceded 300,000 atomic bombing deaths over a couple of months in Japan (approximate figures). Check the facts. The final decision to surrender represented resolution of factional conflict among the Japanese leadership. That ended with the Emperor's unprecedented statement of support for surrender. The Soviet declaration was a factor, but it is only a theory that it was definitive. It is true that the U.S. was a much better conqueror than the Soviets would have been. Check the relevant accompanying history to confirm.