Saturday, May 27, 2017
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DeVos’s education budget throws students to the loan sharks

It’s clear, no matter which company wins, the students lose.

Over 100 Notre Dame students walk out of Mike Pence’s commencement speech

President Trump was going to be asked to give the speech, but thousands of students signed a petition demanding the university not invite him.

Graduating students boo Betsy DeVos during commencement speech

“For someone to come and speak at my commencement that cannot relate to me or know what I have been through is kind of like a slap in the face.”

Can education for all work?

Our collective choice will have significant consequences for our children and the future of this country.

Will the Trump administration end Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” program?

“Moving forward, we will not continue to use the Let Girls Learn brand or maintain a stand-alone program.”

With eye on DeVos, students take fight for free higher education to states

Students of higher education are joining together to stand up against U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and President Donald Trump.

The student debt crisis is exploding

Nothing less than a student debt jubilee will do.

Erie Pennsylvania’s schools are a canary in the coal mine of education

Schools in low-income communities in many states don’t have the resources to give students access to opportunities that are available in wealthier areas.

Chris Hedges and Nikhil Goyal discuss how to save the American education system

The American education system is “a system of social control.”

Security detail protecting Education Secretary cost nearly $8M over 8 months

Narrowly confirmed after Vice President Mike Pence broke a 50-50 tie in the Senate, DeVos is the first cabinet-level official to receive protection from the marshals service since 2009.