Monday, November 20, 2017
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FEMA had a plan for responding to a hurricane in Puerto Rico – but...

The disaster-relief agency, under fire after Hurricane Maria, won’t release the plan, even as a comparable document for Hawaii remains public.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls on DHS for accurate death count in Puerto Rico

“We are fighting to make sure that help that goes to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands goes to the people, not to Wall Street."

Who owns Puerto Rico’s debt, exactly? We’ve tracked down 10 of the biggest vulture...

Financial firms are still fighting to get billions out of the bankrupt island as it tries to rebuild.

How to wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt without hurting bondholders

If our legislators and central bankers can find trillions of dollars to bail out Wall Street banks, they can find the money to help an American territory suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in its history.

Elon Musk is not the hero Puerto Rico needs

The island needs a revamped electric grid and fast, but privatization is not the answer.

Puerto Rico needs aid, not an occupation

Yes, Mr. President, Puerto Rico is enduring a "real catastrophe." But the U.S. military has other priorities – and that's what could make matters worse.

Trump chides Puerto Rico expenses while US gives $15 billion a year to fossil...

The president’s upside-down priorities were on full display during his visit to Puerto Rico on Tuesday.

Trump wants $1.6 billion for the border wall. That covers just 74 miles.

All this for a boondoggle project most Americans continue to oppose.

Vulture capitalists circle above Puerto Rico prey

As people in Puerto Rico are dying and President Trump lashes out at San Juan's mayor, Bill talks with social anthropologist Yarimar Bonilla about the challenges Puerto Ricans face in the wake of the storm.

What Cuba can teach us about health care

Even Trump supporters agree we can learn something from the country’s universal, low-cost health care system. It’s that good.