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Charles M. Young
Published: Monday 16 April 2012
The spam said it was “inspired by Occupy Wall Street.”

Yes, The 99% Spring Is A Fraud

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With hindsight gained by googling “MoveOn” and “co-opt” after the fact, I can’t claim that nobody tried to warn me. Many websites with left and even liberal politics had said in so many words, “Be wary of this organization called the 99% Spring. It is a Trojan horse for the Democrats.” I just didn’t read that anywhere in a timely fashion. I’ve had a lot of stuff on my plate lately. That’s my excuse. And in my ignorance, I responded to some spam about “nonviolent direct action training” organized by MoveOn and got invited to this 99% Spring thing on April 10 at the Goddard Riverside Community Center in Manhattan. Somebody even called me all the way from San Francisco to make sure I was a sincere seeker on the left and would be attending, along with 120,000 others in training sessions around the country.

Which I did. The meeting was a few blocks from where I live. The spam said it was “inspired by Occupy Wall Street.” I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I was vaguely hoping that whatever the 99% Spring was, it would start a chapter of Occupy Wall Street on the Upper West Side, conveniently near my abode, and agitate for the Democrats and MoveOn to move left.

The first clue that my evening might go otherwise was the sign-up table, where there were a bunch of Obama buttons for sale and one sign-up sheet for the oddly named Community Free Democrats (are they free of community?), which is the local Democratic clubhouse. That killed the “inspired by Occupy Wall Street” vibe right there. No piles of literature from a zillion different groups, as there had been in Zuccotti Park. No animated arguments among Marxists, anarchists, progressives, punks, engaged Buddhists, anti-war libertarians and what have you. Just Obama buttons, which didn’t appear to be selling.

This is what co-optation looks like

Inside the hall, it looked like an alumni reunion for the 1966 Fifth Avenue Vietnam Peace Parade. Almost all the 150 or so people were 55-80 years old. The ones I talked to expressed curiosity about Occupy Wall Street and enthusiasm about “nonviolent direct action” but didn’t have the knees or the ears for full participation in OWS activities in the financial district.

A large man with long wavy hair combed back started the presentation with a stirring call for...the meeting to be off the record. He didn’t want any stories that would violate anyone’s privacy, and if there were any lurking journalists, they weren’t allowed to use any names and they must see him afterwards for further instruction on the ground rules. This struck an even more dysphoric note than the Obama buttons.

WTF thought #1: This was a public event ostensibly to convince members of the public to engage in behavior that challenged the legitimacy of government authority in public and might cause angry police to beat the public crap out of them. Why would anyone risk that without trying to get publicity for their cause? Nonviolent direct action that no one knows about is like jerking off. It might make you feel better, but you’re not changing the world.

WTF thought #2: Transparency is the only protection that nonviolent people have against police spies and provocateurs and other infiltrators. Occupy Wall Street does a pretty good job with transparency. An organization claiming to be inspired by OWS but shunning transparency is deeply suspect.

WTF thought #3: Washington press corp rules for a meeting on nonviolent direct action?

WTF thought #4: I actually wasn’t there with the idea of writing about it, but neither did I agree to anything, so there was no agreement.

WTF thought #5: The name of the large man with the wavy hair was Marc Landis. He is a District Leader for the Democrats, who were paying for use of the meeting room. He is running for City Council. According to his law firm’s website his areas of experience are: “Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Corporate & Business Law, Securities & Private Placement, Fund Formation & Investment Management Group...” His Facebook page, which is geared for his City Council campaign, makes it sound like his specialty is pro bono community work. I don’t know. He might be a nice guy, but it doesn’t take a lot of intuition to wonder if he’s really been "inspired by Occupy Wall Street." He’s a corporate lawyer. I can think of no reason for him to demand that the meeting be off the record other than he and his party don’t want to be publicly associated with anything radical, even it’s a pseudo-radical front group meant to steer people away from the truly radical Occupy Wall Street and into pointless activities that don’t embarrass Obama.

Next they showed a video that invited us “to tell our story” so that the 99% Spring could post us online along with hundreds of other people who had been foreclosed, bankrupted, lost their medical insurance or whatever. It appeared they all wanted to raise taxes, so that the rich would “pay their fair share.”

It was sanctimonious. It was supplicating before power. The audience looked like it wanted to puke.

Next some guy whose name I didn’t catch gave an astonishingly simple-minded lecture on the history of American radicalism since the populists. “This might be okay for Iowa, but not the Upper West Side,” said a woman near me.

That’s an insult to Iowa, but let me explain about the Upper West Side. It used to be a liberal-to-radical neighborhood that was ferocious in its support for civil rights and the anti-war movement. Its nickname was the Upper Left Side, and people here could read three biographies of Leon Trotsky before breakfast. Disastrously, it has become the most desirable living space in Manhattan, and Wall Street/corporate/real estate weenies have been taking over. But a significant radical remnant remains, thanks to rent control laws that Democrats seem to understand are necessary to preserve their voters.

“And then in the 50s, we had the civil right movement...” the guy droned.

“ Uh, I think we should conclude the lecture and break up into groups to discuss our nonviolent direct action training,” said Landis. “We seem to be losing people.” A lot of them, too.

So the hundred-odd remaining Upper Left Siders split into four groups for discussion. My group happened to be led by Landis, who directed the 35 of us to sit in a circle and identify ourselves with an explanation of why we were there. I was about #15 in the circle and the people who preceded me all appeared to have no experience with Occupy Wall Street and wanted to get involved. When it was my turn I said that Zuccotti Park was the most entertaining place to be in Manhattan for a couple months last fall and I hoped it would revive. And I said that the other thing I liked was that it was to the left of the Democratic Party and was pushing it from outside. There had been some mention of “the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act during the 90s” and I pointed out that it was Bill Clinton, a Democrat, who deregulated Wall Street.

“Excuse me,” said Landis. “We have a limited amount of time and a lot to discuss. We need to let everyone speak.”

I’ve thought about that a lot. I don’t believe I spoke for more than a minute, but I habitually obey the rules in a group, so I shut up. In retrospect, I was censored. I should have demanded a discussion of the true purpose of the 99% Spring and why Obama’s Department of Homeland Security orchestrated the violent destruction of hundreds of nonviolent Occupy camps around the country last fall.

As it was, we finished going around the circle. Everyone was a teacher or writer or connected with the labor movement. Wisconsin came up a few times. Landis asked what kind of a world we wanted to see. Someone said, “Socialism” and Landis said the topic for discussion was now how to plan for a “hypothetical direct action.” Every time somebody brought up something that was actually happening, Landis insisted that our agenda was set and we were only discussing hypothetical situations. So we talked about hypothetically withdrawing money from a hypothetical evil bank, or hypothetically stopping the hypothetical fracking in the Catskills that is going to poison New York City’s hypothetical drinking water.

“What about May 1?” said a retired professor.

“What about it?” said Landis.

“I heard that Occupy Wall Street was calling for a general strike. They’re planning actions all around midtown and they’re saying that nobody should go to work that day.”

“I don’t know anything about that,” said Landis. “We’re talking about hypothetical situations here.”

And so it went from 6:30 to 9:30 last Tuesday night. Over half the crowd left early. Most of those who stayed appeared to be angry and mystified that they had received no training whatever in nonviolent direct action. I doubt that the Democrats or MoveOn succeeded in co-opting anyone, and I predict that they will be inventing more dreary front groups as the election year grinds onward. "Front groups, not issues!" should be Obama's rallying cry.

“I’m taking the subway to Wall Street,” said a guy in his 20s (probably the only guy in his 20s) as he walked out the door. “That’s where the action is. People are sleeping on the sidewalk there. Apparently the police can’t arrest you if you take up less than half the sidewalk. Go to if you want to find out about the general strike.”

Sorry your trainers violated

Sorry your trainers violated the guidelines and spirit of the training. Truly. I too attended a training in Austin. Nary a mention of political parties or campaigns. The only other handouts besides the training on our tables were info sheets about the bank action on Tax Day and information sheets that I brought on ALEC as well as a copy of Gene Sharp's book detailing the 198 forms of protest. I found the participants to be open-minded, bright and engaged, eager to share and commited to action. There were members of Occupy there as well as MoveOn, and many who described themselves as unaffiliated. Our role-playing had directly to do with the bank action and how to respond to different potential reactions from bank officials and police. One Occupy member provided great techniques Occupy has developed for dealing with potential troublemakers who might be planted with the intent of discredting the action.

The sign-in was very specific that MoveOn was helping ONLY with online sign-in and logistics because they, frankly, have developed the most efficient mechanism. The materials and training were developed collaboratively by other groups. In some locations the only experience the trainers had was the two day "Train the Trainers" sessions. But empowering people to become organizers themselves is really part of the heart and soul of any grassroots movement. I understand the challenge of trying to develop meaningful training for people when you have no idea of their level of experience before they hit the door. Also, when you're trying to empower people to lose their shame and use their individual stories of personal collapse to inspire others, you don't have reporters there taking notes and names. You invite press to the public speak-out where someone now has the support and courage to tell their truth. Organizing 101.

Have to tell you, I am showing real restraint here in responding to your comments because, regardless of your experience at this one event, I find your prejudice and sweeping judgments both reckless (in terms of abetting very dangerous and powerful opponents) and counterproductive to ANY organizing. There are over 70 national and local groups signed on to 99% Spring, a feat of herding cats if I've ever seen one. You seem to have no trouble assuming they are all co-opted shills. If you are thinking they've run away with the 99% theme, actually I remember your despised MoveOn Civic (separate org from MoveOn Political) conducting bank actions the year BEFORE Occupy under the banner of the 98%. We REALLY don't have time for this level of finger-pointing and "I'm more enlightened than thou" bickering. We do this over and over and the opposition doesn't have to do anything but watch us self-destruct into a million issue silos. Frankly, I also find your statements about "gray-hairs" offensive. Some of those people have had their boots on the ground come hell-or-high water since probably before you were born and also been beat up and jailed. The VietNam vets literally have been to hell and back! You should be celebrating that the "grayhairs" are bringing the wealth of that experience to the fray and have refused to let that fire die.

I love our Occupy group here and try and participate and collaborate in the middle of a multitude of actions, while also job-hunting. They will also tell you that they have experienced the same organizing and internal growing pains as other movements. Such is the nature of any collaborative venture. We need to be encouraging not discouraging each other. Our obstacles are HUGE and fixing to take us all down and the planet with us. There's got to be room for everyone in this reconstruction, which also means accepting people where they are and offering constructive ideas not tearing their efforts down if they don't meet your standards. It appears that the acceptable part of the 99% is shrinking exponentially in your estimation.

Last but not least, did you express your concerns/anger/disappointment with the training to the trainers or further up to organizers so corrective action might be taken? Or did you save all this up for a public column of derision and condemnation, including the calling out by name of the trainer? Because the former is also organizing 101, and just human decency. The latter is certainly your prerogative but actually made me wonder at first if YOU weren't a plant by the opposition. Just sayin'. It's also rather mean-spirited and assumes a lot of intent without benefit of even allowing for a response, correction or apology.

So, it may not be a free country but you've had your say and I've responded with my concerns. I hope you accept my words as a response to your words and actions, and not as an attack on your character. Peace

This story is such a hatchet

This story is such a hatchet job. I am an occupier who went to the local 99% training and found it to be completely positive. No campaign buttons, no partisan talk and some of the most outstanding people ever were there. They decided to protest the Wells Fargo Bank in our town and did so, only 3 days later (today). Hey - we are all waking up - MoveOn is likely waking up also. This is a group mobilizing for the kind of change we all want - how about some solidarity?

I agree with the sentiment

I agree with the sentiment NAVY 5768...Move-On opened its doors in response to the insanity of the Clinton impeachment morass. I supported them 100% and continued to do so as the republican't take over became more and more bizarre.THEN with the pathetic folding of 'what's his name' in 2000 AND 'what's his other name' in 2004 and all that followed into 2007, I continued my participation with MoveOn but noted over and over how they seemed way too tolerant of what were to me blarring faults and sell outs within the democratic party. Present Democratic Party...keep your money filthied mitts off of a true people's movement...we see your lies!!

Practical politics, bluedogs, off the table with anything causing a slight bit of transparency, advocating unbelievable war effort and expenditure, financial fraud et all by the dims and MoveOn seemed sometimes resistant, but mostly vanilla for obummer.Without question they have been co-0pted by the establishment in the name of practical politics and lesser of two evils...sadly, they became no longer relevant.

Hmmm. This is my first time

Hmmm. This is my first time posting here, but my WTF moment #1 is the comments. I've long suspected that Move On had morphed into a group with an authoritarian agenda, the same authoritarian agenda that corrupts the vast majority of Democratic players, so the article itself was unsurprising, though I thank Charles for reporting what he saw. But the comments. Hmmm. So many people chiming up with very similar messages about how their experience in another town was different. I've seen this kind of comment-hiving before. I just wonder how many of the comments are from regular commenters and how many are from newbies like myself. That would be the telling thing to know.

I don't know what is

I don't know what is "telling" about whether someone is a first time poster here or a regular. The title of this article is splayed all over the internet and has been picked up by other sites. Why wouldn't people who attended these events respond with their comments considering the accusation made in the title. I find it more interesting that, after reading the comments, you wouldn't also consider that maybe the author's experience was the exception and not the norm for other attendees. His editorial on his own experience is not my problem. I am truly sorry that training was run contrary to the purpose and design of the 70 organizations working on this. His sweeping accusations about the authorship, implementation and motives of that broad collaboration of groups is irresponsible without even rudimentary fact-checking. My major response to the author is posted elsewhere in the comments. Thanks for hearing me out.

If MoveOn was running it,

If MoveOn was running it, then it was both incompetent and co-opted by the standard Democrats. I resigned from them in 2009 and am now a Socialist.

I agree with the sentiment

I agree with the sentiment NAVY 5768...Move-On opened its doors in response to the insanity of the Clinton impeachment morass. I supported them 100% and continued to do so as the republican't take over became more and more bizarre.

THEN with the pathetic folding of 'what's his name' in 2000 AND 'what's his other name' in 2004 and all that followed into 2007, I continued my participation with MoveOn but noted over and over how they seemed way too tolerant of what were to me blarring faults and sell outs within the democratic party.

Present Democratic Party...keep your money filthied mitts off of a true people's movement...we see your lies!!

If people are willing to get

If people are willing to get off their butt's and hit the streets to stand up against tyranny, they should no matter what group they are. Many are afraid of riot cops, pepper spray, tear gas, flash bangs and L-RAD sound cannons so places like Occupy Oakland are not their venue. So what?
We ALL have a purpose, place, voice and rights. It's about the power of the 99%, remember? It's too late to be arguing pedigree.
Hit the streets. Stop foreclosure auctions, hold a sign, hand out leaflets, do teach-ins, support labor, move your money to Credit Unions, start petitions, contact Congress, boycott evil corporations, feed the homeless, stand up to racial profiling and deportations, motivate, organize, talk, teach, scream!

This article does not

This article does not describe the 99% Spring training meeting I attended in Austin, Texas. It was not a front for the Democratic Party. The participants were progressives who want to fight back. There were both old and young in attendance. A substantial percentage were involved in the Occupy movement. The discussions about planning direct action were meaningful and genuine. There were no political buttons. It sounds like the particular session the author attended was coopted, and that is a shame. David in Austin

My experience in this

My experience in this training in San Diego area surpassed my expectations and was inspiring and of practical value, although I went into it with skepticism due to this same kind of bad press re: Move-on. I saw no evidence here of a sell-out to Democrats. Nice surprise! One of my concerns is that this kind of article may divide the 99% and render us less powerful. I agree with GSBAIRD. I hope the particular trainers in this article are the exception.

Went to an uptown Chicago 99%

Went to an uptown Chicago 99% last Saturday morning. It was as advertised and what I expected. People were sincere and tried to find their commonalities not their differences. One anarchy type asked a provocative question but was quickly marginalized. The event didn't seem a democratic shill. Being a "gray hair" I have seen my share of bad democrats but how would we even compare that to what the republicans have been doing for many decades now? And I don't agree with "it's Congress that bad." It's not--it's the republicans! Everybody should know by now that any forward movement of progressives has to do with mobilizing numbers and not creating splits all over the place, as this article seems to do. I've also, as a gray hair, seen my share of that too.

That's the problem with Move

That's the problem with Move on. It's only a part of the DNC, even when they sound good. While I have signed a petition from Move on on occasion, it was due to the issue, not because of Move on. for anyone not aware, Move on is nothing more than a branch of the DNC, not some independent organization. It's sort of the Tea Party, as it relates to the RNC. Both equally corrupt as part of the myth of a two party system, when most people know, we have a one party system period.

I attended a different

I attended a different meeting that was about direct action, where some people were from Occupy LA and others were Move-on local council members. While there was a lot of information on labor and non-violent movements, not everyone there was up on the history so I thought it was useful. There was planning for April 17th and information on May Day actions and people were asked to participate. The group formed its' own action and got prople to sign up for action, media and outreach groups. I thought it was worth my time and there was no push for the Democrats. Why trash something positive, nothing is perfect and if we do not pull together, the 1% will run us over with their money.

Interesting..makes me wonder

Interesting..makes me wonder who is trying to take down the 99% Spring...maybe the Koch Brothers or their allies?!

Why equate voting with

Why equate voting with politics. You vote Democrat to cover your ass, not because you believe in the Party's principles. You don't want to face Judge Scalia, or have frackers and drillers dominating the EPA and right to workers on the NLRB etc... In other words, don't equate casting a ballot with politics. That much more important work you do when you occupy, demonstrate, mobilize, educate etc...To say a Romney government will be the same as an Obama one is denial and infantile leftism.Saul Landau

Doh!! Take a look at the

Doh!! Take a look at the credentials and affiliations of obombers cabinet and department heads and appointments...RIGHT STRAIGHT OUT OF THE LIKES OF BIG PHARMA, BIG AG, BIG DEFENSE, BIG OIL...what planet was that you were referring to again there Saul?

A generation or two ago, the

A generation or two ago, the Democratic party was something like 10 degrees left of center and the Republican party was maybe 20 degrees right of center. The Democrats are now farther right than that Republican position, maybe 30 degrees right of center, and the Rethuglicans are off the scale.

Only someone who secretly wants the Rethuglicans to win in November would seek to minimize the differences between the two major parties. You need look no farther than the Bush and Obama appointments to the Supreme Court: there has been a world of difference between the opinions of Roberts/Alito and those of Sotomayor/Kagan.

Hi,we had a training here in

Hi,we had a training here in Hood River, OR (a very small town). It was attended by a wide-range of ages, people in their 20s-70s. There were also a number of folks, including myself, who have done direct- actions before (at the School of Americas, or WHISC, among other places). At least 4 of us are part of our local OWS group. The really great thing was at least 20 attendees came who have never been to any protest or peace event that we have had here. When it came time to plan an action, our facilitators suggested choosing real actions that are already being planned/discussed. We did this and plan to use some of the ideas that came out of the small group discussions. There was a participant at our event who was taking pictures. No one asked him not to, but I found it strange that he was. There was no literature supporting any political party or candidate. Too bad that your event was hijacked by a group with ulterior motives.

I attended a 99% Spring

I attended a 99% Spring training session in Washington that was nothing like the session Charles Young describes. Assuming that everything Young says happened at the session he attended is described accurately, that does not justify the sweeping statement that "the 99% Spring is a fraud." There is nothing in his post that shows that his experience was typical of the dozens of sessions that took place around the country under the 99% Spring banner. Also, Young could have himself signed up to be a 99% Spring trainer, and would have presumably used the materials to run his training session differently. For a different view of the training, read Mother Jones' account:, which I link to in my own post about the online training session that is now available:

I attended a training last

I attended a training last Wednesday with positive results. I am a very concerned and committed grandparent who was encouraged to find other seniors and a stimulating mix of other ages in the group of over 100 persons who gathered to learn and to share. It was a good training (and I have been involved in giving trainings of various sorts during my career as a teacher and counselor). The role playing was fun and designed to make us think, imagine, and form some useful intentions for our first direct action tomorrow. There was no partisan spouting, but there were many open and aware progressives at the gathering. I look forward to what develops in downtown St. Louis tomorrow (Tuesday) as we demonstrate and draw focus to tax dodgers of all kinds. Mary

Obama didn't support the

Obama didn't support the Occupy Wall Street movement, he caused it by his refusal to look back and criminally prosecute his thieving Wall Street "Savvy Businessmen" billionaire buddies, and he had his Dept. of Homeland Security militarize the police to violently quash any public criticism of his theiving Wall Street "Savvy Businessmen" buddies.**

Obama has absolutely NO intention of allowing criminal prosecutions of his thieving Wall Street "Savvy Businessmen" billionaire buddies -- that's why he only appointed 55 people to help investigate the Wall Street megafraud and racketeering.
(Ronald Reagan appointed thousands of investigations in each region of the country to investigate the Savings & Loan scandal which resulted in 1200 S&L bankers being sent to federal prison.).

**(Remember Oakland, California mayor Jean Quan let the cat out of the bag and told the nation about the Homeland Security conference call with 17 big city mayors about using violence to stop the Occupy movement.)

Hi Charles,I highly encourage

Hi Charles,I highly encourage you to review the materials that were handed out and those available on the 99% Spring site. I was a trainer this weekend and our training went entirely differently. This process is messy, there are a lot of different views out there in the wider movement, but I found that the collection of folks at my training from Occupy to MoveOn to community development, environmentalists, and new-comers all had a shared vision of the world we want to see and common acknowledgement of the problems we face. I agree that the baby ought to stick around, let's toss the murky bathwater so we can get a good look at it. I appreciate taking a critical view to suss out the truth, but there's more here than what you experienced. Best,John

This guy who ran the training

This guy who ran the training broke the rules of MoveOn. There was an express statement against such partisan political actions. It's always a shame that the good things an organization does are ignored and the bad apples get all the attention. If you want to know what went on at the training, here is a link to the participant guide. There was not supposed to be ANY promotion of any candidate or campaign. I hope folks will do some homework and dig for truth instead of just believing one report about a rogue member. All groups have them. participant guide.pdf Here's a link to the online training. Same stuff as the inperson events. The training in Gainesville, FL followed the rules and was non-partisan, called for holding all politicians accountable. Karen E.

The experience you describe

The experience you describe was a corruption of the 99% Spring training. I took the Trainers' Training and gave a training, and in both cases, partisanship was specifically discouraged. Furthermore, the training materials made available to all who were planning to lead classes suggested very strongly that the exercises use real world actions if anyone in the room had an action coming up. It's a shame that the people (person?) involved in your training couldn't stick with the original intent and plan of the 99% Spring training. Of course, every time there's a movement that starts to succeed, someone tries to undermine it. Or yes, co-opt it in a way that was not inherent in the movement itself. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.

Yes, You can not trust Move

Yes, You can not trust Move on dot org. And co-option is going to get worse and harder to detect. I almost signed up for one of these direct action trainings, but I have been to Occupy SF. Did not get it together to sleep there before they were rousted out and I regret that.

I came to understand Move On's motives and methods back when they endorsed Kerry over Kucinich.... For those with an exceptionally short memory, he was the guy claiming he could do the war-killing-murder thing better than Bush.

Watch out for anything "Move ON".

You shouldn't base your

You shouldn't base your opinion of on one action. Kucinich is one of my heroes along with Bernie Sanders and John Conyers and Alan Grayson, et al.
I joined MoveOn during the health care reform debate. I thought their many well organized rallies around the country on the same days were fantastic. We would have gotten a public option had it not been for Joe Lieberman and 3 blue dog Democrats. Single payer was the way to go but there is too much corporate money in politics affecting the votes of members of both parties.



I went to one in Oceanside

I went to one in Oceanside CA. Run by the local Move-On guy. This meeting showed a video that did directly call to task the democrats involvement in deregulation. It also supported the may day general strike. It too was attended 90% by grey hairs. It was not too radical, but neither were there any democratic endorsements or campaign buttons; only a general call that voting is one among many levers of exercising our power. There was a great exercise in community empowerment, as well as another 'how to' plan and execute an non-violent direct action sourced from Ruckus Society material (if I recall correctly; not many would argue they are an arm of the democratic party). If it inspires more people to find an active place in a more general uprising of people power then great. I too did have some misgivings; but found it more useful than not if only to get some of the generation that one civil rights and ended Vietnam re-inspired and active. I'll be watching this. I want to hear from other attendees, what were your experiences around the country? More first hand reports please! Not arguing with the author here, just stating my experience was different....

Hi Scotch-Bot, Thank you for

Hi Scotch-Bot,

Thank you for the positive info on the Oceanside event. True, if it actually gets people working together to actively stop the gears from turning, great. I will not be at work on May 1. How about you?

That is because I am certain we can no longer vote our way out of this mess.

The author of this article is

The author of this article is generalizing about the movement based on what sounds like a horrible meeting. I was one of the trainers at a similar event in New Braunfels, Texas. Political parties and candidates were not mentioned. We followed the video/training plan with 4 small groups of 5-6 people in each group. In each group, the individuals introduced themselves, told their real story (why am I here), learned some things about how to participate in non-violent direct action, and began making real plans for an event to take place in the next 4-6 weeks. More than 2/3 of those present volunteered to work on the various teams needed to plan and execute an event. Those in attendance were true progressives. We didn't want the media there for a training. When we launch our first event, the media will come, as it is going to be a good one. Stephen

really good to hear this.

really good to hear this.

How about some links to

How about some links to pictures or videos of these perps.

Real Name: Doug Pederson AKA SpectateSwamp

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